Button Bowl

Button Bowl

Buttons – they just appear out of nowhere. Do you have a jar or perhaps a box full of buttons that you’ve amassed over the years? If so, you have likely wondered from time to time how you can put them to good use. Chances are, you cannot use them all to mend your shirts.

Buttons are fun to collect and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. That makes them perfect for craft projects.  They have many fun and creative uses, after all. You can fashion everything from home decor to jewelry with buttons.

If you’ve run out of art ideas with that heap of buttons, try making a bowl with it!

Button Bowl SamplesA button bowl can be used to store your kid’s accessories, as a candy bowl, or as a coffee table centerpiece.

Button Bowl Samples

You can make yours even more different from the button bowls shown below by using other shaping models instead of a balloon!

Do you have a collection of buttons waiting for a project? :)

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  • Lots of Buttons
  • Balloon
  • Vase (or any container where you can stand the balloon)
  • White Glue (Elmer’s glue)
  • Paintbrush


balloon - button bowl

Blow the balloon up to your desired size of the bowl.

Make it stand on the vase, while you brush half of the balloon with glue. Let it dry completely. This will serve as a protective coating for the bowl.

stick buttons - button bowl

When dry, brush with glue the second time around and then stick the buttons one by one and as close to each other as possible.

dry glue - button bowl

After you have put all the buttons, leave it standing on the vase for around 5 hours to dry completely.

third coating of glue - button bowl

Then add the third coating of glue. Let it dry overnight. You can even do a fourth coating if you want to be sure of its strength. Just make sure you let it dry well before removing the balloon.

Button Bowl - finished product

Don’t pop the balloon! Use the scissors to make a small cut on it and gently let the air out. And there you have it!

Thanks to Designs by Kristen for this cute project.



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