11 Brilliant Crafts You Can Make With Recycled Cardboard

Carboard Crafts

Cardboard boxes easily pile up in our homes. Most of the time we reuse them as storage for other things or they head for the trash (or hopefully, recycling) bin. Sometimes they’ll even get used as a protective cover for when we’re doing messy DIY projects. But there are also lots of beautiful things you […]

5 Best Chore Board Ideas

Chore Board Ideas for Kids

One of the most stressful things about being a mother is having to keep the whole house clean and organized. Mothers with young kids experience this frustration the most because, by the time they clean one part of the house, their children have successfully made another mess in another part of the house. Implementing rules is […]

How to Make a Tricycle Diaper Cake: 3 Easy Steps

Thinking of a nice gift for a baby shower? Practical gifts like diapers, baby wipes, or blankets are always the best items to bring for this occasion. But how do we make the receiver feel special when everybody has the same gift ideas? You can do so by being creative in the way you present your gift. And […]

Unshrink Your Clothes: 6 Easy Steps

Ever had one of those moments when you thought you suddenly got bigger that your shirt doesn’t fit anymore? Then you realize it was just the clothing that shrunk. It’s quite frustrating especially if it’s one of the best outfits you have… and you’ve only worn it a few times. Well, it doesn’t have to “rot” in […]

9 Creative Ways to Display Photos

Creative Ways to Display Photos

I don’t know about you, but I take more pictures than ever now and smartphones have made photography so much easier. Photos capture the special moments of our lives. And whether they are taken by established artists and journalists or a family member, pictures inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, and they put […]

The Ultimate Hammer Handyman: 4 Effective Steps

Ultimate Hammer

Every trade has its tools. Woodworking is no different. We need tools and any DIY craftsman knows that the right tools help ensure a top-quality end product. And isn’t it nice when you get to work on your project with all the needed tools readily available? When you don’t have to stop to find the […]

How to Modify Broken Crayons – 3 Fun Steps

Broken Crayons

Kids are cute, careless little beings. They break a lot of things, even newly bought toys. And crayons. Sometimes they are just too excited to colour that they hold and press the crayons too hard, and they break. Give them a few days and all of them are broken into pieces! But don’t buy a new set […]

DIY Insulated Curtains to Save on Your Energy Bill – 10 Effective Steps

DIY Insulated Curtains

This idea is one that you should do to have better control of your room temperature. Some of you live in places that can get unbearably cold, so we suggest these DIY insulated curtains to help maintain heat. Few people are born with real money management skills. Like driving a car or playing an instrument, the […]

15 Lovely Centerpiece Ideas

Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Whether it’s a wedding, a simple dinner party, a holiday party, or a romantic dinner with your partner, these candle could give you some ideas on how to make lovely ones using simple materials. Floating candles, petals, leaves, paper, and regular glasses found in the kitchen are just some of the things you could use to decorate […]