Make Your Own No-Slip Headband in 4 Easy Steps!

Choose cute and colorful prints for your no-slip headbands – and mix them with some plain ones, too!

As a mother of teenage daughters, I usually look for things that interest them. I try to keep up to bridge the generation gap. The one thing I’m most thankful for is that they’re avid DIY-ers like me. We make it a point to bond over arts and crafts at least once a month.

My girls love wearing headbands. They wear them almost every day. When I came across a project for a DIY no-slip headband, I knew I found a gem. But do you know what the best thing is? It’s for a no-slip headband! Now my girls won’t have to deal with slipping headbands anymore.

Choose cute and colorful prints for your headbands - and mix them up with some plain ones, too! No-Slip Headband
DIY No-Slip Headband

This is an effortless project to make. You may use cute prints and then use some plain ones for variety. It’s an inexpensive project and you can make several of these. My daughters made some for their headband-loving friends, too.

Looking for some fashionable DIY headband designs? In this article, we’ll be sharing some amazing no-slip headband designs that will inspire you to get creative with your own style.

We love DIY headbands because they offer a unique way to add personality to your look. Plus, they’re so easy to make! All you need is a little fabric and some basic sewing skills.

If you’re the DIY beginner type, don’t worry! You can still rock a fabulous no-slip headband by checking out some of the amazing designs available online.

These are so easy to make you can make a dozen and give them away as gifts.
These are so easy to make you can make a dozen and give them away as gifts.

Here are some of our favorite DIY no-slip headband designs:

Fashionable DIY no-slip headband design ideas

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This headband is stylish and unique, but it’s also super comfortable and won’t slip off your head, even during the most intense workouts.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own DIY no-slip headband:

Making a No-Slip Headband


  • Ribbon
  • Velvet Ribbon
  • Skinny Elastic
  • Matching Thread


  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine


This is a fun DIY project that you can do in the afternoon!

Making your own no-slip headband is a great way to save money and get a custom-fit headband that’s perfect for your own unique head shape.

It’s easy to make and will stay in place, even if you are trying to grow out your bangs. Just follow these steps:

1. Cut the ribbons

First, you’ll need to determine the measurement of your head. To do this, simply use a tape measure. Once you have your measurement, leave a bit of space for the skinny elastic. Next, you’ll need to cut the ribbons. Be sure that the ribbon is the same size as the velvet ribbon.

2. Cut the skinny elastic

To estimate the size of the skinny elastic you need, simply connect it to the ribbons. You can then try it on to get a feel for how tight or lose you want the headband to be. If it feels too loose, you can always trim the excess elastic off.

3. Attach the ribbon and velvet ribbon

Now you can start sewing the two ribbons together. Attach one ribbon facing up, and the other ribbon facing down. This will create a strong bond between the two materials.

4. Attach the ribbon and skinny elastic

Then, you can sew the skinny elastic to the ribbons. Just be sure to leave enough slack in the elastic so that it can stretch over your head. You don’t want it to be too tight!

Now that you’ve made your own no-slip headband, it’s time to put it to the test! How does it feel? Comfortable, right? And so easy to wear! If it’s too long, you can always adjust the skinny elastic.

Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can make such a big difference? Now you can enjoy your workouts without worrying about your headband slipping off. Thanks for trying out this DIY project!

Here’s quick a video tutorial from the Ribbon retreat:

Choosing the Best Materials for Your No-Slip Headband

Creating the perfect no-slip headband starts with picking the right materials. What you choose not only impacts how well the headband stays in place, but also affects its overall comfort and longevity.

Let’s explore some top material choices for DIY no-slip headbands and why they stand out.

Velvet Ribbon

Velvet ribbon is a go-to for many no-slip headband enthusiasts. Its soft texture grips hair without pulling or snagging, which is why it’s perfect for activities that keep you moving. Imagine going through an entire workout without having to adjust your headband—velvet makes that possible.

Silicone Strips

For a no-slip headband that really stays put, consider adding silicone strips. This material is a staple in athletic headbands for good reason. It grips securely, preventing any sliding even during the most intense exercises. It’s a game-changer for runners or anyone who’s tired of their headband slipping mid-action.


