Fantastic Dragon Egg: Fun 6-Step Activity for Kids

Want a fun twist to your Easter eggs? Make these dragon eggs, instead! My eldest son is such a big fan of Harry Potter. He wants all things Harry Potter – from his sheets to notebooks, to pens. In fact, his bedroom looks like a Harry Potter shrine. He argues that it isn’t just a […]

Beautiful & Affordable Tiffany Lamp: 4-Step Guide

If you’re a fan of more classical or traditional interiors then you’re going to love this DIY lamp project… Tiffany lamps are a type of lamp with colorful and beautifully designed glass shades that are a popular part of the Art Noveau movement. These will look absolutely beautiful in your living room but before you […]

Superhero Christmas Ornaments: Fun Display in 7 Steps

Superhero Christmas Ornaments

These DIY superhero Christmas ornaments are awesome in so many ways! They don’t only make your Christmas tree look “cool”, it could also be the start of a unique Christmas tradition! The kids (and kids at heart) who are into Marvel and DC comic stories will surely love these DIY superhero Christmas balls. So if you have one […]

Funny Head in a Jar Prank: 1-Day Fun Project

Head in a jar main image

Do you want something that will really bring out the Halloween spirit this season? Then this head in a jar prank is the project you’re looking for! OK — before doing this Halloween project you have to make sure that all your friends and family can take a good scare prank. Make sure no one who has […]

DIY Beaded Wind Chimes: 7 Amazing Home Decor Ideas to Explore Today!

Summer is always right around the corner. When the kids are at home and they’ve got nothing to do, give them something worthwhile to work on. DIY crafts are great ways to keep their hands and minds busy. These stimulate creativity and you won’t have to deal with their complaints of being bored. Talk about […]

How to Transfer An Image To A Rock in 4 Fun Steps

Transfer Image to Rock

If you’re into framed prints or just want to add drama and nostalgia to your interiors, then here’s a novel way of displaying them instead of the usual framed ones – transfer an image to a rock! Think it’s difficult to do? It would be if you did it the traditional way, but there are so […]

Awesome DIY Papercrete Garden Sculptures: 7 Steps

Concrete sculptures add a touch of whimsical charm to your garden. However, they can get pretty expensive. Fortunately for DIYers, you can make your own custom garden sculptures at a fraction of the store-bought ones. But working with concrete can sometimes get too heavy. Well, that was until someone discovered the wonders of papercrete garden […]

Tinker Bell Pumpkin Carving in 3 Fun Steps!

Tinker Bell Pixie Dust Pumpkin Carving

Want to level up on your pumpkin decor this year? This is a good beginner project for trying your hand at pumpkin carving! It’s pumpkin season again and soon we’ll be seeing lots of different pumpkin decors around the neighbourhood. But of all the decor ideas, pumpkin carvings are always the most impressive. If you’ve ever […]

Cute DIY Headband Organizer in 8 Simple Steps

I have an adorable five-year-old niece who loves all things girly. She’s absolutely in love with tutu skirts, and she loves to dress up. She loves to play matchy-matchy, from head to foot – headbands, bags, and shoes. I realized that her closet needed organization when they were late to a family party because she […]

Pine Cone Fairies: 9-Step Fun & Sustainable Project

How cute are these little pine cone fairies! They would make a great addition to your fall decor. You can use them as Christmas tree ornaments! And when the holidays are over, you can add them to your fairy garden! This craft project is so easy to do and we love that you can create […]