How to Make a Kids’ Wallet: 10 Fun Steps

Fold Only Wallet

When I was a kid, I found it difficult to choose a kids’ wallet that was perfect for me. The ones at department stores and toy stores just didn’t appeal. They were either too big or too flashy for my taste. During my preteen, I found that the designs were too mature or too childish […]

DIY Sweater Pillows: 4 Creative Steps

Sweater Pillows

Today, we’ll be demonstrating a fun craft that involves two items you might find in your living room and closet! Scroll down to learn how to make a DIY sweater pillow. When the cold weather settles in, sweaters make you feel comfy and warm, but they can also become old and torn out. Wouldn’t it […]

Artistic DIY Mug Art: 6 Effective Steps

DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art! The gallery you see below features mugs decorated with Sharpie/porcelain pens. It’s pretty exciting to think that you could design mugs with just a pen. Just think of the endless design possibilities – no limitations, especially if you have the talent! But as some of you might have guessed or already know, […]

How to Make Kans Grass Paper Flower: 5 Creative Steps

Paper Flowers

Sometimes paper flowers are better than real ones because they last longer and do not need maintenance. They are also great decorations for house parties. Their colours are more solid and brighter so people are sure to notice them. This beautiful paper project best imitates kans grass/Saccharum spontaneum. You can use craft paper or make customized paper flowers […]

How to Tie-Dye White Shirts: 7 Fun Steps

How to Tie Dye a White Shirt

Every time I see a tie-dye shirt, I remember the early 90’s. It is mostly associated with the 1960s era, but I know it became popular again in the 90s. It was the time when almost everybody I saw was wearing these multicoloured tops. I still think they are cute to own though. If you […]

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp: 4 Easy Steps

DIY Constellation Jar Lamp

One of the things that never fails to give us feelings of awe and relaxation is the stars at night. Kids’ eyes always light up every time they see stars and they often visibly calm down. This is why constellation lighting in your kids’ bedroom would be a great idea to help them to get to […]

14 Best Ways to Reuse Mason Jars

Mason Jar Ideas

We already know that mason jars were made to preserve food. And so we reuse them to store other foods when they go empty. When we already have enough food containers, we either bin or give them away. Well, at least that’s what happens most of the time. Here are other mason jar ideas you may or […]

11 Brilliant Crafts You Can Make With Recycled Cardboard

Carboard Crafts

Cardboard boxes easily pile up in our homes. Most of the time we reuse them as storage for other things or they head for the trash (or hopefully, recycling) bin. Sometimes they’ll even get used as a protective cover for when we’re doing messy DIY projects. But there are also lots of beautiful things you […]

DIY Tire Sandbox: 4 Easy Steps

DIY Tire Sandbox

You don’t have to dig just to give your kids a sandbox to play at. Use tractor tires! What are the materials needed to make a DIY tire sandbox? You’ll need these materials: Tractor Tire Pool noodle Old sheet/cloth or weed guard Sand Plywood (for sandbox cover) And these tools: Reciprocating saw Scissors How to make […]