DIY Mason Jar Solar Lighting

DIY Solar Lights in Jars

These mason jar lightings are definitely cute come night time. Admit it, seeing it in the pictures makes you smile already! Now why not...
How to make paper snowflakes

How to Make Paper Snowflakes

Now here's a paper craft project that's just perfect for this holiday season! Many of you have probably done this activity before in grade school, but...
Sweater Christmas Ornaments

Make cute Christmas ornaments with old sweaters and cookie cutters!

Who says cookie cutters are only for baking? They are not only tools for making delicious cookies, they can also be used to create...


Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboards are great around the home. Kids love them. They’re also handy for leaving family messages. Or to-do lists, calendars, wall murals or shopping lists....
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DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art! The gallery you see below features mugs decorated with Sharpie/porcelain pens. It’s pretty exciting to think that you could design mugs...
PVC Wine Rack

PVC Pipe Wine Rack

Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnets


Journal with Upcycled Materials

DIY Journal with Upcycled Materials

Do your kids doodle a lot? Kids love doodling! We all know that. They write on whatever surface they see – scrap paper, book covers...
DIY Envelope

Make greeting cards and letters even more special with this cute and easy envelope!

Want to make your greeting cards and letters even more special? This easy DIY envelope is perfect because it gives the recipient the feeling of...
Green hair planter recycled plastic bottles

Plastic Bottle Planters

Here's one way to recycle PET bottles. And while you are at it, bond with your kids by asking them to put faces on those...
Bracelet Ideas for Kids

18 Bracelet Ideas to Make with Your Kids

Bracelets are one of the first accessories you could let your kids wear. They are cute colourful accessories which are safer than necklaces. But we believe...
Penny Ideas

14 Creative Penny Ideas

Pennies are the most unused money in our purses. Personally, I just leave them in a jar at home when it becomes too many to...
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DIY Book Clock

Vintage Book Clock
I loooove reading novels and now I have a bunch of books sitting in my room. They have basically become “useless” things that just...

Creative DIY Book Projects

Upcycled Book Projects
Upcycling with books? Don’t get me wrong here – books are treasures. They are one of the most valuable things we could find. They...