DIY Handprint Jewelry Dish

Do you like keeping special mementos of your kids? I have a friend who had her children’s hands cast in plaster when they were babies. She said that she wanted to immortalize them so that one day, she’ll look at the hands and remember them when they were so small. I wanted to do that, […]

Comfy DIY Braid Pet Bed | 5 Easy Steps

It’s so plushy and comfy, your pet will surely love this! Do you want something nice for your pet? This one’s a sure winner – an Ohhio braid pet bed. It’s soft, plushy, and comfortable. If you have a pet cat, this is claw-resistant, too. It’s so easy to make you can make several of […]

How to Make Your Pooch a DIY Dog Rope Toy in 10 Easy Steps

Thinking of making DIY rope toys? Well, keeping pets in the household can bring immense joy and companionship, however, it can also result in damage to personal belongings due to their natural tendency to chew. This behaviour is especially prevalent in dogs, who are instinctively inclined to gnaw on items like shoes, bags, furniture, and […]

How to Make Fork Picture Holders

Fork Picture Holder

Eating is a big deal in every home. That’s why most of us own a lot of cutlery. Even so, we always find ourselves with pieces missing from the set. We have mismatched spoons all and forks over the place. These fork picture holders are unique alternative use of your mismatched forks. Great not just […]

Make an Awesome DIY Duct Tape Wallet in 5 Minutes!

Duct Tape Wallet

Here’s an interesting project for the weekend that some of you might want to do – making a wallet entirely out of duct tape! I personally find this idea clever because it’s one that I could really use. Below are awesome designs that will inspire you and that you can choose from to make your […]

Gorgeous Home Decor: DIY Grapevine Balls + 5 Easy Steps

DIY Grapevine Balls

Think your outdoor area could use some decorative lights? Perhaps these DIY grapevine balls are the perfect project for you! They’re easy to make and will add a touch of elegance to any space. Plus, they’re a great way to recycle old grapevines! It’s a great money-saving project for those who have access to grapevines. It’s also very easy […]

Nail Art 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Stunning Designs

Nail art is a form of self-expression and allows you to showcase your individuality and creativity.

Nail art is no longer just a trend – it’s a fashion statement. Thanks to their quirky patterns and vivid colours, your nails can now convey your sense of style. Trying nail art seems daunting. But don’t worry, this guide is your secret weapon for producing fierce and glamorous designs that will have everyone asking, […]

Mystical Witch Potion Bottle: Interesting 9-Step Project

Potion Bottles

Here’s a wonderful witch potion bottles project for every fan of all those novels and movies full of magic and witchcraft! These would make a wonderful gift or you could do it as a family project with the Harry Potter fans in your family! Made from nothing more than an empty pill and vitamin containers (plus […]

Make a Colorful Fluffy Unicorn Slime in 4 Steps

These fluffy unicorn slimes are totally Instagrammable and it’s so easy to make, that you don’t need any more than five minutes to finish. Just grab all of your materials and start mixing them! Slimes are trending among kids due to its color. Even adults are highly interested in it as a stress reliever tool. […]