DIY Nail Polish Marbled Flower Pots

We have a lot of nail polish at home – and I mean A LOT. My eldest daughter loves painting her nails, playing matchy-matchy with her outfit. Because her friends know this about her, she receives a lot of nail polish. There are a few, though, which she doesn’t like so they end up in […]

Decorate your garden this Halloween with man-eating monster plants!

It’s the season for growing man-eating monster plants! OK – so these plants may not be real but they are definitely the perfect plants to put in your pots for the Halloween! The more wild and menacing they look, the more fun it is for everyone who loves Halloween. It’s very easy to make and only takes about two hours […]

DIY Garden Windmill

Gone were the days when all gardens looked almost the same. Nowadays, there are people who offer their services as a landscape artist or garden decorators. They’re experts at creating beauty out of chaos, so to speak. However, there are some of us who have not allocated a budget for professional landscaping or garden decorating. […]

Seed Ball Planting

Seed Balls

Want your kids to know how much fun gardening can be? Seed ball planting is the first activity you can do with them which they’ll surely find awesome. It’s also a great opportunity to educate them about saving the environment! Seed balls (or earth balls), as the name implies, are seeds rolled within a ball of clay […]

How to make cute concrete planters

Concrete Planter

Now here’s a cute, easy concrete project for beginners! These DIY planters are very easy and lots of fun to make… These planters go very well with little succulents. As you can see from the image above you can draw faces with different emotions in one set, making them even more adorable. You can even switch up […]

DIY Wind Chime

Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Save some money by making your own unique and colourful wind chime from bottle caps! Here are some inspirations before you start with your own project… Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. ? You’ll need these materials: 40-50 pcs of Bottle Caps Metal Wire Center […]

Fairy Gardens

Fairy gardens.

Fairy gardens are a great addition to your landscape. It can also be an alternative if you, say, live in an apartment and don’t have the yard for big gardens. Scroll down to see various fairy garden ideas. :) Continued Page 2…

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