How to make a gift bow

DIY Gift Bow

Need¬†some¬†really pretty¬†gift bows for your Christmas presents? No need to¬†add those on your Christmas gift shopping list or take a last-minute trip to the store! You can easily make them yourself using any nice-looking paper you already have at home! Most DIY projects usually require more time and preparation to accomplish. But this little DIY¬†project […]

DIY Journal with Upcycled Materials

Journal with Upcycled Materials

Do your kids doodle a lot? Did you know that researchers have found that¬†kids¬†who¬†doodle have better memories? Doodling is¬†a way for¬†kids to relieve tension and turn random thoughts into a purposeful whole. It’s a way of expressing creative energy even as it sharpens their problem-solving skills. ¬†Bottom line? Doodling is good for your kids! If […]

Make an art decor from old book pages

Upcycled Old Book Art

Don‚Äôt you just love ideas that turn old, unused items into something new and interesting? Old books are a particularly fun and versatile medium for this purpose. Whether we’ve come to love reading at five or at fifty, the experience becomes a significant and treasured part of our lives.¬†And if you are a reader, then […]

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

How to make paper snowflakes

The holidays are a time to enjoy precious moments with family and friends, but all too often we find ourselves rushing to decorate our homes perfectly. We forget that a few garlands of evergreens, a colorful DIY wreath in the window, or an arrangement of simple votives on the mantel can create so much cheer! […]

Decorate your home with an adorable paint swatch chandelier!

Paint Swatch Chandelier

Looking for an adorable¬†decor you can add to¬†a boring spot in your home? How about this colourful paint swatch chandelier! Many of you DIY-ers out there probably have some paint swatches hidden in your storage. And if you don’t have use for them anymore, this creative project is a great way to give them a […]

Dyed Paper Decor


OK – this project takes some time to finish, but it only makes this activity a good way to spend time with your kids! Decorate their rooms or the patio together with this paper art project :) Read below for an example, and let your imaginations work to create unique designs! You’ll need these materials: […]

Easy paper decor ideas to spruce up plain and boring walls

Paper Wall Decor Featured Image

Do you have a wall in your home that could use a few¬†more decorations? Now before you look into some DIY projects that would probably cost you a good amount of money, why not use scrap papers, old newspapers or pages from magazines stocked in your storage? Here, we feature some of the most beautiful […]

Make greeting cards and letters even more special with this cute and easy envelope!

DIY Envelope

Want to make your greeting cards and letters even more special? This easy DIY envelope is perfect because it gives the recipient¬†the feeling of opening up a present! And it’s not just an¬†easy project! This DIY envelope¬†can save you moneyif you already have some beautiful thick paper and a few ribbons in your crafts stores.¬†You […]

Make Christmas characters from paper plates

Paper Plates Christmas Characters Main Image

Keep the little kids’ creative minds running and let them have fun¬†this holiday season with some paper plate crafts! For your next¬†arts and crafts activity, the kids can create cute Christmas icons using extra paper plates you might have from your previous party. They can create a paper plate santa, paper plate elf and a […]

How to make woven paper Easter baskets

Woven Paper Easter Basket

Easter is just a few weeks away which means it’s the perfect¬†time¬†to look for creative holiday crafts to try!¬†Now here’s an easy¬†paper crafts activity¬†for this season which is also great project to start with if you are interested in the art of making baskets. :) This woven paper basket is¬†4″ x 4″ x 4″ but […]