Make This Gorgeous Rustic Picture Frame Made From Twigs

Want to display your favourite photos at home in a beautifully unique way? This gorgeous DIY picture frame is the perfect solution. It looks...
DIY crochet jellyfish

How to make crochet jellyfish

Are you looking for ideas on what to make for your next crochet project? There’s something for you here. This project is perfect as...
DIY denim fabric baskets

DIY denim fabric baskets

While cleaning out my closet the other day, I found a lot of clothes that I don't use anymore. I have about three pairs...

Easy Unicorn Puppets!

Ribbon Storage Ideas

Ribbon Storage Ideas


Simple but so effective!

Simple craft supplies storage ideas!

You have a simple craft project that you know you can finish in a few hours. But instead of being productive you end up...
DIY Wine Glass Snow Globes

Wine glass snow globes

Cactus Rocks

How to make cactus rocks

Button Tree

Button Tree Wall Art




DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art! The gallery you see below features mugs decorated with Sharpie/porcelain pens. It’s pretty exciting to think that you could design mugs...
PVC Wine Rack

PVC Pipe Wine Rack

Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnets


Space-saving planter ideas

10 Space-Saving Planter Ideas

Having greens inside the house makes it a more relaxing place to come home to, but not everyone can afford to grow as many as...
Upcycled Skateboard

Ideas for Upcycling Skateboard Decks

Is there a used skateboard lying in your house that no one is using anymore? It might be the kids or you but if...
Golf Ball Ladybug Featured

Make your own golf ball ladybugs

Got a number of unused golf balls at home? Then recycle them and make a cute decoration for your garden! Painting golf balls to look like...
How to make paper

How and Why to Make Paper

We all know that paper comes from trees. We're also aware of the need to save trees now because of global warming and climate...
DIY Envelope

Make greeting cards and letters even more special with this cute and easy envelope!

Want to make your greeting cards and letters even more special? This easy DIY envelope is perfect because it gives the recipient the feeling of...


DIY Book Clock

Vintage Book Clock
I loooove reading novels and now I have a bunch of books sitting in my room. They have basically become “useless” things that just...

Make an art decor from old book pages

Upcycled Old Book Art
Don’t you just love ideas that turn old, unused items into something new and interesting? Here, we make art using books, which you can...