Pine Cone Fairies: 9-Step Fun & Sustainable Project

How cute are these little pine cone fairies! They would make a great addition to your fall decor. You can use them as Christmas tree ornaments! And when the holidays are over, you can add them to your fairy garden!

This craft project is so easy to do and we love that you can create so many versions. By simply using a different coloured leaf, a different kind of pine cone and what not for every fairy, you can easily have unique pieces to display!

Pine Cone Fairies
Pine Cone Fairies

It’s a project you will surely enjoy. And if you have kids, they can join in on the fun too!

Is this going to be your next craft project?

Get some inspiration by viewing our album of different pine cone ornaments. And learn how to make these fairies by heading over to the tutorial by Lucinda linked below! ;)

You’ll need these materials:

  • Fir Tree Pine Cone
  • Oak Acorn (for cap)
  • White Oak Dried Leaves (for wings)
  • Wool Roving (for hair)
  • Small pieces of Felt and Wool
  • Small Wood Beads (for hands)
  • Larger Wood Bead (for head)
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • String
  • Glue

And these tools:

  • Drill (with a small drill bit)
  • Scissors
Pine Cone Fairies
Pine Cone Fairies

How to create pine cone fairies

1. Gather the materials

U can use any type of cap and cones. The arrangement of this method can be interchanged, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

2. Make a hole in the cap

In making a hole in the cap, we prefer to use an electric drill to avoid cracking the cap. This will serve as the head, and later we will paint the face of the fairies.

3. Make the fairy’s head

Spread glue on the pinecone’s stem, this will serve as the neck. If there’s no stem, you can create one by drilling a hole, enough to glue a small twig or a toothpick on it. Then place the head bead over the stem and apply glue. Wait until the glue is dry. The head bead size is ideally 20mm.

4. Make the fairy’s hair

Make two holes on the cap of the acorn and each side of the stem 3/16th apart. You can use a small drill bit to make the holes, small enough for the strings. Apply a small amount of glue to the holes. Then insert the string to make the hanging loop like a hanging ornament. Tie a knot on both ends. Let it dry.

5. Attach the fairy’s hair

Spread glue at the back, then a small amount at the top part of the pinecone, leaving the face features. Use a bamboo stick or popsicle stick to spread the glue evenly. Then add the hair. A small part of the hair is to be attached to the front as bangs, then the remaining part at the back as its main hair.

6. Make the fairy’s arms

In this project, we use a tiny pipe cleaner as the arms. You may use other alternatives, as long as the size suits your pine cone. Cut the pipe cleaner, the same size as the pine cone. Around 3” long. Attach the bead to the pipe cleaner’s both ends. Then, glue the pipe cleaner to the upper portion of the pinecone, slightly lower than the neck part. Make sure that the glue is dry. Let the arms be completely dr before moving to the next step.

When completely dry, add some furry features. You can use coloured wool for this. Just wrap the wool all around the pipe cleaner. You might wanna add a small amount of glue to it.

Make sure there’s enough amount of glue on the hair and acorn cap, but not too much. Applying the right amount of glue comes with a trial and error.

7. Attach the fairy wings

For the wings, you can use paper if you prefer. In this project, we will be using dried leaves. We prefer white oak leaves to black oak since it’s sturdier. To reduce the risk of early breakage of these dried leaves, you can cover them with a coating glue. Use a bamboo stick or popsicle sticks to apply and spread the glue. Coat the leaves with glue and let them dry before attaching them to the pine cone.

Over the intersection of the leaves, the felt heart is placed. After the glue is applied, let it dry on its back. It’s good to hold it a bit until it’s sticking.

8. Draw a fairy face

Paint a face as the head of the pine cone fairies. Whatever design you want, you can use your creativity to make the fairies’ faces. You can make fairies or elves out of this design.

9. Hang these cute ornaments

Finally, you can now hang the pinecone fairy or elf on your ornament tree or anywhere you want this to display. You can make as many pinecone fairies as you want, with different characters, just follow the steps above.

You can get step-by-step instructions from Lucinda Macy over at Willodel!

Incorporating Pine Cone Fairies into Home Decor

Pine cone fairies, with their charming appeal and natural beauty, offer a unique way to infuse whimsy and enchantment into your home decor. Whether you’re an avid crafter or simply appreciate the allure of handmade decorations, these delightful creations can transform any space into a magical retreat. 

Below, we explore various ways to integrate pine cone fairies into different areas of your home, ensuring their enchanting presence is felt throughout.

Entryway Enchantment

Greet your guests with a sprinkle of fairy magic right from the entrance. A garland of pine cone fairies, interspersed with twinkling lights, can drape beautifully along the hallway or around the front door. With its unique pose and design, each fairy adds a personal touch to your welcoming space, making every entry a magical experience.

