Key Holder Ideas

Key Holder: 10 Best Creative Ideas

Are you always scrambling to find your keys in the morning? You were sure you left the keys right there on the counter. You could swear that you did. But now they are nowhere to be found. Where could they be?

Key Holder Ideas
Key Holder Ideas

Misplacing object is an everyday occurrence. Trying to find them is a treasure hunt without a map.

The fact that you are already running late for work doesn’t help when you’re looking for those elusive keys. Or much worse, you only remembered that you don’t have them just as you closed the front door behind you – you’re locked out of your house. Disaster!

However, the truth is you never really lose anything. There is no such thing as a missing hey. There are only unsystematic searchers and disorganized people.

Key Holder Ideas
Key Holder Ideas

The key (hmmm… a pun!) to being organized with your keys is to always leave them in the same place. If your home needs a little key organizing, here are some creative DIY key holder ideas. You can mount one on the back of your front door or the wall right beside it. With these innovative holders, it’s impossible to not notice your keys as you leave. :)

Creative Key Holder Ideas

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1. Old Photo Frame

Turn an old wooden photo frame into a stylish and functional key holder to keep your keys organized and easily accessible. To start, choose a frame that complements your home decor. Sand and paint the frame to give it a fresh look or preserve its vintage charm. Install small cup hooks along the lower edge or within the frame itself.

You can enhance the functionality by adding a small chalkboard or corkboard inside the frame, allowing for quick notes or pinning important reminders. This key holder not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a personal touch to your entryway.

2. Tree Branch

To create a tree branch key holder, start by selecting a sturdy branch that has an appealing natural shape and texture. Clean the branch thoroughly and let it dry; you might also consider sanding it lightly to remove any rough spots or applying a clear varnish to preserve its natural look and enhance its durability.

Install small cup hooks strategically along the branch to hang keys, and consider adding decorative elements such as a small bird and nest or hanging beads to give it a personalized touch. This approach not only utilizes natural materials but also brings a rustic charm to your interior decor.

3. Hotel Style

Create a sophisticated “hotel style” key holder using wooden planks or reclaimed wood, ideal for adding a touch of elegance to your entryway. Begin by selecting high-quality wood planks that suit the overall décor of your home. Cut the wood to your desired size and sand the edges for a smooth finish. Apply a stain or varnish to enhance the wood’s natural grain and provide a durable finish.

Use construction adhesive to assemble the pieces into a panel. For added functionality, install brass or chrome hooks that reflect the luxurious feel typical of hotel fixtures. This key holder not only organizes your keys efficiently but also serves as an upscale decorative piece that complements any modern or traditional setting.

4. License Plate

Transform an old license plate into a quirky and memorable key holder. Start by cleaning the license plate thoroughly to restore its shine. If you prefer a vintage look, you can leave some of its original wear for character.

Attach the plate to a wooden backing such as a plaque or a simple frame to provide stability and contrast. Using a drill, add holes to attach screws, bolts, and nuts, which will serve as the hooks for your keys. Optionally, you can add a hanging string or a wire at the back for easy mounting on a wall. This license plate key holder brings a nostalgic and creative touch to your home, perfect for car enthusiasts or as a nod to a memorable road trip.

5. Seat Belt

Repurpose a broken seatbelt into a durable and unique key holder. Start by selecting a robust wooden frame, which could be a simple rectangular bar, a decorative plaque, or even a part of an old cabinet. Ensure the frame is clean and treated with either a wood finish or paint to match your decor.

Attach the seatbelt securely using screws or heavy-duty staples to ensure it won’t sag or detach under the weight of the keys. If the seatbelt has a functional buckle, you can use it as a quick-release feature for your key ring. Consider framing the seatbelt setup with a border for a more polished look and to enhance its visual appeal. This project not only recycles a seatbelt but also adds an industrial chic element to your home.

6. Axe

Repurpose an unused axe as a unique and striking key holder that’s sure to be a conversation starter. First, ensure the axe is clean and treat the wood handle to enhance its appearance and longevity. You can varnish or stain the handle depending on your aesthetic preference.

Mount the axe securely on your living room or entryway wall, blade facing down for safety. Add sturdy nails or hooks to the handle for hanging keys. This rugged design not only keeps your keys handy but also adds a rustic or industrial element to your home decor.

7. Letter Blocks

Wooden letter blocks, once cherished toys for your children, can be transformed into a charming key holder for your family. Start by selecting letters that could spell out a word or simply use the initials of family members.

Attach small cup hooks to the bottom or sides of each letter. You can paint or decorate the letters to match your home’s interior or to highlight each family member’s personality. Securely fasten these letter blocks to a wooden board or directly onto the wall in a designated area. This key holder not only organizes your keys in a fun, visible way but also preserves a piece of your children’s childhood in a practical manner.

8. Old Keys

Transform your collection of old, unused keys into a creative and environmentally friendly key holder. Begin by selecting a wooden plank or block as the base for the key holder. Sand and stain or paint the wood to your desired finish. Bend the old keys at a 90-degree angle using pliers, ensuring they’re curved enough to serve as hooks.

Arrange the bent keys in an aesthetically pleasing pattern or spell out a word or initials. Attach each key securely to the wooden base using strong adhesive or small screws. This DIY project not only repurposes old keys but also serves as a whimsical and personalized way to organize your current keys.

9. Tennis Ball

Give an old tennis ball a new life as a playful and functional key holder. First, clean the tennis ball thoroughly to remove any dirt or fuzz. Choose a vibrant color to paint the tennis ball, adding more personality and matching it with your home’s color scheme. Once dry, use a sharp cutter to carefully make a slit that represents the mouth.

This slit should be wide and deep enough to securely hold a set of keys. For added fun, draw or paint a friendly face around the slit. You can attach the tennis ball to a small plaque or directly to the wall with a screw going through the back of the ball. This tennis ball key holder is particularly appealing in homes with a light-hearted decor theme or in children’s areas, making key storage both whimsical and practical.

10. Audio Jack / Guitar Amp

Repurpose an old, broken electric guitar jack into an innovative key holder that music lovers will adore. First, assess the condition of the amp and make any necessary repairs to stabilize it for wall mounting. Remove the strings and clean the guitar’s jack. Install the audio jacks in place of some of the tuning pegs or use the input jack where you would normally plug in the guitar cable.

These jacks can be used to hang keys with small key rings or carabiners. For a more dramatic effect, add a small amp or speaker box below the guitar that serves as a shelf for other small items like sunglasses or wallets. This creative reuse not only saves your beloved instrument from the landfill but also turns it into a functional piece of art that keeps your keys organized in style.

Which one do you like best or have you got one you’d like to share?


Creating diverse key holders offers a unique opportunity to blend functionality with personal style. Each design, crafted from items like old photo frames, license plates, or natural materials, transforms everyday objects into useful decor that adds character to any space. By choosing to DIY these key holders, you also engage in an eco-friendly practice that repurposes materials and reduces waste, making it not only a creative but also a conscientious choice.

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