Industrial House Numbers

House Number

Which part of your house does anyone first see and notice? The house facade, of course! Even strangers simply passing by can see it. This is why designing and decorating it is just as important as any part of your home… But while we may all lavish great attention to every nook and cranny of our home’s interior […]

Easy paper decor ideas to spruce up plain and boring walls

Paper Wall Decor Featured Image

Do you have a wall in your home that could use a few more decorations? Now before you look into some DIY projects that would probably cost you a good amount of money, why not use scrap papers, old newspapers, or pages from magazines stocked in your storage? Here, we feature some of the most beautiful […]

Sweater Pillows

Sweater Pillows

Instead of buying pillowcases, why not make your own? It’s unique: no one will have the same pillowcase as yours. This can also be cheaper than buying a new pillowcase if you know where to look. :) Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You’ll […]

Make adorable chicken decor from gourds!

If you like having fun decorations in your garden or in your home, then this DIY paisley chicken decor just might be what you’re looking for! These paisley chicken decor pieces are made from dried gourds. They are very easy to make that even kids can make them themselves! Each chicken decor piece can be as unique […]

Turn a mason jar into a soap dispenser!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom and kitchen, so we often give those spaces the design upgrades they deserve. Fresh houseplants, bold rugs, and storage swaps will often do the trick. Sometimes, however, we want something with a little more zing and style, right? Well, here’s a simple trick for bringing both […]

How to make a salt dough foot print heart

Salt Dough Footprint Art Main Image

These days, many parents resort to technology in order to keep their kids entertained and occupied, completely forgetting the benefits of arts and crafts. Technology is very useful, of course, and it’s good to introduce kids to it early, but that should never come at the expense of them learning to make things with their […]

Creative Key Holder Ideas

Key Holder Ideas

Are you always scrambling to find your keys in the morning? You were sure you left the keys right there on the counter. You could swear that you did. But now they are nowhere to be found. Where could they be? Misplacing objects is an everyday occurrence. Trying to find them is a treasure hunt […]

How to make a cement lace bowl

DIY Cement Lace Bowl

Feeling crafty? Here’s a little DIY decor project with doilies you can try! Lace doily bowls are small, delicate bowls excellent for holding small items such as keys, earrings, and small trinkets. You can always buy them from a specialty store, but why spend good money on something you can make at home for much less? Some […]

Glass Bottle Torch

Glass bottle torch 1

Do you ever wonder if your empty wine bottles are good for anything other than the rubbish bin? Well, we’ve got you covered right here. This DIY wine bottle project will not only inspire your creativity, but will also upgrade the look of any outdoor space in an instant. Why not make good use of […]

Creative Ways to Display Photos

Creative Ways to Display Photos

I don’t know about you, but I take more pictures than ever now and smartphones have made photography so much easier. Photos capture the special moments of our lives. And whether they are taken by established artists and journalists or a family member, pictures inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, they put our […]