Majestic Galaxy Jar: Practical 8-Step Project

Are you looking for unique party favors you’d like to give away to your guests? Well, you’re in luck. My daughter recently stumbled upon this nice project and I’d like to share them with you. She calls this a ‘galaxy jar’ because it does look like it is. It’s colorful and glittery, and no two jars are exactly the same which adds an element of surprise. Fun!

It’s super easy to make. You can actually make several jars in just one hour. If you’re making these to give away as party favors, you can use smaller jars instead of the big ones. Just remember to use eye-catching colors that mimic the galaxy for a great visual effect.

This is a great project to make with friends. You can also bond over this with your children. At school, I know of some teachers who had their students make these galaxy jars for art class. Give it a try today!

Teachers have been asking their students to make this for art class!
Teachers have been asking their students to make this for art class!

Crafting a Galaxy Jar


  • Mason jar (or any kind of jar)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Cotton
  • Glitters
  • Holo stars
  • Water


  • Plastic container
  • Wooden stick


Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

  • Organize your jar, paints, and other materials. Make sure your jar is clean and dry.

Step 2: Mix Paint with Water

  • In your plastic container, mix a small amount of acrylic paint with water. Aim for a thin, watery consistency. Start with one color (like blue or purple).

Step 3: Layer Cotton and Paint Mixture

  • Take some cotton and stretch it out. Place a layer of cotton at the bottom of the jar.
  • Using your wooden stick, gently push the cotton down to fill the base evenly.
  • Slowly pour the diluted paint over the cotton, making sure it soaks in completely.

Step 4: Add Glitters and Holo Stars

  • Sprinkle a modest amount of glitters and a few holo stars onto the wet cotton. The glitters will give your galaxy jar a twinkling star effect.

Step 5: Repeat Layering

  • Add another layer of stretched cotton over the first layer.
  • Choose a different color of paint (such as pink or black), mix it with water, and repeat the painting process as in Step 3.
  • Continue layering with cotton, alternating paint colors, and adding glitters and stars until the jar is almost full. Make sure to press down each layer lightly with your stick.

Step 6: Seal the Final Layer

  • Top the final layer with a bit of plain cotton without paint to give a neat finish.
  • You can add a final sprinkle of glitter and stars on top for extra sparkle.

Step 7: Close the Jar

  • Once you’re done layering, tightly close the jar with its lid.

Step 8: Shake and Enjoy

  • Gently shake your jar to slightly mix the layers and watch the colors and glitters swirl, creating a mesmerizing galaxy effect.
  • Place your galaxy jar in a spot where it can catch the light, or use a flashlight to illuminate it from behind for a stunning display.

DIY Galaxy Jar Design Ideas

Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.

Below is a visual guide on making your galaxy jar.

Sustainability Tips for Crafting

Creating crafts sustainably is not only a wonderful way to reduce waste but also an opportunity to educate others on the importance of preserving our environment. Here are some practical tips to make your crafting more eco-friendly.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

Opt for materials that are either biodegradable or recyclable. Avoid plastics and synthetic fibers which can take hundreds of years to decompose. Instead, use natural materials like cotton, wood, and paper. Whenever possible, choose supplies certified by environmental standards.

Reuse and Repurpose

Before buying new materials, see what you can reuse from around your home. Old jars, fabric scraps, and unused stationery can often be transformed into beautiful new projects. This not only saves money but also extends the life of existing items.

Minimize Chemical Use

Many crafting supplies can contain harmful chemicals that impact both health and the environment. Seek out non-toxic alternatives like soy-based inks, water-based paints, and natural dyes. These are safer for you and for the planet.

Reduce Waste

Plan your projects carefully to minimize waste. Use templates and patterns that maximize material use. Keep your scraps for future projects or find a local school or community center that may need them for art supplies.

Support Sustainable Brands

When purchasing new materials, choose brands committed to sustainable practices. Look for companies that use renewable resources, practice fair trade, and maintain transparent supply chains. Supporting these businesses helps grow the market for sustainable products.

Educate and Share

Spread the word about sustainable crafting by sharing your projects and practices on social media or blogs. Offer workshops or write articles on how to craft responsibly. Education is key to increasing awareness and encouraging others to make sustainable choices.

By integrating these sustainability tips into your crafting, you’re not only enjoying a creative pastime but also contributing positively to environmental conservation.

These galaxy jars are cute little things that you can give out as party favors...
These galaxy jars are cute little things that you can give out as party favors…

Galaxy Jar as Home Decor

Galaxy jars aren’t just fun to make; they’re also stunning pieces of home decor that can add a touch of whimsy and color to any room. Whether you’re aiming to spruce up your living space or looking for a creative lighting solution, galaxy jars are versatile and beautiful. 

