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Great DIY Industrial House Numbers: 4 Steps

Which part of your house does anyone first see and notice? The house facade, of course! Even strangers simply passing by can see it. This is why designing and decorating it is just as important as any part of your home…

Industrial House Numbers

But while we may all lavish great attention to every nook and cranny of our home’s interior decoration, many neglect the exterior. We’ve all been guilty of the same from time to time.

And I think it’s safe to say that one of the usually overlooked details in our facade is the house numbers. After all their sole purpose is to tell visitors that it is or is not the house they are looking for. But after coming across this project, I realized that this simple sign mounted on our facade can create a good impression.

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This project is very simple and easy yet brilliant. It is creative and also a more secure sign that would survive a typhoon. (My old house number was destroyed by a strong one, two years ago.)

Do you think it’s time to replace yours too?

You’ll need the following tools and materials to make your own industrial house number.


  • Screws – stainless steel/exterior
  • Printed House Number
  • Tape – for holding number template in place
  • Nails – for marking where screws will go


  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver – handheld is fine, but a power driver makes the work easier
Industrial House Numbers

How to make DIY Industrial House Numbers

1. Choose your font

Use software, such as Photoshop or a simple MS Word will do, to overlay a grid over the numbers. The intersecting points in the grid are where your screws will go, so the size of the squares should depend on the size of the head of your screws.

House Number
2. Print the number and use a pattern

Once you’ve finished with the font style you want with your house number, you can now print this on a piece of paper.

House Number
3. Mark the surface

Now, position the printed house number on the surface where you want it to be. This can be outside your house or outside the gate. Make sure they are straight and nicely laid out before hammering the nails (you can also use one of the screws like in the photo). The goal for this step is to just mark where you will drill the screws.

House Number
4. Drill the screws halfway

After you have made marks for the numbers, carefully drill the screws. Sink them halfway only – just enough so that they will not fall out.

House Number

And there you have it! A nice and sturdy industrial house number!

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Source: brydanger

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