DIY Glass Bottle Torch: 6 Easy Steps

Glass bottle torch 1

Do you ever wonder if your empty wine bottles are good for anything other than the rubbish bin? Well, we’ve got you covered right here. This DIY wine bottle project will not only inspire your creativity but will also upgrade the look of any outdoor space in an instant. Transform Your Backyard with a DIY […]

Colourful DIY Candles from Crayons: 5 Easy Steps!

Crayon Candles

Repurposing everyday things is a lot easier than many realize, and can save you a lot of money. You can repurpose a lot of things in your home. This has the dual benefit of helping you save money while also helping reduce the stress on our natural environment. When you repurpose something bound for the […]

Creative Upcycling: 5 Different Flower Designs From Plastic Bottles

Learn five different flower designs from plastic bottles to transform ordinary waste into stunning decor for your home or garden

Flower arrangements have always been a way for us to add a touch of nature to our homes or workplaces. With their vibrant colours and varied shapes, flowers bring life to any room. But wait, what about plastic bottles? They’re usually seen as nothing but a pollutant, right? Well, hold onto your hats, because we’ve […]

Basket Weaving Patterns: Creating Art With Woven Baskets in 7 Easy Techniques

Basket weaving patterns are worth exploring due to their practical and aesthetic benefits.

Basket weaving is a craft that has been practised for centuries, and it continues to captivate people across the globe. Crafting stunning baskets is an intricate art that demands a keen eye for detail and the tenacity to master a variety of basket weaving patterns. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of basket weaving […]

10 Easy Steps to Craft Storage Boxes With Lids: Keeping Workspace Neat and Tidy

Craft storage boxes with lids are a must-have for any artist, crafter, or hobby enthusiast.

Are you looking to get organized and declutter your home? Storage boxes can be a great tool to help you achieve that goal. Most especially when you craft storage boxes with lids, you can keep things organized, while keeping them safe and secure. You can also create a custom look that will help coordinate your […]

5 Creative DIY Mason Jar Projects: Get Ready to Get Crafty

Get creative and add some flair to your home with DIY mason jar projects that you can proudly display.

Mason jars are a great, inexpensive and versatile material to use for creative DIY projects. Whether you like to craft for fun or to decorate your home, mason jars provide an accessible and fun way to get creative. DIY mason jar projects will let you unleash your creativity and make a unique and stylish mason […]

Repurpose a Photo Frame into a Pin Cushion!

If you’re someone who loves to sew then you’re going to love this beautiful DIY pin cushion made from an old photo frame! If you’re into sewing and knitting, you’ve probably found yourself with a bunch of pins and needles in awkward shapes and sizes. This can quickly become frustrating, especially if you’re trying to […]

How to Make A Sea Glass Mosaic Table

The sea glass mosaic table is a gorgeous way to give your home an artistic and unique touch. Whether it’s for your home or for a gift, this DIY mosaic table is easy to make. You’ll need a few supplies, including sea glass, a tile cutter, grout, sandpaper, sealant, and sea glass. If your garden […]