If sweat is your main concern, terrycloth is your best friend. It’s super absorbent, making it ideal for those sweaty yoga sessions or jogs. A terrycloth-lined no-slip headband will keep the sweat off your brow and stay firmly in place, no matter how hard you push yourself.

Elastic Blends

Elastic is the backbone of any good no-slip headband. It needs to stretch comfortably over your head without being too tight. A high-quality elastic blend ensures your headband snaps back into shape after each wear, providing a consistently snug fit without discomfort.

Cotton Fabrics

For everyday wear, you can’t beat cotton. It’s soft, breathable, and gentle on both hair and skin, making it perfect for casual no-slip headbands. Pair it with a bit of velvet or a few silicone strips to combine comfort with staying power.


Neoprene is another excellent choice for no-slip headbands, particularly because of its firm yet flexible hold. It’s the same material used in wetsuits, which means it’s not only durable but also resistant to water and sweat. Neoprene headbands are perfect for swimmers or anyone who participates in water sports.

Lycra or Spandex

Lycra or spandex offers incredible stretchability and resilience, making it ideal for no-slip headbands designed to endure long periods of wear. This material conforms snugly to the head without causing any discomfort, ensuring your headband remains in place throughout any activity.


Microfiber is known for its lightweight and smooth texture. It’s extremely soft against the skin and effective at wicking moisture away. This makes microfiber-lined no-slip headbands a top choice for people who want a breathable option that keeps sweat at bay while preventing slippage.

Wool Blends

Wool blends are an innovative option for cooler weather. They provide warmth and are naturally stretchy, which helps in maintaining a secure fit. Wool’s natural fibers also offer a unique, cozy aesthetic for no-slip headbands, making them stylish for winter sports or chilly morning runs.

Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric is a fantastic addition to no-slip headbands due to its breathable qualities. It’s particularly useful for those who need a headband that covers more surface area while ensuring ventilation. This is especially beneficial during intense workouts or in hot climates where keeping cool is as important as keeping hair in place.

Selecting the right materials for your no-slip headband lets you customize not just the look but also the functionality. Whether you’re crafting one for sports, style, or both, these materials will help you make a headband that’s uniquely yours and reliably effective.

The Perks of Reliable Headbands

Ever find yourself constantly pushing back strands of hair out of your face or adjusting a slippery headband? That’s where headbands that actually stay in place come into the picture.

Here’s a rundown on why they could be a game-changer in how you manage your hair every day.

Keeps You in the Zone

Nothing ruins a good run or an intense yoga session like having to stop every few minutes to fix your hair. A headband that firmly stays in place cuts down on these interruptions. This lets you focus on what really matters—your workout, your project, or just enjoying a breezy day out.

A Match for Every Look

These headbands aren’t just practical; they’re also stylish. Available in an array of designs and materials, you can easily find one that fits your style whether you’re going for a gym look or an afternoon coffee outfit. They’re perfect for those days when you want a blend of utility and style.

Say Goodbye to Headband Headaches

We’ve all been there—a headband so tight that you feel a headache coming on. Headbands designed to stay put are generally made to be comfortable too, meaning they won’t dig into your temples or slide around, so you can wear them longer without any discomfort.

Safe and Sound

Long hair can be a hazard in many scenarios—whether you’re cooking, working with machinery, or simply going for a run in windy weather. A secure headband keeps your hair away from your face and out of danger, providing an easy fix to a common problem.

More Time for You

Think of all the time saved when you’re not constantly fixing your hair. A reliable headband means you’re not dealing with hair in your face or redoing your hairdo throughout the day. It’s a small thing that adds up, giving you a few extra minutes to sip that coffee a bit longer or to start your day a tad earlier.

Keep That Hairstyle Fresh

If you’ve styled your hair just right, a slipping headband can mean constantly touching up. A headband that holds everything neatly in place means your style lasts longer, no matter if you’re at a dance party or a windy walk.

Incorporating these headbands into your daily routine can be a small but significant upgrade, blending style with functionality seamlessly. Whether it’s for a workout, a workday, or just keeping things tidy at home, they’re definitely worth a try.


Crafting your own no-slip headband is a creative and practical project that lets you personalize your accessory to match your style and needs. With simple materials and a few steps, you can create a headband that not only looks great but stays in place during any activity. This DIY approach offers a satisfying way to ensure comfort and functionality in your daily wear.

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