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14 Ways to Reuse Mason Jars

14 Ways to Reuse Mason Jars

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We already know that mason jars were made to preserve food. And so we reuse them to store other foods when they go empty. When we already have enough food containers, we either bin or give them away. Well at least that’s what happens most of the time. Here are other mason jar ideas you may or may not have thought of yet…

Mason Jar Ideas

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Art Supplies Holder

Photo Display

Mason Jar Drinks

Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Dessert “Plates”

Mason Jar Lamp

Herb Planter

Mason Jar Speaker

Mason Jar Snow Globe

Mason Jar Terrarium

Mason Jar Candy Dispenser

Mason Jar Centerpiece

Mason Jar Solar Lights

Aren’t they cool and cute ideas? What are you going to use your extra jars for?