DIY Gift Bow

How to make a gift bow

Need some really pretty gift bows for your Christmas presents? No need to add those on your Christmas gift shopping list or take a last-minute trip to the store! You can easily make them yourself using any nice-looking paper you already have at home!

DIY Gift Bow

Most DIY projects usually require more time and preparation to accomplish. But this little DIY project is one that you can do even when you are crunching time to get all your presents ready!

These DIY gift bows look just like the ones we usually purchase from the store. But you don’t need to buy beautiful art paper to make them. You can just search your home for any colorful paper you can recycle — scratch papers or pages from a book or magazine.

The nice thing about making your gift bows is that you have more freedom to choose what color your gift bows would be. Plus, you can make them any size you want! Just take note that the bigger the gift bow, the thicker or stiffer your paper should be.

Creating several gift bows probably just takes about the same time of going to the store. But what’s better is that you don’t need to go out of your house, you get to save some money, you get to have the exact size and color that you want and you are recycling!

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You’ll need this material:

  • Paper or Craft Felt

And these tools:

  • Scissors or Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Stapler (optional but a time-saver)


DIY Gift Bow

Cut strips out of your chosen material. The sizes of these strips can vary greatly – skinnier and shorter strips give tiny bows, longer and thicker strips give bigger bows!

These are the strips you’ll need:

  • 3 long strips – mine was 3/4 x 11″
  • 3 medium strips- mine was 3/4 x 10 “
  • 2 short strips – mine was 3/4 x 9″
  • 3/4 – 1″ wide strip for the middle of the bow – length will vary

The measurements above will give you the typical sized bow you’d buy in a store – 4-5 inches across.

Once you’ve made a few of these, you should be able to size them up and down pretty easily! The process makes much more sense once you’ve made one or two.

DIY Gift Bow

Loop ’em. Now you’ll want to loop the ends of each strip and have them meet in the middle. Just play around with one of the longest ones until it looks right, and then make the other long strips match that one. Do the same for the medium and short strips – each group of strips should look similar!

For paper, it’s super easy to staple them! It’s a nice shortcut. For felt, you’ll want to stick them together using a glue gun.

DIY Gift Bow

Glue them together. Now you’ll want to glue each group together so you have three separate tiers.

DIY Gift Bow

Once that’s done, glue the three tiers together! Try to stagger the layers so they look nice and full.

DIY Gift Bow 06

The size of the strip you use to fill in the middle depends entirely on the space that’s left!

On felt bows, it’s best to use a wider strip – maybe 1 inch wide by 3-4 inches long. That will fill in space better.

On paper bows, you’ll probably have a smaller space to fill in, so a strip 3/4 inch wide by 2-3 inches wide should do the trick.

DIY Gift Bow 07

And there you go – custom gift bows out of any paper or felt you have around!

Thanks to jessyratfink for this great project!



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