Colorful DIY Wind Chime: 6 Steps

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Save some money by making your own unique and colourful wind chime from bottle caps! What are the materials needed to create a DIY wind chime? You’ll need the following tools and materials to create a DIY wind chime. 40-50 pcs of Bottle Caps Metal Wire Center Piece (Anything you think you could use to […]

Make Your Own Golf Ball Ladybugs: 3 Fun Steps

Golf Ball Ladybug Featured

Got a number of unused golf balls at home? Then recycle them and make a cute decoration for your garden! Painting these balls to look like ladybugs is easy so it’s a great project to do with kids. As long as they already have good control of their hands, they can definitely make their own beautiful DIY ladybugs. Just […]

DIY Glass Bottle Torch: 6 Easy Steps

Glass bottle torch 1

Do you ever wonder if your empty wine bottles are good for anything other than the rubbish bin? Well, we’ve got you covered right here. This DIY wine bottle project will not only inspire your creativity, but will also upgrade the look of any outdoor space in an instant. Why not make good use of […]

DIY Ladybug Rocks: 3 Easy Steps

Ladybvug Rocks

In China, in the middle period of the Tang dynasty, people developed an enthusiasm for rocks. The trend gradually spread to Japan and Korea and has continued into the modern age. In fact, in these countries, rocks mounted on wooden stands have become prestigious objects of contemplation. While you may not share the enthusiasm, you […]

6 Easy Steps to Make Incredible DIY Solar Lights in Jars

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lighting

These mason jar lightings are definitely cute during nighttime. Admit it, seeing it in the pictures makes you smile already! Now, why not make a few for yourself? :) You can always make cool crafts that involve DIY lights in jars, and they are always so much fun. This is why we are always looking […]

How To Make Biodegradable Newspaper Seedling Pots: 5 Easy Steps

A sustainable and free seedling pot.

When it comes to sprucing up your house, garden, and health, a few plants can go a long, long way. It’s not just about improving your home’s aesthetic. Experts say that even when you don’t normally notice a plant’s presence, seeing a plant can make you feel calm and relaxed. But what I dislike most […]

DIY Garden Windmill

Gone were the days when all gardens looked almost the same. Nowadays, there are people who offer their services as landscape artists or garden decorators. They’re experts at creating beauty out of chaos, so to speak. However, there are some of us who have not allocated a budget for professional landscaping or garden decorating. Fortunately, […]

DIY Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lighting

If you like Mason jars as much as we do, then you’ve saved everyone you’ve ever had! Some of our favorite DIY ideas consist of putting old jars to new use.  One way you can reuse them is by turning them into mason jar lights! Would you like elegant-looking lighting without having to spend big […]

Decorate your garden this Halloween with man-eating monster plants!

It’s the season for growing man-eating monster plants! OK – so these plants may not be real but they are definitely the perfect plants to put in your pots for the Halloween! The more wild and menacing they look, the more fun it is for everyone who loves Halloween. It’s very easy to make and only takes about two hours […]

DIY Nail Polish Marbled Flower Pots

We have a lot of nail polish at home – and I mean A LOT. My eldest daughter loves painting her nails, playing matchy-matchy with her outfit. Because her friends know this about her, she receives a lot of nail polish. There are a few, though, which she doesn’t like so they end up in […]