Elytra: The Beetle-Shaped Coffee Table With Fold-Out Wings!

Furniture pieces have evolved over generations, but we seldom find unique ones. This beetle-inspired coffee table is a great centerpiece indoor or outdoor! Its minimalist design combines function and beauty into one.

Radhika Dhumal, a young interior and furniture designer from India turned a simple sketch into a brilliant piece of brilliant furniture named Elytra.

Elytra’s name derives from the hard shell covering that protects the delicate soft wings of insects, mostly found on beetles.

It took Rhadika five weeks from the time she started doing the sketch up to the production of the coffee table.

It wasn’t a smooth journey from the start. One of the challenges she faced was making the glass inlays move. But she received support from highly skilled local furniture makers.

Elytra features a fold-out glass inlay similar to that of a beetle. It expands to 90 degrees from the main body of the table. This increases the surface area so the user can enjoy the extra space for food, coffee, and books. It also comes with insect-inspired legs, a rounded head, and a beetle-shaped main body.

Rhadika’s goal was to make the most out of the design and build process. She wanted a piece of furniture that is unique but also functional.

Radhika is now finishing her master’s in the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. She received the EDIDA Award in Student Category for her unique coffee table. You view more of Rhadika’s work here.

What do you think of Elytra?



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