Make Your Own Golf Ball Ladybugs: 3 Fun Steps

Golf Ball Ladybug Featured

Got a number of unused golf balls at home? Then recycle them and make a cute decoration for your garden! Painting these balls to look like ladybugs is easy so it’s a great project to do with kids. As long as they already have good control of their hands, they can definitely make their own beautiful DIY ladybugs. Just […]

How to Make the Perfect DIY Lap Dog Bed: 4 Steps

Lap Dog Bed

We beat ourselves up about not spending enough time with our dog, telling him off, or not having enough money to buy him his favorite treat. You look at him and it’s just there: that quick canine glance upward that says, “You let me down again.” We feel like bad friends as a result of it. […]

6 Steps to Build Awesome Cardboard Washing Machines for Kids!

Are your kids always insisting on helping you out with doing the laundry? Let them – by making them a cardboard washing machine! OK, it might not actually clean some dirty clothes, but it will definitely keep the kids busy while you are busy doing the actual laundry! You’ll love this as it’s so easy to make and […]

Magical Fairy Garden on Teacups! 8 Creative Steps

Teacup Fairy Garden

The internet is abuzz with miniature versions of practically everything, from hobbit houses to tiny kitchens, and what-not. Well, here’s a cute little indoor garden idea you can add to them, as well as any room in your house, a fairy garden – in a teacup! Teacups can be dainty and cute but they can […]

21 Most Creative Lighting Designs

Creative Lamp Design Ideas

Lighting design is essential for our day-to-day living. Thanks to Thomas Edison, who invented the first commercially practical incandescent light, everybody’s lives became much easier during the night. But a hundred years later lights are not only about brightening up the room anymore – but it has also become a medium of artistic expression. The creativity […]

How to Make a Gift Bow: 4 Easy Steps

DIY Gift Bow

Need some really pretty gift bows for your Christmas presents? No need to add those to your Christmas gift shopping list or take a last-minute trip to the store! You can easily make them yourself using any nice-looking paper you already have at home! Most DIY projects usually require more time and preparation to accomplish. But this little DIY project […]

Soda Pop Tab Lampshade

DIY Soda Pop Tab Lamp Shade

Soda pop tabs, soft drink tabs, beer tabs – call them what you will but most people will still see them as rubbish! In isolation, they may look unattractive and useless, but start putting a few together and you can actually make some really cool things, like a beautiful lampshade! If you need or are thinking of […]

How to Build an Amazing Cardboard Play Dome: 10 Steps

DIY Kids Cardboard Playdome

It’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars for a playhouse but if you want something really cool that your kids can brag about, then this is the playhouse for you! Cardboard forts and cardboard playhouses – they’re not new ideas. This DIY playhouse, however, is one of the more awesome yet easy projects you can find! It’s totally unique since you don’t usually find […]

DIY Bamboo Clothes Ladder: 5 Effective Steps

Bamboo Clothes Ladder

Here’s one DIY idea inspired by repurposed ladders used for hanging towels. All you need is an old ladder and some hooks. If you’re lucky enough to have a bamboo ladder, congratulations! You’ve got yourself a sturdy, eco-friendly, and stylish piece of equipment. You can either paint it or leave it as is – it’s […]

Upcycled: Make a Watering Wine Bottle in 7 Easy Steps

Upcycled Watering Wine Bottle

Got empty wine bottles? If you have a garden or growing some produce, then this is the wine bottle project for you – especially if you live in a hot and dry place… Your own version of watering globes! You can always find and buy watering globes from stores, but this idea is way better for a […]