Living Room Whimsy

In the living room, where families gather and memories are made, pine cone fairies can add a heartwarming touch. Arrange a small fairy vignette on the mantlepiece or coffee table, creating a focal point that sparks imagination and conversation. Incorporating elements like miniature trees, tiny furniture, or even a fairy house can turn the display into a captivating scene that guests and family members alike will adore.

Fairy-Tale Dining

Elevate your dining experience by introducing pine cone fairies into your table setting. Use them as enchanting placeholders, ensuring each guest finds their seat with a smile. For centerpieces, a delicate arrangement of pine cone fairies amidst seasonal flowers or candles can set the scene for memorable meals, blending the rustic charm of nature with the elegance of fine dining.

Dreamy Bedrooms

Pine cone fairies are not just for communal spaces; they also make exquisite bedroom additions. Consider hanging a mobile of pine cone fairies above a child’s bed or in a reading nook, bringing dreams of fairy-tale adventures each night. For a more subtle touch, a single fairy placed on a nightstand or shelf can be a serene companion, watching over with gentle grace.

Seasonal Splendor

The versatility of pine cone fairies shines in seasonal decor. Whether adorning a Christmas tree, adding flair to a Halloween setup, or celebrating the arrival of spring, these fairies can be customized to fit any theme. With the change of seasons, simply update their accessories or wings to reflect the current festivities, keeping your decor fresh and engaging throughout the year.

Incorporating pine cone fairies into your home decor brings a unique aesthetic and invites the warmth and charm of nature indoors. Each fairy, meticulously crafted and lovingly displayed, tells a story of creativity and enchantment, making your home a haven of whimsy and wonder.

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Eco-Friendly Crafting with Pine Cones

Eco-friendly crafting has gained significant popularity among craft enthusiasts who seek to minimize their environmental impact while indulging in their creative hobbies. Pine cone crafts, especially pine cone fairies, stand out as an exemplary approach to sustainable crafting. These charming creations not only bring a touch of whimsy and nature into our homes but also promote the use of natural, readily available, and biodegradable materials. 

In this segment, we’ll explore how to craft pine cone fairies in an eco-friendly manner, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in our crafting choices.

Choosing Sustainable Materials

The effort to create eco-conscious pine cone fairies begins with the materials we select. Pine cones, the foundation of our fairy creations, are an environmentally friendly choice. These natural items fall to the ground, ready to be collected without causing harm to our forests. When picking embellishments for our pine cone fairies, thinking green is essential.

  • Natural Embellishments: For hair, attire, and other decorative features, opt for materials that nature provides or are biodegradable. Wool roving, an all-natural fiber, makes excellent fairy hair, while dried leaves and acorns can be transformed into elegant fairy garments and accessories.
  • Eco-Friendly Wings: The wings of our pine cone fairies play a crucial role in bringing these magical creatures to life. Instead of reaching for plastic or other synthetic materials, why not press real leaves or use sheets of biodegradable paper? These alternatives reduce environmental impact and enhance the authenticity of your pine cone fairies, grounding them in the natural world from which they spring.

Foraging Responsibly

As we embark on our quest for pine cones and other natural treasures, engaging with the environment responsibly is paramount. The act of foraging should be a harmonious interaction with nature that respects the balance of our ecosystems.

  • Respectful Collection: When gathering pine cones and additional elements for your fairies, focus on materials that have fallen to the ground. This approach ensures that we do not disturb the living flora. It’s also a gentle reminder of the abundance nature offers, providing us with resources without the need for harm or disruption.
  • Mindful Foraging: As you collect, be mindful of the quantity you take. Harvesting more than necessary can deplete local resources and negatively affect the area’s ecological balance. By taking only what we need, we ensure that the natural world remains vibrant and thriving for future generations of crafters and nature enthusiasts alike.

Reusing and Recycling

In the world of pine cone fairies, every material has potential, especially when reusing and recycling. This practice is not just about waste reduction; it’s a creative challenge that adds depth and uniqueness to each fairy.

  • Repurposing Fabric Scraps: Those small pieces of fabric that seem too precious to discard can find new purpose as fairy attire. Whether it’s a speckled wing or a textured dress, these scraps transform into the vibrant costumes of our pine cone fairies, giving them character and color.
  • Old Jewelry for Fairy Accents: Beads and baubles from forgotten or broken jewelry can become your pine cone fairies’ sparkling eyes or dazzling decorations. This approach not only breathes new life into unused items but also adds a touch of whimsy and charm to your creations, all while reinforcing the importance of recycling in crafting.

Natural Adhesives and Finishes

The choice of adhesives and finishes plays a significant role in the sustainability of crafting pine cone fairies. By opting for natural options, we can ensure our crafts are both beautiful and eco-friendly.

  • Eco-Friendly Glue: Instead of conventional glues, which may contain harmful chemicals, seek out natural adhesives or consider making your own from ingredients like flour, water, and sugar. These glues are safer for the environment and make your pine cone fairy projects safer for children and pets.
  • Natural Finishes: To add durability or a gentle sheen to your pine cone fairies, choose natural waxes or oils over synthetic varnishes. Beeswax or linseed oil can provide a protective finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the materials without harming the environment.

