10 Space-Saving Planter Ideas

Space-saving planter ideas

Having greens inside the house makes it a more relaxing place to come home to, but not everyone can afford to grow as many as they want. Some just do not have the space in their houses, especially those who live in the city. A shame because they are the ones who need these practical decorations – being exposed all day to pollution and the sight of man-made structures.

Space-saving planter ideas

Thanks to the creativity of some people, we can now get different planter ideas that do not require much space. They are all beautiful and each would definitely look good in any home.

These are also great ways to have our own source of herbs.

Vertical Planter Hanger

Outdoor Hanging Planter

Wine Bottle Herb Planter

Suspended Planter

Coat Rack Planter

Mason Jar Herb Planter

Chalkboard Wall Planter

Greenbo Planter

Top and Bottom Planter

Tiered Lamp Planter

Do you have other planter ideas to share? :)