This 91-Year Old Czech Grandmother Created Wonderful Murals Around Her Village as Her Hobby

It’s never too late to start living your dream!

A 91-year-old grandmother from Louka, a small village in the Czech Republic, proved that age is never a hindrance. Her love of murals blossomed after she retired!

You never know when your dream will come true, so it is always good to keep your eyes out and be ready for when it presents itself to you.

A true genius, she never planned ahead on what to paint in her murals.
A true genius, she never planned ahead on what to paint in her murals.

Bringing Life to Her Neighborhood With Her Murals

A former agricultural worker, Agnes Kasparkova made it her mission to beautify the neighborhood through her murals.  She picked wall murals as a hobby from another local woman artist named Manakova.

When Manakova died, Agnes continued her efforts in bringing life to her local neighborhood by painting boring white walls with murals. She had been doing it for four decades, starting just after she retired.

A true genius, she never planned ahead on what to paint in her murals. With just her artistic hand and her little brush, the true magic began.

Vibrant ultramarine bold blue of intricate floral-inspired by traditional Moravian motifs flourished on the walls of the little village.

The whitewashed walls of her neighbors and the chapel became her canvas. She only made use of ultramarine blue as it provided a contrast to the endless white of the village walls.

Agnes spent her days just painting. Her murals usually started to wash off after two years. And she never got tired of repainting the murals back again. As long as the weather allowed her to do her craft, she worked from sunup until sundown. She would just stop and rested during winter. But carried on as soon as spring arrived.

Despite her age and the on-and-off illness that age and a hard life bring, trembling hands and body pains, she continued to do her craft seriously and with happiness in her heart. She just wanted to help in decorating a bit of the world to make it a wonderful place to live in.

Agnes Kasparkova died, leaving her wonderful legacy as the village’s hardworking grandmother artist. She was remembered by everyone as the painter who created crafts with love.

After her death on March 12th, 2018, the village mayor hoped for someone who would continue her legacy. A month later, a family member, Marie Jagošová decided to continue the wonderful legacy of Agnes’ art.

Marie has promised to carry on the tradition of decorating a little bit of the world to make it a better place to live in.

What do you think? Did Agnes live her life to the full? Has she bought cheer to her corner of the world? What secret desire do you hold that is waiting to blossom?



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