Easy-Guide to Turning Candle Scraps Into Your Beautiful Custom Candle

Custom Candles

Working from home has perks, but sometimes you need a side hustle or a new hobby. Candle-making can be both. It’s not just about creating a decorative lighting piece that makes the room look nice. It is also an opportunity to make money.  Turning candle scraps into new candles is easy and cost-effective. You’re not […]

The Art of Decoupage: A Detailed 8-Step Guide for Beginners

Discover more about the art of decoupage with a comprehensive decoupage guide

Decoupage, an ancient decorative art form, originated in China more than a thousand years ago. It’s a technique of decorating objects by gluing paper cutouts onto their surface and then coating them with transparent lacquer or varnish to give the appearance that the image is painted on. It can transform any object into a unique […]

Unravelling the Best Yarn for Knitting: More Than 10 Types to Explore

Are you a knitter looking for the coziest, most delightful yarn?

Knitting requires so much more than a needle and a pair of hands. That yarn, though; it’s what really matters. Not only is it the difference between a stunning creation and something best left in the back of the closet, but it can also determine the cost, look, feel, and quality of your project. It […]

Cozy Creations: 11 Playful and Easy Crafts With Yarn

Delve into the world of crafting and explore the wonder of creating beautiful handmade through these easy crafts with yarn.

Are you ready to weave a new world of wonder and discover endless possibilities with yarn? Whether you prefer the hypnotic rhythm of knitting needles or the artistic freedom of crocheting hooks, yarn is the perfect medium to bring your imagination to life. With its vast colour palette, textures, and fibres, yarn can elevate any […]

How to Make Cleaning Slime Without Borax: 5 Simple Recipes

Be safer and eco-friendly with cleaning slime without Borax!

Cleaning slime has become a popular trend among home cleaning enthusiasts due to its effectiveness in getting rid of dirt and grime. However, many DIY slime recipes often use Borax, which has raised concerns about the safety of using Borax in cleaning slime. Fortunately, there are several Borax-free alternatives that you can use to make […]

5 Types of Weaving Techniques to Create Your Own Stylish Coasters!

Explore the different types of looms, materials, and patterns used in weaving and learn the history behind this ancient craft.

Weaving has a rich history that dates back centuries, serving as a craft technique that has been used to create intricate patterns and sturdy structures. It requires a certain level of patience, precision, and creativity. However, with some basic knowledge of different types of weaving techniques, anyone can fashion exquisite and practical items, such as […]

How to Make Paper Flowers: 8 Easy Steps

How to make paper flowers?

Create your own masterpiece! Crafting paper flowers is a fun and easy craft that anyone can do. Add a beautiful, personal touch to your living space or celebration with handmade paper flowers. All you need are the right materials and a few simple steps and you’ll be a paper flower pro in no time! So […]

Make Your Own Scrunchies!

If you grew up in the 90’s then you have to know that scrunchies getting back in fashion with celebrities like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and even Aquaman Jason Momoa seen sporting them in public. Many companies have been taking advantage of this trend with Balenciaga even selling a — wait for it — $195 […]

How To Make A Bowl From Melted Beads

The beads are melting, the reason why you have read this article. Now, you have this image of how cool this bowl is going to look, right? Friendship bracelets made from beads used to be the peak of our childhood but there are so many ways to make them nowadays that are easier than stringing […]