Make Your Own Macrame Curtain

Ever since Coachella and Boho Chic became a trend, my daughter became obsessed with them. Her room looks like she’s going to throw a Coachella party any time soon.

We’ve grown accustomed to her doing various DIYs at home. Because I’m a DIY-er myself, doing projects is our quality time together.

These macrame curtains will be great additions to any room in the house.


These macrame curtains will be great additions to any room in the house.

Just recently, she told me we were about to do something she saw on Youtube. Her excitement was palpable as she tells me she “fell head-over-heels in love with it at first sight”.

The project was for a macrame curtain. When we started making them, I wasn’t pretty sure what it was going to look like; but after we’d finished one set, I got excited to make some more. Admittedly, I wasn’t able to resist it that I actually made one for our receiving area as well.

Not only is this project fun, it's also therapeutic.


Not only is this project fun, but it’s also therapeutic.

Making Your Macrame Curtain


      • Macrame Cords

      • Two nails

      • Two hooks

      • Rope


        • Scissors

        • Hammer


      Creating a macrame curtain adds a unique, bohemian touch to your space. This guide walks you through making your own macrame curtain. You’ll love the result.

      Step 1: Prepare the Dowel

      Start by securing the wooden dowel or pipe. Attach it to your workspace using the two nails and hooks. This creates a stable base for your macrame curtain.

      Step 2: Cutting and Attaching the Cords

      Cut the macrame cords into equal lengths. The number of cords depends on your curtain’s desired width and length. Attach these cords to the dowel using a basic lark’s head knot. This forms the foundation of your macrame curtain.

      Step 3: Weaving the Macrame Curtain

      Now, begin weaving your macrame curtain. Use basic macrame knots like square knots and spiral knots. This process creates the curtain’s pattern. Be consistent with the knotting for an even look.

      Step 4: Finishing Your Curtain

      Once you reach the desired length, finish off your macrame curtain. Trim any excess cord for a neat look. You can add a final touch with some decorative elements if you like.

      Step 5: Hanging Your Macrame Curtain

      Finally, hang your macrame curtain. Use the rope to secure the curtain to the dowel. Choose a spot in your home where the macrame curtain will shine. Enjoy the bohemian flair it adds to your room.

      Beautiful Macrame Curtain Design Ideas

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      Special thanks to Living to DIY with Rachel Metz for this great project! Watch her video below…

      Benefits of a Handmade Macrame Curtain

      Macrame curtains bring a unique charm to any space. Crafting one yourself offers several benefits. Here’s why a handmade macrame curtain is a great addition to your home.

      Personal Touch

      Creating a handmade macrame curtain is a journey in personal expression. Every choice you make reflects your unique style. From selecting the right shade to complement your room’s color scheme to deciding on the thickness and texture of the macrame cords, each decision is yours. 

      The design possibilities are endless – you can opt for intricate patterns for a sophisticated look or keep it simple for a minimalist aesthetic. By determining the size, you can ensure your macrame curtain fits perfectly, whether it’s a small window accent or a large room divider. 

      This level of customization guarantees that your curtain is not just a decor item, but a personal statement in your home.

      Relaxing Hobby

      The art of macrame is more than just crafting; it’s a form of relaxation and mental wellness. The repetitive motion of tying knots is meditative, helping to clear the mind and reduce stress. As you focus on the patterns and the rhythm of your hands, you enter a state of flow, where time seems to stand still, and daily worries fade away. 

      This creative process is not only fulfilling but also allows you to tap into your imaginative side. The act of watching your macrame curtain take shape, knot by knot, is incredibly satisfying. It’s a hobby that not only beautifies your space but also nurtures your inner peace and creativity.

      Eco-Friendly Choice

      In today’s world, making eco-conscious choices is more important than ever, and handmaking your macrame curtain aligns perfectly with this ethos. You have the power to choose materials that are kind to the planet. Opt for macrame cords made from natural fibers like cotton, hemp, or jute, which are biodegradable and have a lower environmental footprint compared to synthetic alternatives. 

      You can also repurpose materials, like using leftover fabrics or recycled cords, further reducing waste. By selecting eco-friendly materials, you’re not just crafting a curtain; you’re making a statement about your commitment to the environment. This approach adds an extra layer of satisfaction, knowing that your beautiful creation is also a responsible choice for the planet.

      Quality and Durability

      When you create a macrame curtain yourself, you have complete control over the quality of the materials and craftsmanship. Unlike mass-produced curtains, every knot and twist in a DIY macrame curtain is crafted with care and precision. This meticulous attention to detail not only makes your curtain more visually appealing but also significantly enhances its durability. 

      You can choose high-quality, robust macrame cords that are resistant to fraying and wear, ensuring that your curtain withstands the test of time. Additionally, the tightness and consistency of your knots play a crucial role in the overall strength of the curtain. 

      By taking the time to tie each knot securely, you create a curtain that not only looks beautiful but is also sturdy and reliable. This longevity is a key advantage, making your handmade curtain a lasting addition to your home decor.

