Artistic DIY Mug Art: 6 Effective Steps to Custom Gifts

DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art! The gallery you see below features mugs decorated with Sharpie/porcelain pens. It’s pretty exciting to think that you could design mugs with just a pen. Just think of the endless design possibilities – no limitations, especially if you have the talent! Designing mugs with a pen is a great way to show […]

Magical Fairy Garden Teacups: 8 Creative Steps

Teacup Fairy Garden

The internet is abuzz with miniature versions of practically everything, from hobbit houses to tiny kitchens, and what-not. Well, here’s a cute little indoor garden idea you can add to them, as well as any room in your house, fairy garden teacups! Teacups can be dainty and cute but they can get easily chipped. This […]

Cute DIY Zippered Pencil Case: 5 Easy Steps

Soda Bottle Pencil Case

A good pencil case makes for easy portability. And for that purpose, they are good for any number of small items, too. Pencil cases may also contain other stationery such as pens, glue sticks, and staplers. Some even use pencil cases as make-up bags! Need a new pencil case? How about making one from a […]

Creative Upcycling: 5 Flower Designs From Plastic Bottles

Learn five different flower designs from plastic bottles to transform ordinary waste into stunning decor for your home or garden

We’ve always been able to bring a little bit of nature into our offices or homes with flower arrangements. Flowers add vibrancy and variety to any space with their vivid colors and forms. What about plastic bottles, though? They’re viewed mostly as pollutants, is I correct? Hold onto your hats, for we have an innovative […]

Cool PVC Pipe Wine Rack in 3 Easy Steps!

PVC Wine Rack

Are you a wine lover, looking for a rack to store your bottles? Why not make your own stylish wine rack? This is a great way to upcycle those empty wine bottles – turn them into a PVC pipe wine rack! This easy project is a great way to show off your wine collection, and […]

Key Holder: 10 Best Creative Ideas

Key Holder Ideas

Are you always scrambling to find your keys in the morning? You were sure you left the keys right there on the counter. You could swear that you did. But now they are nowhere to be found. Where could they be? Misplacing object is an everyday occurrence. Trying to find them is a treasure hunt […]

Best Ways to Display Photos: 9 Creative Ideas

Creative Ways to Display Photos

I don’t know about you, but I take more pictures than ever now and smartphones have made photography so much easier. Photos capture the special moments of our lives. And whether they are taken by established artists and journalists or a family member, pictures inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, and they put […]

12 Cot Repurposing Ideas: Best Ways to Save Money

Repurposed Baby Cot Ideas

Those of us lucky enough to be blessed with children appreciate their genuine, guileless innocence. We enjoy watching them learn and have fun and we cannot help but love them more each day. But kids grow… quickly! And as parents, we delight in – and yet regret – the speed with which change takes place. […]

Super Absorbent DIY Old Towel Bath Mat: 5 Steps

Towel Bath Mat

Bathrooms and showers are not places for wall-to-wall carpeting, but a good-sized bath mat is essential for these spaces. Including an upcycled old towel bath mat. Sure, these may seem like a piece of fabric to put your wet feet on but they’re much more than that. They can change the look and feel of […]

Easy Craft With Plastic Bottles: 5 Eco-Friendly Ideas

Transform ordinary plastic bottles into extraordinary works of art with this fun and easy craft!

With the planet screaming for us to reduce, reuse and be kind to the environment, finding creative ways to repurpose materials is a must! And what better way to do this than by embracing the new trend of easy craft with plastic bottles that turns into works of art? Get creative and crafty with a […]