Pine Cone Fairies

How cute are these little pine cone fairies! They would make a great addition to your fall decor. You can use them as Christmas...
DIY hot glue gun holder

Make your own DIY glue gun holder!

Gone are the days when sewing ruled the arts and crafts world. Okay, maybe not totally gone since we still need to sew things...

Easy Unicorn Puppets!

Do you like doing craft projects with your kids? Here's an adorable and very easy unicorn idea that will give you and them hours...


Ultimate Hammer

The Ultimate Hammer

Isn’t it nice when you get to work on your project with all the needed tools readily available? When you don’t have to stop...



Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnets

There are many beautiful recycling projects for bottle caps such as table tops and accessories, but this is one of the easiest things you can do...
DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art

PVC Wine Rack

PVC Pipe Wine Rack


Button Tree

Button Tree Wall Art

Use the heap of buttons you have to make some pretty wall art. We think this is a good one to hang in your daughter's...
Pool Noodle Projects

Pool noodle projects to make with kids

Here are some pool noodle projects great for the kids -- for play and home decor! We, parents, just can't stop worrying about kids getting...
Space-saving planter ideas

10 Space-Saving Planter Ideas

Having greens inside the house makes it a more relaxing place to come home to, but not everyone can afford to grow as many as...
Fabric Flowers

How to Make Fabric Flowers

It's amazing how flowers can bring cheer and brighten up any room in a home. They don't even have to be the more pricey variety...
Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Main Image

How to make mason jar fairy lanterns

Kids love magical things and even some of us adults seem to have never outgrown our fascination with them. Well, what's not to love about...


Creative DIY Book Projects

Upcycled Book Projects
Upcycling with books? Don’t get me wrong here – books are treasures. They are one of the most valuable things we could find. They...

Make an art decor from old book pages

Upcycled Old Book Art
Don’t you just love ideas that turn old, unused items into something new and interesting? Here, we make art using books, which you can...