      Sense of Achievement

      Completing a macrame curtain is a journey filled with learning and creativity, culminating in a profound sense of achievement. This isn’t just about finishing a DIY project; it’s about bringing a vision to life. 

      There’s an undeniable pride in looking at a beautiful, functional piece of decor and knowing that you created it with your own hands. This sense of accomplishment is amplified when your handmade curtain receives compliments from visitors, reminding you of your creative abilities and hard work. 

      Furthermore, the skills you acquire and improve upon during this process – such as patience, precision, and artistic expression – are invaluable. The journey enhances your confidence in your crafting abilities and encourages you to take on new, challenging projects. The completion of a macrame curtain is not just an end product; it’s a testament to your dedication and creative spirit, offering a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

      Handmade macrame curtains offer more than aesthetic appeal. They bring personalization, relaxation, eco-friendliness, durability, and a sense of achievement. Consider making one to add a special touch to your home.

      Customizing Your Macrame Curtain

      Creating a macrame curtain is more than just crafting; it’s an opportunity to infuse your personality into every thread. Customization is key. Here’s how you can make your macrame curtain uniquely yours.

      Choosing Colors and Textures

      The color of your macrame cords sets the mood. Choose colors that complement your room or go bold with contrasting shades for a statement piece. Mixing textures can add depth. Combine smooth, fine cords with chunky, twisted ones for a tactile experience.

      Incorporating Beads and Accessories

      Adding beads or accessories can transform your curtain. Wooden, glass, or ceramic beads introduce different elements and styles. Weave them into your knots at intervals or create a fringe at the bottom for an artistic flair.

      Experimenting with Patterns

      Patterns are the heart of your macrame curtain. You don’t have to stick to traditional designs. Experiment with various knotting techniques to create geometric shapes, waves, or even pictorial designs. Play with symmetry or embrace an asymmetrical approach for a modern look.

      Adding Functional Elements

      Your macrame curtain can be more than a decor item. Incorporate elements like pockets for plant holders or integrate a shelf for a practical twist. These functional aspects add a unique dimension to your curtain.


      Customizing your macrame curtain opens up a world of creativity. By choosing the right colors, adding beads, experimenting with patterns, and incorporating functional elements, you create a curtain that is not just a window dressing but a piece of personal art.

      Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Macrame Curtains

      Macrame curtains, with their intricate patterns and delicate knots, require proper care to maintain their beauty. Here are essential tips to keep your macrame curtain looking its best.

      Regular Dusting

      Over time, dust and small particles can find their way into the intricate spaces of your macrame curtain. Regular dusting is crucial to keep it looking fresh and clean. Start by gently shaking your curtain outdoors. This action helps dislodge loose dust particles without stressing the knots. For a more comprehensive clean, use a soft-bristled brush. 

      Gently glide the brush over the curtain, paying extra attention to the crevices. Alternatively, a handheld vacuum with a soft brush attachment can be used. This method is effective for removing dust without pulling on the cords. It’s advisable to perform this dusting routine periodically to prevent dust build-up, which can be harder to clean if left for too long.

      Spot Cleaning

      Accidents happen, and your macrame curtain might get stained. Addressing stains promptly is key to preventing them from setting in. When spot cleaning, it’s essential to be gentle and precise. Start by preparing a solution of mild detergent and lukewarm water. 

      Dip a soft cloth or sponge into this mixture and wring out excess liquid. Then, carefully dab the stained area with the damp cloth. The goal is to lift the stain without spreading it further. After treating the stain, use a separate cloth dampened with clean water to rinse the area. 

      This step ensures no soap residue is left behind. Remember, vigorous rubbing can damage the intricate knots and distort the curtain’s design. Gentle dabbing motions are more effective and safe for maintaining the curtain’s structure and appearance. Spot cleaning as needed helps in keeping your macrame curtain pristine and prevents minor spills from becoming permanent blemishes.

      Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

      Using the right cleaning agents is crucial for preserving the integrity of your macrame curtain. Harsh chemicals, including bleach and strong detergents, can weaken and discolor macrame fibers. This can lead to fading, fraying, or even disintegration of the cords over time. 

      To ensure the longevity of your curtain, opt for mild, gentle cleaners. These are less abrasive and keep the natural look of the macrame intact. If you’re considering a new cleaning product, conduct a patch test. 

      Apply it to a small, hidden section of the curtain to check for any adverse reactions like color bleeding or texture change. This precautionary step helps avoid potential damage to the entire piece.

      Drying Properly

      The drying process is just as important as the cleaning method for maintaining the quality of your macrame curtain. After washing or spot cleaning, avoid wringing out the curtain, as this can distort the knots and patterns. Instead, gently press out excess moisture with a towel. 

      Then, lay the curtain flat on a clean, dry surface or hang it up to air dry. This allows the curtain to retain its shape and prevents any unwanted stretching. Keep it away from direct heat sources, such as radiators or sunlight, as these can cause shrinkage or fading. 

