Turn a Stool into a Craft Supplies Storage

Living with a daughter who is into arts and crafts can be an organizational nightmare. There are a lot of art materials everywhere.

My daughter has three sets of everything – scissors, rulers and cutters, ribbons, yarns, and many others. One set is in her bedroom, the other one is in her father’s office, and the last set is in the living room. She says it’s convenient that way so she could do her projects wherever she wants to.

A very simple yet very useful project.
A very simple yet very useful project.

As you can imagine, I am very stressed about it. I want to keep the house clean and tidy all the time. I’ve been telling her – okay, nagging her – to organize her craft materials, to no avail. Her excuse? She doesn’t have enough storage. To appease me, she shoves everything inside a box and keeps them under the bed and her father’s table.

Last week, she took out the unused stool from the basement and told us she was going to do something with it. We were surprised when we found it positioned upside-down, holding all of her materials inside it. Now she’s got storage! And best of all, it’s easily movable so she can work wherever she wants to.

This is such a good project!


  • an old stool
  • four small tank tops
  • two large t-shirts
  • four wheels
  • screws


  • Scissors
  • Drill with a drill bit
  • Screwdriver

Spacesaving Craft Supplies Storage Design Ideas

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Thanks to sarahjewel19 for making this project. You can get the step-by-step instructions here.



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