Educating and Inspiring

Crafting pine cone fairies becomes even more meaningful when it is a platform for education and inspiration. Through this craft, we can share the values of sustainability and the joy of eco-friendly creativity with a wider audience.

  • Sharing Your Process: Using sustainable practices, document and share your journey of creating pine cone fairies. Whether through social media, blogs, or community workshops, showing others the possibilities of eco-friendly crafting can inspire them to consider their environmental impact.
  • Encouraging Eco-Friendly Crafting: Use your pine cone fairies to spark conversations about using natural materials, recycling, and choosing safer adhesives. You motivate others to adopt these practices in their creative endeavors by showcasing how enchanting and fulfilling sustainable crafting can be.

Eco-friendly crafting with pine cones, especially when creating pine cone fairies, embodies the spirit of sustainability and creativity. By choosing natural materials, foraging responsibly, reusing and recycling, opting for natural adhesives, and inspiring others, we can enjoy our crafting hobbies in harmony with the environment. Let each pine cone fairy remind us of our commitment to the planet and the magic from crafting with care.

Pine Cone Fairy Accessories and Furniture

Creating accessories and furniture for pine cone fairies transforms simple crafting into an enchanting project that brings these tiny creatures’ world to life. This activity deepens the imaginative play involved with pine cone fairies and encourages crafters to think creatively about repurposing natural and household materials into miniature wonders. From cozy beds to whimsical chairs, each piece adds a layer of charm and detail to the magical realm of pine cone fairies.

 Let’s dive into crafting these delightful accessories and pieces of furniture.

Crafting Fairy Beds

Every pine cone fairy needs a cozy place to rest after a day of adventure. Crafting beds for your pine cone fairies can be both simple and creative.

  • Natural Materials: Use leaves for the bedspread, moss for the mattress, and twigs to create the bed frame. These natural materials blend perfectly into the fairy aesthetic, offering a soft, earthy look.
  • Repurposed Items: Matchboxes and small jewelry boxes can serve as the base for fairy beds. Decorate them with fabric scraps and cotton for pillows, ensuring your pine cone fairies have a comfortable night’s sleep.

Designing Fairy Seating

Fairy seating, such as chairs and benches, provides perfect spots for your pine cone fairies to sit and contemplate their fairy world.

  • Twig Chairs and Benches: Bind twigs together with natural twine or glue to create rustic chairs and benches. Add a small leaf or petal as a seat cushion for a touch of comfort.
  • Acorn Stools: Use acorn caps as the seat of tiny stools, with twigs as the legs. These stools are adorable and integrate seamlessly with the woodland theme of pine cone fairies.

Fairy Tables for Magical Feasts

No fairy gathering is complete without a table for sharing meals and tales.

  • Slice of Nature: Use a wood slice or a large bark piece as a table. It’s the perfect setting for a fairy feast and adds an authentic woodland feel to your scene.
  • Leafy Decor: For tablecloths, press and dry colorful leaves. These can lay atop twig tables for a pop of color and to set the scene for a fairy banquet.

Lighting and Decor

Proper lighting and decor are essential for creating a magical ambiance in your pine cone fairy setup.

  • Fairy Lights: While not a natural material, tiny LED fairy lights can add a magical glow to your fairy village. Place them strategically to illuminate the fairy homes and gardens at night.
  • Natural Embellishments: Decorate the fairy dwellings with natural items like flower petals, tiny pine cones, and seeds. These elements keep the decor eco-friendly and visually connected to the natural world.

Building Fairy Transportation

Crafting means of transportation allows your pine cone fairies to travel between the magical realms you’ve created.

  • Leaf Boats and Bark Canoes: Use leaves and pieces of bark to create boats and canoes for your fairies. They can sit atop water features in your garden, ready for an adventure.
  • Twig Bridges: Connect different areas of your fairy garden with bridges made from twigs and string. This adds to the visual appeal and creates a sense of a connected fairy community.

Creating accessories and furniture for pine cone fairies fosters a deep connection with nature and ignites the imagination. Each crafted piece adds detail to the fairy world and encourages us to see the potential in everyday items and natural materials. By focusing on eco-friendly practices, we ensure that our crafting has a minimal environmental impact, all while providing a magical escape into the world of pine cone fairies.


Crafting pine cone fairies encourages creativity and sustainability, blending art with nature’s bounty. This activity offers a delightful way to connect with the environment and fosters a deeper appreciation for the materials the Earth provides. By creating these charming figures, individuals of all ages can enjoy a hands-on experience that enhances their surroundings and promotes eco-friendly practices.

If you liked this project, you might also like to view DIY Garden designs and DIY Pine cone Christmas trees.



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