DIY Macrame Bag

My sons’ school organized a trade fair to raise funds to buy new equipment for their marching band. I was known among the teachers as an avid DIY-er. Because of this, I was invited to join the fair. Seeing that it was for a worthwhile cause, I gladly said yes. I wanted to contribute something […]

DIY Beaded Wind Chime

Summer is always right around the corner. When the kids are at home and they’ve got nothing to do, give them something worthwhile to work on. DIY crafts are great ways to keep their hands and minds busy. These stimulate creativity and you won’t have to deal with their complaints of being bored. Talk about […]

How to Make a Ribbon Bookmark

My teen daughters love a good craft project. As soon as I come across one, we immediately get to work. We love working with our hands. This is our bonding activity, usually done during the weekends. Right before school ended, the kids wanted something which they could give to their teachers. It’s sort of a […]

Make Your Own DIY Sun Catchers

If you’re looking for a present, here’s a great idea for you. Your mom, mother-in-law, sisters, and girlfriends will surely love these DIY suncatchers. I mean, who wouldn’t? They’re whimsical and really pretty, they’ll make good house decors. Because this involves melting plastic, you’d want to keep kids away while you’re baking. The smell of […]

How to Sew a Toy Cinch Sack

Proper home organizing is the key to a clutter-free home. I grew up with things having their proper places. My mother would always remind us which goes where and to return things where we got them. I’ve carried these lessons to adulthood and now I pass them on to my children. Having two toddlers mean […]

How to Make Pistachio Shell Flowers

It’s fun discovering what you can do with things that you just usually throw away as trash. You’ll be surprised to know there are a lot of things that you can reuse, repurpose, or recycle. You may go nuts over this project but this is worth going nuts about.  Did you know that you can […]

How to Make a Quilled Paper Bowl

We’ve featured a lot of arts and crafts posts over the years. This quilled paper bowl, by far, is one of my top favorites. It’s fun and colorful, sure to add a splash of color to any room – and it’s really functional, too! Don’t you just love useful pieces that double as décor? I […]

DIY Clothespin Puppets

When you and your kids are stuck indoors, it’s best to keep them occupied. Keep them away from their gadgets and do something fun instead. There are lots of things that you can do – from board games to DIY crafts. There are everyday objects from home that you can easily turn into something. All […]

DIY Dinosaur Surprise Eggs

Every kid goes through a dinosaur phase and if yours is going through one, here’s how you can encourage this hobby through a really fun way… a dinosaur egg treasure hunt! Grab your little archeologists and take them on a fun digging expedition that they’re surely going to love! ;) These eggs are so realistic, […]

Easy DIY Felt Bird Bookmarks

Fans of books and birds unite — this DIY felt bird bookmarks are sure to make the best companion on your next birdwatching trip! These felt bookmarks are so cute that they’re sure to bring a smile to your face whenever you open your birdwatching journal or your bird watching handbook. If you’re not the […]