Unleash Your Inner Artist: Learn to Create a DIY Macramé Keychain in 7 Easy Steps

We were planning my niece’s 7th birthday and my sister-in-law was looking for cute birthday souvenirs she could hand out to guests. She wanted something personalized and being an avid DIYer, she wanted to make them by hand. Her first option was dreamcatchers but given the 2-day timeframe, she couldn’t possibly finish everything on time. […]

How to Make Cleaning Slime Without Borax: 5 Simple Recipes

Be safer and eco-friendly with cleaning slime without Borax!

Cleaning slime has become a popular trend among home cleaning enthusiasts due to its effectiveness in getting rid of dirt and grime. However, many DIY slime recipes often use Borax, which has raised concerns about the safety of using Borax in cleaning slime. Fortunately, there are several Borax-free alternatives that you can use to make […]

Cozy Creations: 11 Playful and Easy Crafts With Yarn

Delve into the world of crafting and explore the wonder of creating beautiful handmade through these easy crafts with yarn.

Are you ready to weave a new world of wonder and discover endless possibilities with yarn? Whether you prefer the hypnotic rhythm of knitting needles or the artistic freedom of crocheting hooks, yarn is the perfect medium to bring your imagination to life. With its vast colour palette, textures, and fibres, yarn can elevate any […]

Unravelling the Best Yarn for Knitting: More Than 10 Types to Explore

Are you a knitter looking for the coziest, most delightful yarn?

Knitting requires so much more than a needle and a pair of hands. That yarn, though; it’s what really matters. Not only is it the difference between a stunning creation and something best left in the back of the closet, but it can also determine the cost, look, feel, and quality of your project. It […]

How to Make Paper Flowers: 8 Easy Steps

How to make paper flowers?

Create your own masterpiece! Crafting paper flowers is a fun and easy craft that anyone can do. Add a beautiful, personal touch to your living space or celebration with handmade paper flowers. All you need are the right materials and a few simple steps and you’ll be a paper flower pro in no time! So […]

DIY Glass Bottle Torch: 6 Easy Steps

Glass bottle torch 1

Do you ever wonder if your empty wine bottles are good for anything other than the rubbish bin? Well, we’ve got you covered right here. This DIY wine bottle project will not only inspire your creativity but will also upgrade the look of any outdoor space in an instant. Why not make good use of […]

Make your own lavender oil – Here’s how…

Lavender oil can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom. As a tea, lavender oil can have a calming effect on your mind as it is beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Sixteenth-century glovemakers who perfumed their ware with it were said to have been spared from cholera. Seventh-century grave robbers who […]

How to Make Play Foam or Floam

What kid (or kid at heart) doesn’t love to play with slime? Play foam provides a kind of sensory play which engages a kid’s senses, stimulates creativity, and even encourages a calming, in-the-moment effect. Tactile and gooey, slime also triggers a child’s curiosity – the texture occupies an oddly fascinating middle ground between solid and […]

How to Transform Old Maps into DIY Coasters

Are you a frequent traveler or do you know someone who is? You should Transform Old Maps into DIY Coasters! Traveling is so much more fun and convenient these days. With inexpensive flights and options that vary from short city breaks and luxury stay-cations to round-the-world trips, it’s so easy to just pack a bag and […]

How to Make a Dandelion Globe

A dandelion globe is a large dandelion head that is blown apart, sending the seeds flying in all directions. Many consider wildflowers noxious for the simple fact that they grow where we don’t want them to, and they do so with vigor and tenacity. In many ways, however, the plants we call weeds are genetically superior […]