10 Tips to Ignite Your Creative Candle-Making Business

Are you looking for an inventive outlet that can also bring in a little extra cash? Candle-making can be the perfect pastime for you — unleash your creativity while you make some money on the side. This addictive hobby can be a great way to explore your creative side while also making some money. Plus, […]

How To Make A Bowl From Melted Beads

The beads are melting, the reason why you have read this article. Now, you have this imagination of how cool this bowl is going to look, right? Friendship bracelets made from beads used to be the peak of our childhood but there are so many ways to make them nowadays that are easier than stringing […]

Make Art Decor from Old Book Pages in 9 Creative Steps!

Upcycled Old Book Art

Don’t you just love ideas that turn old, unused items into something new and interesting? Old books are a particularly fun and versatile medium for this purpose. Whether we’ve come to love reading at five or at fifty, the experience becomes a significant and treasured part of our lives. And if you are a reader, then […]

Colourful DIY Unicorn Dreamcatcher | 5 Fun Steps

These DIY unicorn dreamcatchers will make magical decors for your daughter‘s bedroom. Summer’s fun but with kids out of school, there’s a lot of idle time for the kids. I try to make sure there are fun activities for them to do when they start complaining of being bored. These are usually projects that require […]

Make a Colorful DIY Quilled Paper Bowl in 3 Artistic Steps!

These quilled paper bowls are perfect accents to any room in the house. We’ve featured a lot of arts and crafts posts over the years. This quilled paper bowl, by far, is one of my top favourites. It’s fun and colourful, sure to add a splash of colour to any room – and it’s really […]

Dandelion Globe

A dandelion globe is a large dandelion head that is blown apart, sending the seeds flying in all directions. Many consider wildflowers noxious for the simple fact that they grow where we don’t want them to, and they do so with vigor and tenacity. In many ways, however, the plants we call weeds are genetically superior […]

Colourful DIY Candles from Crayons: 4 Easy Steps!

Crayon Candles

Repurposing everyday things is a lot easier than many realize, and can save you a lot of money. You can repurpose a lot of things in your home. This has the dual benefit of helping you save money while also helping reduce the stress on our natural environment. When you repurpose something bound for the […]

12 Adorable Door Decoration Ideas

Door Decors

Tired of using wreaths to decorate your front door? Hey, you can use other materials instead! Try the gardening materials you’re not using too much or make use of that broken umbrella you have. 12 adorable door decoration ideas. Just scroll down to see how typical materials already found at home can be used to […]

Make DIY Fabric Flowers in 7 Creative Steps!

Fabric Flowers

We all know the benefits of having a potted plant or a bouquet of flowers in our home. Not only do they add accent to indoor spaces, but they can also add a relaxed,  beautiful atmosphere to even the dreariest corners of one’s home. Fresh flowers are the best as they are not only pretty, […]

10 Best Fall Decor Ideas for Your Home

Welcoming the delightful season that brings more colorful sights, colder weather, and cozier fall decor.

Fall is a beautiful time of year. It’s sad when summer comes to an end, but it doesn’t mean fall isn’t as lovely. Just as your cheeks turn a little rosy from the cooler temperature, the leaves shift from green to an astounding display of brilliant hues. Many people love seeing the leaves change colors […]