Build a marble run from recycled cardboard!

Marble Run

Kids always want something new to do! The early years of a child’s life are extremely important. The child is growing and developing, learning new things everty day. You can help your child grow and develop to the fullest by keeping him or her busy! If you’ve got a little one that seems to be […]

Pool noodle projects to make with kids

Pool Noodle Projects

Here are some pool noodle projects great for the kids — for play and home decor! Many parents warn their children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Fewer parents, though, remember to warn kids against games that are so risky they can lead to injury. Children frequently keep details about these games under wraps. […]

DIY Puffy Sidewalk Paint

If you’re looking for a fun project for the kids, here’s a little something for you. Puffy sidewalk pain is a whole lot of fun! My kids spend a lot of time outdoors, painting our sidewalk with these – better than just lazing around watching TV. With just a few items, you can make sidewalk […]

How to Make Dragon Eggs

My eldest son is such a big fan of Harry Potter. He wants all things Harry Potter – from his sheets, to notebooks, to pens. In fact, his bedroom looks like a Harry Potter shrine. He argues that it isn’t just a phase; I think that it is. But I don’t tell him that, of […]

DIY Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

For moms like me with hyperactive kids, rainy days are a challenge. Time and again, we hear that all too familiar line: “Mom, I’m bored!” This is the reason why I try to stock up on arts and crafts ideas. When the need arises, we pull out a project from a long list of DIYs […]

How to Make Your Own Glitter

Adding glitter to an arts and crafts project seems to double the fun. Glitter is one of the things that make my kids happy, which in turn makes me happy, too. In fact, we use it most of the time. Because it’s a favourite, we tend to run short of supply. One night, before going […]

Make a sock snake out of your mismatched socks!

Sock Snake

If you have little kids at home then there’s a good chance that you’re missing a sock or two every now and then. Instead of wondering of where they went, or wait for them to reappear (don’t hold your breath on this one), why not do something with the remaining socks! Got a collection of socks with […]

Make a cardboard washing machine for kids!

Are your kids always insisting on helping you out with doing the laundry? Let them – by them a washing machine made from cardboard boxes! OK, it might not actually clean some dirty clothes, but it will definitely keep the kids busy while you are busy doing the actual laundry! You’ll love this as it’s so easy to […]

DIY Toy Bandolier

Kids are so into Star Wars they’d be happy to get anything Star Wars-related. My husband loves it and my sons do, too. As for me, let’s just say I’m… supportive. My youngest son adores Chewbacca. For his birthday, I got him a Chewbacca cake. The day after, he came up to me asking me […]

Stairs no longer optional

Slide Rider - instant fun in box

Can you remember sliding down stairs – any stairs, when you were a kid? Any ride would do… cardboard, a sleeping bag, even a pillow. I can still remember my dog desperately trying to join in the fun. Introducing SlideRider, from Minnesota mom, Trisha Cleveland. We’re guessing she has one too many rainy days trying […]