DIY Cork Stamps

Cork Stamp

This is one of the most common and easiest ideas to do with old corks from wine bottles. Since corks are basically just taken out of tree trunks, no two pieces are alike. Their surfaces are unique. Therefore by turning them into stamps you also have a unique design without having to spend a single penny […]

Ribbon Storage Ideas

Ribbon Storage Ideas

Got too many rolls of ribbons in your craft station? Then you are going to love this storage ideas list we have for you below! These ribbon storage ideas will keep all your ribbons organized in one place. They also make it very easy for you to see and access all the rolls that you have. If you […]

Make beautiful ombre yarn monogram letters!

Yarn Monogram Letters

It’s crazy how expensive it can be to decorate a home these days. That’s why we often skip the overpriced décor and craft our own accent pieces. DIY décor allows any home a more personal feel. And, yes, we love how great it feels when guests ask where we “bought” our homemade pieces! Do you […]

DIY Accordion Drawer Organizer

Our niece is off to college and she’s in the process of organizing her stuff in her dorm room. Her parents were pretty confident she’ll handle it well. After all, it’s her thing. Even as a kid, she has always been the most organized among her siblings. As with most dorm rooms, the challenge lies […]

How to Make a Super Squishy Stress Ball

If you’re constantly stressed out, I have a treat for you. This DIY super squishy stress ball is super easy to make – and it’s very addicting, too! So far, I have made about a dozen pieces and gave them away to family and friends. I’ve always been a fan of making slime. My kids […]

Make Your Own Braided Crib Bumper

Giving gifts can be difficult sometimes, maybe because I really think about it long and hard. I don’t want to give a gift just for the sake of giving. I want it to be something that the recipient will truly appreciate and love. My friend recently had a baby and during her baby shower, she […]

DIY Macrame Bag

My sons’ school organized a trade fair to raise funds to buy new equipment for their marching band. I was known among the teachers as an avid DIY-er. Because of this, I was invited to join the fair. Seeing that it was for a worthwhile cause, I gladly said yes. I wanted to contribute something […]

How to Make a Ribbon Bookmark

My teen daughters love a good craft project. As soon as I come across one, we immediately get to work. We love working with our hands. This is our bonding activity, usually done during the weekends. Right before school ended, the kids wanted something which they could give to their teachers. It’s sort of a […]

Make Your Own DIY Sun Catchers

If you’re looking for a present, here’s a great idea for you. Your mom, mother-in-law, sisters, and girlfriends will surely love these DIY suncatchers. I mean, who wouldn’t? They’re whimsical and really pretty, they’ll make good house decors. Because this involves melting plastic, you’d want to keep kids away while you’re baking. The smell of […]

How to Sew a Toy Cinch Sack

Proper home organizing is the key to a clutter-free home. I grew up with things having their proper places. My mother would always remind us which goes where and to return things where we got them. I’ve carried these lessons to adulthood and now I pass them on to my children. Having two toddlers mean […]