DIY No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll in 4 Easy Steps

I do not want to see a clutter of pencils, including colored ones, inside anyone’s drawer. Seeing a mess of my kid’s art supplies in their bags or closet was upsetting. So, I got the idea of making a no-sew colored pencil roll that they could take to school.

I’m pretty sure most parents can relate to my predicament. My young kids have a lot of art supplies that they bring to school. Every day, without fail, they come home with their coloring materials in complete disarray. At the end of every month, I have to buy a new set because their supplies are dwindling.

DIY No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll
DIY No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll

I realized that the fault is not entirely theirs. Because their colored pens and pencils are just kept in their respective boxes, the boxes disintegrate easily. I should have provided better storage.

Say goodbye to messy art supplies!

Here’s a selection of fun and colorful DIY no-sew colored pencil roll designs that will inspire you to create your own!

Say goodbye to messy art supplies!
Colorful DIY no-sew colored pencil roll

These easy-to-make pencil rolls are perfect for keeping your coloring pencils organized and tidy, and they make a great gift for any budding artist or crafter. With a little imagination and some basic sewing skills, you can create a one-of-a-kind pencil roll that will brighten up anyone’s day. So get creative and have fun!

I’m sharing with you a great DIY project: a no-sew colored pencil roll. The materials needed to make one are inexpensive. Plus, those with no sewing skills can easily make one. This is basically a mother’s dream project come true.

Making a No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll

Do you have a bunch of loose colored pencils that need organizing? You can make a DIY no-sew colored pencil roll to store them in an easy and stylish way.

You can create this fun and functional pencil holder with just a few simple supplies and a little bit of time. So grab your supplies and get started!

Just follow these simple steps and you will have your no-sew colored pencil roll in no time!


  • Wool felt
  • String


  • Scissors
  • X-Acto knife
  • Ruler
  • Marker


1. Prepare your wool felt

Prepare the wool felt by tracing your desired measurement. Make sure all your pencils will fit on your roll. Once the pattern is done, carefully cut the wool felt using the X-acto knife.

2. Make the slits

Make slits in the fabric by folding them according to the marks.

3. Make some holes

Make a small hole at one end of the roll. This is where you will insert your colored pencils.

4. Add a closure

Finally, sew a long string to close the colored pencil roll. By doing this, you’ll create a safe and secure way to keep your colored pencils organized and in one place. Plus, it’ll be much easier to grab and go when you’re on the go!

Once all of your pencils are inserted, you can start rolling the paper until it’s tight.

And that’s it! You’re done with your DIY no-sew colored pencil roll. This project is perfect for organizing your colored pencils, and it makes a great gift for any artist in your life.

Once you have your colored pencils on the roll, you can start drawing!

Thanks for following along, and we hope you enjoy your new pencil roll!

To give you a visual instruction, here’s the full video tutorial from Nancy Mac:

Customization Ideas for Personalization

Creating a DIY no-sew colored pencil roll is not just about organizing your art supplies; it’s also an opportunity to express your creativity and personalize an item that reflects your unique style. Personalization makes your no-sew colored pencil roll a practical tool and a statement of your artistic identity. 

Below, we explore various customization ideas to help you make your no-sew colored pencil roll truly one-of-a-kind.

Embroidered Names or Initials

Even though it’s a no-sew project, adding embroidered names or initials can introduce a personal touch without needing complex sewing skills. You can use a simple needle and thread to embroider letters on the felt or fabric before assembling your no-sew colored pencil roll. This addition is particularly thoughtful for gifts, making each roll special for its recipient.

Fabric Marker Designs

For those who prefer drawing over stitching, fabric markers offer a world of possibilities. Before securing the slits and adding a closure to your no-sew colored pencil roll, lay the material flat and use fabric markers to create designs. You might draw patterns, favorite characters, inspirational quotes, or anything else that speaks to you. This method allows for endless creativity and can be a fun activity for children as well.

Unique Closure Options

The closure of your no-sew colored pencil roll isn’t just functional; it’s also an opportunity for creativity. Instead of the standard string or ribbon, consider using materials like braided yarn, leather strips, or even repurposed jewelry for a chic touch. Magnetic clasps and buttons can also add both style and convenience, making your no-sew colored pencil roll easy to open and close.

