Suspended Christmas Tree: Cheap & Unique 8-Step Decoration

Who says you need a tree to hang your Christmas ball ornaments on when they can be the Christmas tree itself! This DIY Christmas tree idea does not only look impressive, it’s also a clever solution for those who have limited space in their homes or small kids. It doesn’t occupy floor space so there’s more […]

Charming & Sustainable Tomato Cage Fall Tree: 6-Step Guide

Tomato Cage Fall Tree

A great decoration to form for the coming shift of the season is a tomato cage fall tree. This green decor lets you upcycle unused gardening accessories into something that adds a rustic charm to your space. It’s quick and very easy to put together. You can place it beside the fireplace, on your porch, […]

How to Make Cactus Rocks: 6 Easy Steps

Cactus Rocks

These days, anyone can confidently attempt and master an array of creative crafts. All you need to do is browse the web to find fresh inspiration! How cute are these little potted cactus rocks? Not just cute but 100% maintenance-free… Do you remember Entrepreneurship Day back in the third grade? Each third-grader had to make […]

6 Adorable Gourd Decor Ideas for Kids & Parents

If you like having fun decorations in your garden or in your home, then this DIY paisley chicken decor just might be what you’re looking for! These paisley chicken decor pieces are made from dried gourds. They are very easy to make that even kids can make them themselves! Each chicken decor piece can be as unique […]

Ghostly Tomato Cages Halloween Decor: Fun 7-Step Project

Tomato Cage Ghost

Don’t have the time to make some serious Halloween decor for your home? Here’s a wonderfully swift and effortless project just for you: Tomato cages halloween decor! In a matter of mere steps, you’ll unveil a delightful and seasonally fitting addition to your décor. Rest assured, this creation encapsulates the very essence of the season. […]

Stunning DIY Concrete Mushroom with Lights: Fast 1-Day Build

Among the many advantages of the internet is the fact that it gives us too many options when it comes to decorating our homes. Ideas seem to pop up here and there and, the next thing we know, we have a new “must-have”. While some of the trends are not really necessary, it can be […]

DIY Scented Mason Jar Candles: 5 Easy Steps

Scented Mason Jar Candles

For a lot of folks, a scent ain’t just a smell – it’s a whole memory. Like if you catch a whiff of some grub being whipped up, it might take you right back to Mom’s kitchen. When a breeze blows the smell of fresh flowers, you’re instantly taken back to your first dance and […]

9 Creative Steps to Create Pine Cone Fairies

How cute are these little pine cone fairies! They would make a great addition to your fall decor. You can use them as Christmas tree ornaments! And when the holidays are over, you can add them to your fairy garden! This craft project is so easy to do and we love that you can create […]

Colorful DIY Wind Chime: 6 Steps

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Save some money by making your own unique and colorful wind chime from bottle caps! Add a splash of color to your yard by making a DIY wind chime from bottle caps! This project is easy and only requires a few materials that you may already have around the house. Simply collect a few colorful […]

How to make a head in a jar prank

Head in a jar main image

Do you want something that will really bring out the Halloween spirit this season? Then this head in a jar is the project you’re looking for! OK — before doing this Halloween project you have to make sure that all your friends and family can take a good scare prank. Make sure no one who has a […]

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