Teach Your Kids How to The Best Weave Soda Straw Bracelets!

Do you still possess the friendship bracelets that you and your companions weaved in your middle school days? Can you recollect the gratification that arose from weaving your personal friendship bracelets, and the elation that accompanied the sight of your peers donning your innovative creations?

Browsing old photographs can feel a sense of nostalgia, particularly those from your childhood. However, what about the bracelets you crafted during your middle or even elementary school years? Do you have them still within your home – perhaps hidden away in a box – or were they simply neglected?

how to weave

Friendship bracelets are the easiest and most popular bracelets you can weave with yarn. These bracelets are very colourful, and there are many ways to weave them.

Friendship bracelets are definitely the most popular bracelet you can weave from yarn. These bracelets are highly sought after, available in a lot of stores ranging from jewellery boutiques to Walmart.

Various techniques are used to create these bracelets, and kits can be purchased from select retailers. (These are probably the easiest kits to make friendship bracelets.)

Craft a friendship bracelet with your child, a simple and enjoyable project. Prior to buying any materials, explore the potential of using readily available items in your household, such as yarn, string, a ruler, a pen, scissors, and paper. With all the necessary materials at hand, commence the project together with your child.

There are numerous techniques for creating friendship bracelets. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to weave a bracelet using yarn and soda straws.

Relive your childhood and spend quality time with your kids by making this project with them! Before your kids make friendship bracelets with other people, you can make one with them while you’re still their best friend ;)

How to Weave Soda Straws?

Weaving a soda straw is a simple and enjoyable method of crafting friendship bracelets with your kids. It fosters bonding and creativity, while also repurposing old straws into beautiful and practical creations.

Weaving a soda straw bracelet is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing pricey jewellery, and it allows you to showcase your individuality and style. Therefore, weaving a soda straw is significant because it offers an enjoyable and imaginative endeavour, which is also a sustainable and inexpensive way to create attractive bracelets.


Excited to start your soda straw weaving project? Here’s what you need!

To facilitate weaving, obtain a small piece of thin cardboard, such as an empty cereal box.

  • Plastic drinking straws
    • To create your bracelet base, collect 3-5 plastic straws that are uniform in both size and colour.
  • Yarn
    • You’ll need some colourful yarn of your choice. You can use different colours to create a unique and personalized bracelet.
  • Tape
    • Clear tape is the most effective option for holding the straws in place during weaving, as it does not leave any residue.
  • Small piece of cardboard
    • To facilitate weaving, obtain a small piece of thin cardboard, such as an empty cereal box.


  • Scissors
    • You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut the yarn and straws to the desired length.
  • Ruler/measuring tape
    • You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut the yarn and straws to the desired length.
  • Lighter
    • A lighter can be used to burn the ends of the yarn to prevent fraying.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Here’s how to weave a soda straw bracelet using these materials.

Cut the Straws

To begin crafting a soda straw bracelet, prepare the plastic straws by cutting them into identical lengths. To ensure uniformity in size and appearance of the bracelet, it is important to follow the recommended straw length of 5-6 inches. However, customization is available to suit personal preferences.

For consistent straw lengths, measure and mark each straw with a ruler or measuring tape prior to cutting. This will prevent any errors during the cutting process and guarantee that all straws are identical in length. Once marked, utilise scissors to cut the straws, ensuring that each is cut to avoid any inconsistency in the final result.

After cutting the straws to the desired length, use scissors to remove any sharp or uneven edges to make them neater and prevent scratching your skin while wearing the bracelet. With the trimming done, you can begin weaving your soda straw bracelet.

Tape the Straws

After cutting the plastic straws into equal lengths, the next step to weave a soda straw bracelet is to tape them together in a row. This step is important because it guarantees that the straws stay in place while you weave them into the bracelet.

Begin by attaching a strip of tape to the uppermost section of the initial straw, leaving a small overhang. Next, align the following straw with the first so that their ends meet. Use a separate strip of tape to fasten the second straw to the next one, once more leaving a slight overhang. Continue this pattern until all the straws are joined together in a linear arrangement.

To ensure stable weaving, make sure the straws are evenly aligned and firmly held together with tape according to your choice. It is advisable to use strong tape to avoid any displacement of the straws during weaving.

Ensure the tape secures the straws firmly both on the top and bottom before proceeding to weave the bracelet.

Tie and Weave the Yarn

After taping the straws together, the next step to weave a soda straw bracelet is to tie a piece of yarn to one end of the straws. Choose a colour of yarn that you like and tie it in a knot around the first straw. Make sure to leave a long tail of yarn, as you will use this to tie off the bracelet later.

To begin the weaving process, wrap the yarn around the first straw, making sure to pull it tight. Then, bring the yarn over the second straw and wrap it tightly around that straw as well. Continue wrapping the yarn around each straw in turn, making sure to pull the yarn tight each time. As you go, you will begin to see the woven pattern taking shape.

It’s important to keep the yarn tight as you weave to ensure that the bracelet is sturdy and doesn’t come apart. You can choose to use one colour of yarn for the whole bracelet, or you can use a yarn with ombre colours as you go for a more colourful look.

To finish your straw bracelet, continue weaving until it reaches the desired length. Simply repeat the process of interweaving the yarn through the straws, ensuring to tighten the yarn after each wrap. Continue the weaving process until your bracelet is of your preferred length.

Maintaining consistent yarn tension is crucial when weaving to ensure a uniform bracelet width. You can periodically assess the width by comparing it to a ruler or similar measuring tool.

The Final Step

To weave the soda straw bracelet to the desired length, the final step is to finish it by securely tying a knot at the end of the yarn and cutting off any excess yarn with scissors, leaving a one-inch tail. Double-knotting is recommended for added security.

Carefully remove the bracelet from the straws, ensuring the weaving remains intact. Adjust the bracelet to ensure an even and comfortable fit on your wrist. If necessary, make any modifications before trimming the excess yarn.

After ensuring the perfect fit, snip off the excess yarn, leaving a minimal tail of approximately 0.5 inches. You can opt to tie the tail in a knot to complete the bracelet or use a lighter to seal it firmly.

And there you have it – a completed soda straw bracelet that you can wear or give as a gift!

Watch the video below to learn how to weave using soda straws!

It’s fun. It’s free. It’s a craft. It’s recycling. It’s art. It’s a way of learning.

Final Thoughts

For an enjoyable and effortless craft activity to complete with your child, weaving friendship bracelets is a superb choice. Regardless of whether you use soda straws, a cardboard loom, or use your fingers, crafting exclusive and vivid bracelets that you can wear and distribute amongst your acquaintances is certain to be a pleasurable experience. Therefore, get some yarn and start weaving!

Is weaving a soda straw bracelet fun enough for you? Try checking out making your own beautiful safety pin bracelets for more bracelet crafts!



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