Adding Pockets and Sections

While the basic design of a no-sew colored pencil roll includes slits for pencils, you can customize yours by adding pockets or sections for additional supplies. Attach small felt or scraped pockets using fabric glue or strong adhesive tape. These can hold erasers, sharpeners, or even small notebooks. Creating sections of varying sizes can accommodate different tools, making your no-sew colored pencil roll even more versatile.

Thematic Designs

Tailor your no-sew colored pencil roll to specific themes or interests. For example, you might incorporate floral patterns or green tones if you love nature. If space fascinates you, consider a galaxy theme with dark fabrics and white and metallic paint splashes for stars. Aligning the design of your no-sew colored pencil roll with your interests or the interests of a gift recipient adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness.

Personalizing your DIY no-sew colored pencil roll is about making it visually appealing and crafting a piece that resonates with your personal or artistic narrative. Through customization, your no-sew colored pencil roll becomes more than just a storage solution—it becomes a reflection of your creativity and personality.

Colorful DIY no-sew colored pencil roll designs

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Scaling the Project for Different Needs

The beauty of creating a DIY no-sew colored pencil roll lies in its flexibility and adaptability to meet various needs. Whether you’re a professional artist with an extensive collection of pencils or a parent looking to tidy up a child’s small assortment of crayons, scaling the no-sew colored pencil roll project to suit different requirements is straightforward. 

This section explores how to adjust the size and functionality of your no-sew colored pencil roll, ensuring that it serves your specific needs perfectly.

Adjusting Size for Collection Volume

The first step in scaling your no-sew colored pencil roll is determining the size based on the number of pencils or art supplies you intend to organize. A smaller roll with fewer slots will suffice for a minimal set, making it compact and portable. Measure the length of your art supplies and add a few inches to the length and width of the felt or fabric to accommodate them comfortably.

For larger collections, increase the dimensions of your base material accordingly. You might also consider making multiple no-sew colored pencil rolls for different color families or types of art supplies, such as separate rolls for pencils, markers, and brushes. This way, each set is organized and easily accessible.

Incorporating Varied Slot Sizes

Not all art supplies share the same dimensions, so customizing the slot sizes in your no-sew colored pencil roll is crucial for versatility. To ensure all items—from bulky markers and brushes to slim pencils and pens—fit securely, tailor the slits to match the size of your tools. 

Begin by measuring the diameter of both the largest and smallest items intended for storage. Use these measurements as a guide to create slits that provide a snug fit for each item, enhancing the roll’s functionality and ensuring your supplies remain organized and accessible.

Adding Additional Features

Elevating the utility of your no-sew colored pencil roll can be achieved through thoughtful additional features. Consider incorporating a fold-over flap to safeguard the tips of your art supplies, an essential addition for anyone transporting their tools frequently. 

Moreover, integrating a larger pocket—inside or exterior—offers extra space for accessories like erasers, sharpeners, or small notebooks. These enhancements transform the no-sew colored pencil roll from a mere holder into a comprehensive storage solution, catering to a broader array of organizational needs.

Creating Rolls for Different Purposes

The concept of the no-sew colored pencil roll extends far beyond art supplies, offering a versatile approach to organizing various items. Imagine a no-sew roll tailored for kitchen utensils, an innovative accessory for outdoor dining experiences like picnics or camping. 

Alternatively, consider a roll designed for personal care items such as makeup brushes or hair accessories, streamlining your morning routine with organized elegance. By applying the customization principles to each no-sew colored pencil roll, you can create specialized storage solutions that reflect their intended use’s specific requirements and aesthetics.

Scaling your no-sew colored pencil roll project to different needs maximizes its utility and encourages creative thinking about organization and storage in various aspects of life. Adjusting the size, slot dimensions, and adding functional features, your no-sew colored pencil roll can become an indispensable tool tailored precisely to your requirements.

No-Sew Colored Pencil Roll as Educational Tools

The creation of a no-sew colored pencil roll extends beyond a mere crafting project; it emerges as a dynamic educational tool that offers a plethora of learning opportunities for children and adults alike. Engaging in the assembly of a no-sew colored pencil roll teaches practical skills and imbues lessons in organization, creativity, and environmental responsibility. 

This section delves into how turning a simple project into an educational journey can benefit learners of all ages.

Fostering Fine Motor Skills and Creativity

Making a no-sew colored pencil roll involves various actions such as cutting, measuring, and threading, which are excellent for developing fine motor skills in younger children. These activities require precision and dexterity, enhancing hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, selecting colors, designing patterns, and personalizing the roll encourage creative expression, allowing children to explore their artistic side in a tangible form.

