Crafting Artistic Polymer Clay and Resin Jewelry: 8 Easy Steps

Polymer clay and resin jewelry have a fascinating history dating back hundreds of years. Polymer clay is thought to have been invented by the Ancient Egyptians to create intricate decorations, and it was also popular with the Romans and Greeks. In the 18th century, it was used to create a variety of ornate and intricate […]

Hem Jeans Quick and Easy: 5 Steps

How to Hem Jeans Fast and Easy

Short people always need to have their pants hemmed and this is an extra expense for them every time they buy a new pair. This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself :) Looking for the perfect jeans is almost impossible. Usually, the leg is either too long or too short. If the […]

How to make a donut dog bed: 8 Useful Steps

Donuts are generally not good for dogs, but this one is! If you’re looking for a new bed for your pet dog, this DIY donut dog bed is one awesome gift you can give your fur baby! It’s a unique dog bed that brings the ultimate comfort to your pooch! It provides a good place for pets […]

How To Make A Bowl From Melted Beads

The beads are melting, the reason why you have read this article. Now, you have this imagination of how cool this bowl is going to look, right? Friendship bracelets made from beads used to be the peak of our childhood but there are so many ways to make them nowadays that are easier than stringing […]

Stationery Supply Storage: 3 Easy Steps

If you work in a home office, chances are you are responsible for purchasing and organizing stationery supplies yourself. You will not have an office manager to keep a stationery closet well-stocked, organized, and regularly replenished. If so, you’re going to enjoy this project! This stationery supply storage comes together in no time with the […]

Make Art Decor from Old Book Pages in 9 Creative Steps!

Upcycled Old Book Art

Don’t you just love ideas that turn old, unused items into something new and interesting? Old books are a particularly fun and versatile medium for this purpose. Whether we’ve come to love reading at five or at fifty, the experience becomes a significant and treasured part of our lives. And if you are a reader, then […]

Colourful DIY Unicorn Dreamcatcher | 5 Fun Steps

These DIY unicorn dreamcatchers will make magical decors for your daughter‘s bedroom. Summer’s fun but with kids out of school, there’s a lot of idle time for the kids. I try to make sure there are fun activities for them to do when they start complaining of being bored. These are usually projects that require […]

Comfy DIY Braid Pet Bed | 5 Easy Steps

It’s so plushy and comfy, your pet will surely love this! Do you want something nice for your pet? This one’s a sure winner – an Ohhio braid pet bed. It’s soft, plushy, and comfortable. If you have a pet cat, this is claw-resistant, too. It’s so easy to make you can make several of […]

Make an Adorable DIY Ribbon Bookmark in 2 Minutes!

Losing pages all the time? These ribbon bookmarks can help! My teen daughters love a good craft project. As soon as I come across one, we immediately get to work. We love working with our hands. This is our bonding activity, usually done during the weekends. Right before school ended, the kids wanted something which […]

Make a Colorful DIY Quilled Paper Bowl in 3 Artistic Steps!

These quilled paper bowls are perfect accents to any room in the house. We’ve featured a lot of arts and crafts posts over the years. This quilled paper bowl, by far, is one of my top favourites. It’s fun and colourful, sure to add a splash of colour to any room – and it’s really […]