Repurposed Jeans

21 Ways to Repurpose Denim Jeans

There’s a reason why denims never go out of fashion. The fabric is among the most versatile and practical, beloved in its time by soldiers, railway workers, and, of course, since the mid-1950s, by anyone who has ever worn a pair.

Of course, we can’t wear them forever however much we’d want to. The kids outgrow their denims, or sometimes we accidentally ruin our own pairs. Repurposed Old Denim Jeans Ideas

Now it would be wise if we could maximise the monetary value of those denims by repurposing them. Aside from cutting them to make denim shorts, we’ve collected other ideas you could try doing with your old jeans :)

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Drink Coasters
Pouches and Bags
Tool Holders
Hair Accessories
Stuffed Toys
Bottle Holders
Bean Bags/Ottoman
Kitchen and Dining Table Accessories

So what are you going to do with your old jeans? :)



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