Adorable DIY Dyed Paper Decor | 5 Steps


OK – this project takes some time to finish, but it only makes this activity a good way to spend time with your kids! Decorate their rooms or the patio together with this paper art project :) Read below for an example, and let your imaginations work to create unique designs! Adorable DIY dyed paper […]

Make Your Own Beautiful Safety Pin Bracelets in 4 Fun Steps!

Safety Pin Bracelet

Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you might think. Many find themselves spending just as much time shopping for accessories as they do for clothes. “Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day,” Giorgio Armani once said. But there is something to be […]

Make DIY Cork Stamps in 3 Speedy Steps!

Cork Stamp

Used and Repurposed Wine Corks are not intended for bottling wines, but can be used for craft; sorted to provide a nice variety. So what sorts of crafts can you make with wine corks? Well, the sky’s the limit, really. You can use them to make corkboards, coasters, trivets, jewellery, ornaments, and so much more. […]

Make DIY Fabric Flowers in 7 Creative Steps!

Fabric Flowers

We all know the benefits of having a potted plant or a bouquet of flowers in our home. Not only do they add accent to indoor spaces, but they can also add a relaxed,  beautiful atmosphere to even the dreariest corners of one’s home. Fresh flowers are the best as they are not only pretty, […]

18 Best Bracelet Ideas

Bracelet Ideas for Kids

Bracelets are one of the first accessories you could let your kids wear. They are cute colourful accessories that are safer than necklaces. But we believe that they can be more than an accessory – think about the “friendship bracelets” we had as kids.  Because of that, bracelet-making serves as a good activity to do with […]

Top 12 Best Fairy Garden Ideas


Fairy gardens are a great addition to your landscape. It can also be an alternative if you live in an apartment and don’t have a yard for extensive gardens. Top 12 Best fairy garden ideas. Looking for some inspiration to create your own fairy garden? Check out these great ideas!Fairy gardens are a great way to […]

Top 10 Best Space-Saving Planter Ideas

Space-saving planter ideas

People used to think that plants belong only in the garden, out in the sun, away from the places where we live and work. This isn’t the case anymore these days. Having indoor plants is the simplest way to bring nature into your household.  They make it a more relaxing place to come home to, […]

Creative Paper Roll Projects for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

One of the nicest things about being a kid is that it doesn’t take much to make you happy. Give them anything that has their favorites in it, and they are happy.  Give them anything to play with, and they are happy. It’s always nice to see kids’ eyes light up with the simplest of things as if […]

9 Best Ways to Display Photos

Creative Ways to Display Photos

I don’t know about you, but I take more pictures than ever now and smartphones have made photography so much easier. Photos capture the special moments of our lives. And whether they are taken by established artists and journalists or a family member, pictures inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, and they put […]

Make a DIY Swivel Storage Tower from Tuna Cans in 5 Easy Steps!

It’s amazing what we can do with things that we’d otherwise consider trash. Equally amazing are the larger aspects of what we achieve when we recycle.  Each piece of material you re-use makes a positive impact on the environment. For instance, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), recycling in Pennsylvania in 2005 […]