14 Best Upcycling Skateboard Deck Ideas

Upcycled Skateboard

Is there a used skateboard in your house that no one uses anymore? It might be the kids or you, but if the owner doesn’t want to give it away, here are some ideas you could consider to put them to more practical purposes. Or perhaps you know someone who is into skateboarding? Then these ideas […]

DIY Glow in the Dark Jar: 4 Easy Steps!

Glow in the dark jars

Allowing children to explore their creativity can foster their imagination and inspire them to come up with unique and innovative ideas. This then leads to self-expression and can be an enjoyable and exhilarating experience for them. That’s why we’re sure your kids will love this glow in the dark jar project! They can do it themselves, with […]

DIY Tire Sandbox: 5 Easy Steps To a Fun Play Area

DIY Tire Sandbox

Looking for a fun and easy DIY project for the kids this summer? Why not try turning an old tire into a sandbox? You don’t have to dig just to give your kids a sandbox to play at. Use tractor tires! It’s a great way to upcycle a tire that would otherwise end up in a […]

Crafting a One-of-a-Kind DIY Key Wind Chime — 8 Easy Steps

DIY key wind chime is a fun and educational project to get yourself into.

Making a DIY key wind chime is a perfect project to unleash your creativity and design a unique piece for your home or garden. Revel in the satisfaction of knowing you created it all by yourself. So yes, why not take on this project and bring your creative vision to life? Your family and friends […]

Make Your Own Golf Ball Ladybugs: 5 Fun Steps

Golf Ball Ladybug Featured

Got a number of unused golf balls at home? Then recycle them and make a cute decoration for your garden! Painting these balls to look like ladybugs is easy so it’s a great project to do with kids. As long as they already have good control of their hands, they can definitely make their own beautiful DIY ladybugs. Just […]

18 Creative Paper Roll Activities for Kids

Paper Roll Ideas

One of the delightful aspects of children is their easy happiness. Give them something with their favourites in it, and joy lights up their faces. Play with them or engage them in fun activities, and their happiness knows no bounds. It’s always nice to see kids happy with the simplest things as if they have just […]

Creative Upcycling: 5 Different Flower Designs From Plastic Bottles

Learn five different flower designs from plastic bottles to transform ordinary waste into stunning decor for your home or garden

Flower arrangements have always been a way for us to add a touch of nature to our homes or workplaces. With their vibrant colours and varied shapes, flowers bring life to any room. But wait, what about plastic bottles? They’re usually seen as nothing but a pollutant, right? Well, hold onto your hats, because we’ve […]

Get Organized: Design a Custom Daily Planner in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to staying organized and on top of tasks, there is no greater tool than a custom daily planner. A well-designed planner can help you stay on track with important tasks, create structure in day-to-day activities, and track progress over time. Creating a custom daily planner can be an incredibly rewarding and liberating […]

Get Crafty: 5 Simple Recycled Crafts for Kids

Introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of recycling with fun, easy recycled crafts for kids!

We all know that crafting is a fun and creative way to spend time with our children, but it can be difficult to come up with ideas that are not only creative but also sustainable. Recycled crafts for kids are an awesome way to keep them entertained while teaching them a valuable lesson about sustainability. […]