Ribbon Storage Ideas

Top 8 Best Ribbon Storage Ideas

Got too many rolls of ribbons in your craft station? Then you are going to love this storage ideas list we have for you below!

These ribbon storage ideas will keep all your ribbons organized in one place. They also make it very easy for you to see and access all the roll that you have.

Between Table Legs
Ribbon Storage Ideas

If you are a crafter who produces goods with ribbons, any of these stores can help you easily determine which type of ribbon needs restocking!

All these ideas are very easy to make and what’s even better is that most can be made out of recycled materials!

Shoe Box Ribbon Dispenser
Ribbon Storage Ideas

Need one?

Top 8 best ribbon storage ideas

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1. Plastic Storage Bin

Looking for an easy way to store your ribbons? Check out this plastic storage bin! It’s perfect for keeping all your ribbons organized and tidy. Plus, the clear material makes it easy to see what you have so you can always find the perfect ribbon for your project.

2. Old CD Container

This old CD container can be upcycled into a great way to store ribbons! Simply remove the lid and voila – you have a perfect spool for all your pretty ribbons. You can even decorate the outside of the container to match your craft room or gift-wrapping station.

3. Between Table Legs

Looking for a way to organize your ribbons so they’re easy to find and use? Try this between-table-legs ribbon storage idea! It’s simple and effective, and you can even use it to display your ribbons so you can see them all at a glance.

4. Wet Wipes Dispenser

Ribbons are one of the most versatile and inexpensive craft supplies you can buy, making them a great option for all kinds of projects. But if you’re like me, you often find yourself with a tangled mess of ribbon instead of the neat and organized storage solution you were hoping for. That’s why I love this idea of using a wet wipes dispenser as a ribbon storage solution!

This easy hack is perfect for anyone who loves crafting with ribbon. Simply feed the ribbon through the dispenser, and then pull it out as needed. The dispenser keeps the ribbon tidy and organized, making it easy to find the perfect ribbon for your project. Plus, it’s a great way to reuse an empty wipes container!

5. Shoe Box

If you’re like most people, you probably have a lot of ribbon lying around the house. But what do you do with it all? Well, one great idea is to use a shoe box as storage. Just cut some holes on the side of the box, and then you can thread the ribbon through. This way, you can keep all of your ribbons organized and in one place. Plus, it’s a great way to reuse an old shoe box!

6. Handmade Wooden Ribbon Dispenser

This handmade wooden ribbon dispenser is the best way to organize your ribbons and keep them tidy. It’s perfect for storing all kinds of ribbons, from thin to thick, and can be hung on a wall to save space. This dispenser is made from a high-quality type of wood and comes with a natural finish.

7. Old Hanger

Find an old hanger in your closet that you don’t use anymore. Give it new life by using it to store ribbons! This is a cheap and easy way to keep your ribbons organized and tangle-free. Simply thread the ribbons through the hanger and voila – instant ribbon storage!

8. Wire Basket

Something as simple as using a wire basket to store your ribbons can help you stay organized and save time. Ribbons are often used to add a finishing touch to projects, but they can be difficult to store. They can become tangled and lost in a drawer, making it hard to find the right one when you need it. A wire basket is a perfect solution. It keeps your ribbons tidy and orderly, so you can easily find the one you need. Plus, it’s a great way to reuse an old wire basket that you might have lying around the house.

Do you know someone who could also use convenient ribbon storage? Then don’t forget to share this collection of ideas with them! 😉

Challenges and Solutions in Ribbon Storage

Ribbon storage can often be as challenging as it is necessary, especially for those who use ribbons frequently in crafting, gift wrapping, or decorating. Keeping ribbons organized, easily accessible, and in good condition requires a bit of strategy and creativity. Below are common challenges faced in ribbon storage, along with practical solutions to ensure your ribbons remain untangled and ready for use.

Preventing Tangling

One of the most frustrating issues with storing multiple ribbons is preventing them from tangling. Tangled ribbons can become damaged and are time-consuming to sort out. A straightforward solution is to use individual holders for each ribbon spool. Clear plastic bins with spool dividers prevent ribbons from intertwining. Alternatively, you can cut slits in the edges of cardboard and secure the ends of the ribbons through these slots to keep them separate and untangled.

Protecting from Light and Dust

Ribbons can fade or get dusty if not stored properly. To protect ribbons from light exposure and accumulation of dust, store them in opaque bins with tight-fitting lids or inside drawers. If you prefer to display your ribbons, consider using a cabinet with glass doors that block some light and keep dust at bay.

Maximizing Space

Crafters often face the challenge of storing numerous supplies, including ribbons, in limited space. Utilizing vertical storage solutions like over-the-door organizers or wall-mounted racks can maximize your space efficiently. These organizers not only save space but also keep ribbons at eye level, making it easier to find what you need quickly.


Having ribbons stored away neatly is one thing, but having them easily accessible when needed is another. For enhanced accessibility, label each ribbon type and color in your storage system. Drawers with compartmentalized trays or clear plastic boxes can also help by allowing you to see the contents without needing to rummage through each box.

Maintaining Quality

Ribbons, especially those made from delicate materials like silk or satin, need special care to maintain their quality. Avoid storing ribbons in damp or humid areas as this can lead to mildew or fabric degradation. If humidity is a concern, include silica gel packets in your storage containers to absorb excess moisture.

Implementing these solutions will not only solve the common challenges associated with ribbon storage but also enhance your crafting efficiency and enjoyment.

Tips on Making Ribbon Storage

Organizing your ribbons efficiently can transform your crafting area into a more functional and inspiring space. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional crafter, having a well-organized ribbon storage system makes it easier to find what you need and keeps your materials in good condition. Here are some practical tips on creating effective ribbon storage solutions.

Choose the Right Storage Type

Select a storage type that suits the amount and types of ribbons you have. For smaller collections, simple drawer organizers or repurposed jars might suffice. For larger assortments, consider investing in a dedicated ribbon rack or a pegboard system that allows for easy visibility and access.

Label Everything

Labeling is crucial, especially if you have a diverse collection of ribbons. Use labels to mark bins, boxes, or individual spools with details about the ribbon type, color, or project. This will save you time searching and help keep things organized.

Utilize Vertical Space

Don’t overlook the potential of vertical space for storing your ribbons. Hanging organizers, wall-mounted holders, and even back-of-door racks can provide ample storage without taking up valuable floor or counter space. This approach is particularly beneficial in smaller crafting areas.

Keep Ribbons Accessible

Store your most frequently used ribbons in an easy-to-reach spot. Keeping these items at arm’s length will streamline your crafting process, making it more enjoyable and efficient. Consider using open containers or dispensers for these ribbons to speed up your workflow.

Protect Delicate Ribbons

For more delicate materials like lace or silk, extra care is needed. Store these ribbons separately in clear, dust-proof containers with anti-tarnish strips to prevent damage. This will help maintain their quality and extend their life.

Regularly Rotate and Review

Periodically review and rotate your ribbon storage to keep your collection fresh and relevant to your projects. This regular upkeep can also prevent the overbuying of similar ribbons and help you rediscover forgotten gems in your collection.

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