Here’s how you can use galaxy jars to enhance your home decor.

Accent Pieces

Place galaxy jars on shelves, desks, or tables to serve as unique accent pieces. The swirling colors and glitter create a dynamic look that catches the eye. You can coordinate the color scheme of your galaxy jar with your room’s palette to complement the overall decor. A well-placed galaxy jar can add a splash of color and intrigue to any space.

Mood Lighting

Galaxy jars can be transformed into enchanting mood lights. Simply insert a small LED light or a string of battery-operated fairy lights into the jar. The light diffusing through the colorful layers of paint and glitter creates a soft, ambient glow. Place a galaxy jar in darker corners for a magical effect, or use several as a unique alternative to traditional lighting during evening gatherings.

Thematic Decorations

For themed parties or as seasonal decorations, galaxy jars are a fantastic choice. They can be customized to fit any theme, such as celestial events, space-themed parties, or mystical night themes. During Halloween, for example, enhance your galaxy jars with darker colors and red accents to add to the spooky atmosphere.


Galaxy jars make great centerpieces for tables, whether it’s during special occasions or as permanent fixtures. Surround your galaxy jar with complementary elements like candles, stones, or small plants for a more elaborate display. This setup can turn an ordinary dining table or coffee table into a striking focal point of a room.

Gifts and Favors

Beyond decorating your own home, galaxy jars also make thoughtful and personalized gifts or party favors. Create a galaxy jar that suits the recipient’s taste or the theme of the event. They’re perfect for birthdays, weddings, or as housewarming gifts, offering a handmade and personal touch that store-bought items often lack.

By integrating galaxy jars into your home decor, you not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space but also bring a bit of the cosmos into your daily life. These vibrant jars can transform and illuminate any area, making them a versatile choice for creative home decoration.

Variations of Galaxy Jar Designs

Galaxy jars are a captivating DIY project that allows for immense creativity and personalization. By varying the materials and techniques, you can create a multitude of designs, each as unique as a real galaxy. 

Below are some design variations that can help inspire you to create your own custom galaxy jars.

Classic Nebula

The classic nebula design mimics the swirling, ethereal beauty of celestial nebulae. Use deep blues, purples, and pinks to recreate these cosmic phenomena. Adding layers of fine glitter between the paint layers enhances the depth and twinkling effect, similar to stars in the night sky.

Solar System Galaxy Jar

For a more educational twist, create a solar system-themed galaxy jar. Use black or dark blue as the base color and add small, painted planets. Arrange them according to their placement in the solar system. This variation not only looks striking but can also serve as a fun learning tool for kids.

Zodiac Constellation Jar

Customize your galaxy jar with constellations for a personal touch. Choose a zodiac sign and use a thin brush or a stencil to paint its constellation on the jar’s surface. Fill the background with a galaxy effect using darker paints and plenty of stars. This makes a great personalized gift or a stylish piece of decor.

Aurora Borealis Jar

Capture the stunning natural light show of the aurora borealis in a jar. Use greens, blues, and purples along with a touch of white to paint flowing, wavy lines that resemble the northern lights. This design works well with a bit of luminescent paint or glow-in-the-dark elements to truly capture the aurora’s glow.

Galactic Black Hole

Experiment with a black hole design at the center of your galaxy jar. Start with a dark center using black paint and gradually blend out into galaxy colors like deep reds, blues, and purples. Use swirling patterns and a high concentration of stars and glitter around the black hole to emphasize its powerful pull.

Starburst Galaxy

Create a vibrant, dynamic starburst effect with bright colors like orange, yellow, and red combined with traditional galaxy hues. The key is to use these warm colors to radiate outward from the center, mimicking a starburst. Add lots of sparkling elements to represent the explosive energy of star formation.

Monochrome Galaxy

For a sleek, modern take, create a monochrome galaxy jar. Choose any color you like but use varying shades of that single color to build depth and interest. Silver or gold glitter can add contrast and highlight the monochrome theme, making it a stylish addition to contemporary decor.

These variations of galaxy jar designs offer a wide range of possibilities, encouraging both creativity and personal expression. Whether you’re crafting for fun, education, or decor, there’s a galaxy jar design that’s perfect for your needs.


Making a galaxy jar is a creative and enjoyable project that can add a touch of cosmic wonder to any room. It offers an opportunity to explore different colors and materials while crafting a unique piece of art. Each galaxy jar you create is a beautiful representation of the universe, perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift.



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