How to Remake Broken Crayons

Broken Crayons

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Kids are cute, careless little beings. They break a lot of things, even newly bought toys. And crayons. Sometimes they are just too excited to colour that they hold and press the crayons too hard, they break. Give them a few days and all of it are broken into pieces!

But don’t buy a new set just yet! Here’s a simple way to salvage those wax crayons. :)

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What you’ll need:

  • Broken crayon pieces, of course
  • Small cutting knife
  • Silicone mold or small muffin tin


Broken Crayons

Peel the labels of the crayons. Use a small cutting knife for faster process. And then put the pieces in the muffin tins, separated by colour.

Broken Crayons

Bake in the oven with a 300 degree heat until all pieces have melted. This may take about 10 minutes. You can also use old cans to heat each colour and pour in silicone mold of your choice to let it cool.

Broken Crayons

Once it has cooled, it should pop out easily. Your kids can now do some colouring activities again.

With muffin tins as mold, your kids can’t break the crayons anymore. Plus, it would be easier for them to grip since they are now big blocks. :)

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