Teaching Organizational Skills

Creating a no-sew colored pencil roll serves as a practical lesson in organization. It requires planning, such as deciding on the number of slots or considering what additional features to include. This project can help children understand the importance of keeping their belongings orderly and demonstrate how being organized can make finding and caring for their possessions easier. Implementing these skills early on sets a foundation for good habits in all areas of life.

Introducing Upcycling and Sustainability

Using repurposed materials to craft a no-sew colored pencil roll introduces the concept of sustainability and upcycling to children. Discussing why it’s beneficial to use old fabrics or clothing for new projects can lead to broader conversations about environmental impact and the importance of reducing waste. This hands-on experience with upcycling can instill a sense of environmental stewardship and encourage creative thinking about reusing items.

Collaborative Learning Experience

Constructing no-sew colored pencil rolls can be a cooperative activity, fostering teamwork and communication skills. Whether in a classroom setting, among siblings, or between parents and children, working together on a shared project promotes the exchange of ideas, problem-solving strategies, and mutual support. This collaboration can enhance social skills and create a memorable learning experience.

Practical Application of Mathematics

Measuring and calculating dimensions for a no-sew colored pencil roll incorporate practical math skills. Children can learn about lengths and widths, understanding units of measurement by applying them directly to their projects. This real-world application of math concepts reinforces learning in a meaningful and engaging context.

Creating a no-sew colored pencil roll transcends its practical use, becoming a versatile educational tool. It offers a hands-on learning experience that encompasses a range of valuable skills and lessons, making it an ideal project for fostering development and creativity in learners of all ages.

Organizing Your Art Space with DIY Solutions

A well-organized art space boosts creativity and makes the creative process more enjoyable and efficient. Implementing DIY solutions to tidy up your workspace can be both a fun and functional way to keep your art supplies in order. From no-sew colored pencil rolls to upcycled organizers, these creative projects serve practical purposes and add a personal touch to your creative area. 

Here’s how you can transform your art space with simple DIY projects.

Utilizing No-Sew Colored Pencil Rolls

No-sew colored pencil rolls are an excellent starting point for organizing your art supplies. They keep your pencils, markers, and brushes neatly stored and make them easily accessible. Creating different rolls for various supplies encourages categorization, which can greatly streamline your creative process. Plus, the customization options allow you to design each roll to match the aesthetic of your workspace.

Crafting Upcycled Jar Organizers

Repurposing jars into organizers for small art supplies, such as erasers, sharpeners, and clips, is both eco-friendly and practical. Decorate the jars with paint, fabric, or decoupage to create a cohesive look that complements your workspace. Grouping jars by their supply type can help maintain an organized and visually appealing art space.

Making Fabric Scrap Bins

Utilize leftover fabric from other projects to craft bins for storing larger items or projects in progress. Similar to the no-sew colored pencil roll, these can be made with minimal sewing or no-sew techniques, depending on your preference and skills. These bins are useful for keeping your space tidy and add a splash of color and personality to your area.

Designing Hanging Organizers

For those with limited desk or shelf space, hanging organizers can be a lifesaver. Using materials such as old jeans or fabric scraps, create pockets of various sizes to hold different supplies. Hang the organizer on a wall or the side of a desk to use vertical space. This solution keeps essential tools within arm’s reach and can be customized to fit the specific needs of your workspace.

Implementing Labeling Systems

Labeling your storage solutions is a simple yet effective way to maintain organization. Clear labeling helps you quickly find what you need and reminds you where items should be returned, whether bins, jars, or shelves. Combining labeling with your DIY projects enhances the functionality of your organizational systems and makes maintaining order a breeze.

Organizing your art space with DIY solutions provides a practical way to keep your supplies in order and offers an opportunity to express your creativity through the tools you use to create. Each project, from no-sew colored pencil rolls to upcycled organizers, can be tailored to your needs and aesthetic, making your art space uniquely yours.


Crafting no-sew colored pencil rolls offers a creative and accessible way to keep art supplies organized and easily transportable. This DIY project adds a personal touch to your creative space and promotes sustainability by repurposing materials. Embracing this craft encourages beginners and seasoned artists to explore their creativity while maintaining an orderly and inspiring environment.

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