      Never use a tumble dryer for your macrame curtain, as the heat and tumbling action can damage the delicate fibers. Ensure the curtain is completely dry before rehanging to avoid the growth of mold or mildew, which can be detrimental to both the curtain and your home environment.

      Storing Safely

      Proper storage is key when you need to keep your macrame curtain aside, whether it’s for a season change or a home renovation. The ideal storage condition for a macrame curtain is a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture. 

      This prevents fading, dampness, and the buildup of mildew. Rolling the curtain instead of folding is advisable to maintain its shape. Folding can lead to permanent creases and misshapen knots. For added protection, wrap the rolled curtain in a breathable fabric, like cotton. This cover shields the curtain from dust, pests, and moisture, while allowing air circulation. 

      Avoid plastic bags as they can trap humidity and cause damage to the fibers. Storing your macrame curtain properly ensures that it remains pristine and ready for use when you decide to display it again.

      Proper maintenance and cleaning will keep your macrame curtain in excellent condition for years. Regular dusting, careful spot cleaning, avoiding harsh chemicals, proper drying, and safe storage are key to preserving its beauty and longevity.

      Incorporating Macrame Curtains in Home Decor

      Macrame curtains are versatile decor elements that blend well with various interior styles. Here’s how you can seamlessly integrate them into your home decor.

      Creating a Bohemian Flair

      Macrame curtains are perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your space. Hang them in areas where you want a relaxed, free-spirited vibe. They pair beautifully with houseplants, wooden furniture, and earthy tones. Use them as window treatments or as room dividers in open-plan spaces for a cozy, bohemian feel.

      Enhancing Minimalist Spaces

      In minimalist interiors, macrame curtains can add texture without overwhelming the space. Choose curtains with simple patterns and neutral colors. They create an interesting focal point while maintaining the clean, uncluttered aesthetic of minimalism.

      Complementing Rustic Charm

      Macrame works wonderfully in rustic settings. Its natural, woven texture complements rustic elements like exposed beams, wood floors, and antique furniture. Opt for macrame with thicker cords and more intricate patterns to echo the robustness of rustic decor.

      Adding Softness to Modern Decor

      Modern interiors often feature clean lines and sleek surfaces. A macrame curtain can soften these spaces, adding warmth and texture. Choose a design with geometric patterns or clean lines to keep in tune with the modern aesthetic.

      Using as a Unique Backdrop

      Macrame curtains can serve as a stunning backdrop in your living room, bedroom, or home office. Use them behind a bed or a couch, or as a backdrop for your workspace. They add a decorative touch while also providing a textured background for video calls or photos.

      Incorporating macrame curtains into your home decor offers endless possibilities. Whether you’re aiming for bohemian, minimalist, rustic, or modern, these curtains can enhance your space beautifully. They add texture, warmth, and personality, making your home feel uniquely yours.

      FAQ: Making and Using Macrame Curtains

      Q: How much time does it take to make a macrame curtain?

      A: The time to make a macrame curtain varies based on the size and complexity of the design. Simple designs can take a few hours, while intricate patterns may require several days.

      Q: Can macrame curtains provide privacy?

      A: Yes, macrame curtains can provide privacy, especially if made with tightly knotted patterns and thicker cords. However, they generally offer less coverage than traditional curtains.

      Q: Are macrame curtains suitable for all rooms?

      A: Absolutely! Macrame curtains fit well in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. Just ensure the material suits the room’s moisture level and light exposure.

      Q: How do I choose the right size for my macrame curtain?

      A: Measure the window or space where you plan to hang the curtain. Add extra width and length for a fuller look. Consider the dowel length and the curtain’s hanging space.

      Q: Can I wash my macrame curtain in a washing machine?

      A: It’s best to avoid machine washing macrame curtains as it can tangle and damage the cords. Stick to spot cleaning and gentle hand washing.

      Q: What’s the best way to hang a macrame curtain?

      A: Use curtain rods, wooden dowels, or pipes for hanging. Ensure the support is sturdy enough to hold the curtain’s weight. Hooks or curtain rings can also be used for easy hanging.

      Q: Do I need any special skills to make a macrame curtain?

      A: Basic knotting skills are helpful, but beginners can also make simple designs. There are many tutorials available for various skill levels.

      Q: Can I add color to my macrame curtain?

      A: Yes, you can dye the cords before making the curtain or add colored beads and accessories to the finished product for a pop of color.

      Q: How can I keep my macrame curtain looking new?

      A: Regular dusting, avoiding direct sunlight, and gentle spot cleaning will help maintain your curtain. Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning.

      Q: Where can I find macrame cords and other materials?


      A: Craft stores, online marketplaces, and specialty textile shops usually carry macrame cords and related materials. Look for eco-friendly and high-quality options.



      Creating a macrame curtain is an engaging and rewarding experience. It adds a unique touch to any home, blending creativity with style. Beginners and experienced crafters alike can enjoy this project. Macrame curtains enhance rooms with texture and warmth. They are eco-friendly and offer a relaxing crafting experience. Proper care ensures these curtains remain beautiful for years. So, start knotting and make a macrame curtain that reflects your personal style.



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