Get Rid of Plastic Wrap and Start Using These DIY Beeswax Wraps!

If you’re planning to go on a zero-waste lifestyle then these DIY beeswax wraps are the perfect plastic wrap alternative for you! In a world where almost everything is disposable, beeswax wraps offer a great way to cut down on plastic wrap usage – if you can wrap your mind around it! They’re not exactly […]

How to Make A Sea Glass Mosaic Table

The sea glass mosaic table is a gorgeous way to give your home an artistic and unique touch. Whether it’s for your home or for a gift, this DIY mosaic table is easy to make. You’ll need a few supplies, including sea glass, a tile cutter, grout, sandpaper, sealant, and sea glass. If your garden […]

Design Your Own Tote Bags with Stencils!

There are a lot of people out there who like to put their own spin on things. Whether it’s making your own clothing, putting your own designs on mugs, or the latest trend which is putting your own designs on tote bags, there are plenty of sites out there that will allow you to do […]

How to Make a Dandelion Globe

A dandelion globe is a large dandelion head that is blown apart, sending the seeds flying in all directions. Many consider wildflowers noxious for the simple fact that they grow where we don’t want them to, and they do so with vigor and tenacity. In many ways, however, the plants we call weeds are genetically superior […]

How to Transform Old Maps into DIY Coasters

Are you a frequent traveler or do you know someone who is? You should Transform Old Maps into DIY Coasters! Traveling is so much more fun and convenient these days. With inexpensive flights and options that vary from short city breaks and luxury stay-cations to round-the-world trips, it’s so easy to just pack a bag and […]

How to Make Play Foam or Floam

What kid (or kid at heart) doesn’t love to play with slime? Play foam provides a kind of sensory play which engages a kid’s senses, stimulates creativity, and even encourages a calming, in-the-moment effect. Tactile and gooey, slime also triggers a child’s curiosity – the texture occupies an oddly fascinating middle ground between solid and […]

Make your own lavender oil – Here’s how…

Lavender oil can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom. As a tea, lavender oil can have a calming effect on your mind as it is beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Sixteenth-century glovemakers who perfumed their ware with it were said to have been spared from cholera. Seventh-century grave robbers who […]

DIY Beaded Wind Chime

Summer is always right around the corner. When the kids are at home and they’ve got nothing to do, give them something worthwhile to work on. DIY crafts are great ways to keep their hands and minds busy. These stimulate creativity and you won’t have to deal with their complaints of being bored. Talk about […]

How to Make a No-Sew Pouch

I was doing some window shopping with my daughters one day. We passed by a store with a stack of adorable drawstring bags on display. They came in different shades of pastel colors and we immediately fell in love. When we got home, my daughters told me they wanted a smaller version of the drawstring […]

Make a Colorful Fluffy Unicorn Slime in 4 Steps

These fluffy unicorn slimes are totally instagrammable and it’s so easy to make, that you don’t need any more than five minutes to finish. Just grab all of your materials and start mixing them! Slimes are all the rage these days among children and adults alike. Your kid has probably seen one of those viral […]