DIY Envelope

Cute and Easy Envelope: Make Greeting Cards and Letters Even More Special in 7 Creative Steps

Most of the fascinating things that have occurred to us at home are that we have built up small supplies of things around the house to solve last-minute issues. An example of these small supplies is a greeting card. We know that having a nice little supply of greeting cards can sure be helpful in a pinch. 

DIY Envelope: Cute and Easy Envelope
Cute and Easy Envelope

One day you might be in a pinch. Where, a few hours before you are to leave for a birthday party, you’ll suddenly realize that you forgot the envelope to go with your card and gift. Time to check the greeting card and envelope stash!  Yes!  We have a cute and easy one here that will definitely work!

This easy DIY project is perfect because it gives the recipient the feeling of opening up a present!

And it’s not just an easy project! This cute and easy envelope can save you money if you already have some beautiful thick paper and a few ribbons in your crafts stores. You just have to look into your supply and be creative!

This crafty idea can also come in handy when you’re in sudden need of an envelope for other purposes, and you find out you have none left in your stationery supply. Simply replace the materials with a more appropriate design or look. For the card stock paper, choose plain instead of the ones with patterns. And instead of a ribbon, use washi tape to make your cute and easy envelope presentable and not unsuitably grand.

So how do we make these greeting cards and letters even more special with some cute and easy envelopes?

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With these few things on hand plus your creative skills, you will have your own cute and easy envelopes in no time!

You’ll need the following tools and materials to create this project.

  • Card Stock Paper (150 – 220 gsm)
  • Any circular object with desired size (such as can lids)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to create an envelope

Clever isn’t it? This DIY envelope is really quick and easy! So without further ado, check out the tutorial below!

1. Make the pattern

Trace four even circles on your card stock paper. To be sure that these are equal in size, cut one circle, then use this as a pattern for the other circles.

DIY Envelope
2. Cut the circles

Cut them out as neatly as you can.

DIY Envelope
3. Half-fold each circle

Crisply fold each circle exactly in half.

DIY Envelope
4. Arrange and glue in a square form

Arrange them all so that the folds form a square, with each circle overlapping the one next to it.

DIY Envelope

Apply glue in between the overlaps without moving the circles too much. And before all the glue dries up, quickly bring the circles together so that there’s no hole in the center and that the folds are forming a nice square.

DIY Envelope
5. Write here or add a small card

You can stick one nice square piece of lighter gsm paper the same size as the square of your envelope and directly write your letter there.

DIY Envelope

Or you can put a separate card inside…

DIY Envelope
6. Close each flap

Carefully close each flap, each tucked under the one next to it.

DIY Envelope

Be careful not to make creases on the flaps!

DIY Envelope
7. Add a ribbon

And finally seal it with a ribbon, just like a present. You can also apply two dots of hot glue gun at the back of your envelope so that the ribbon won’t slip off.

DIY Envelope
Cute and Easy Envelope

Thanks to ScrapNGal for this creative idea!

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