Under Stairs Playhouse

5 Creative Under The Stairs Indoor Playhouse Ideas

It is every child’s dream to have a playhouse — a place that belongs to him or her. But what if your home doesn’t have enough outdoor space to build a cubby house? Try building it inside the house instead — use the space under your stairs!

If you have a basement or an ample staircase, more likely than not, you have an extra space where can build your little kid an indoor playhouse he or she will surely enjoy.

Indoor Playhouse Under Stairs

What we like about this playhouse idea is that it doesn’t make the house less spacious since it occupies space barely utilized by homeowners.

Moreover, an indoor playhouse under the stairs is easier to build than an outdoor playhouse because the stairs themselves and the walls adjacent to it already serve as roofs and walls of the playhouse. Most of the building process usually involves the fun part — designing and decorating!

Introducing a unique indoor playhouse under the stairs offers numerous advantages, stimulating creativity, providing a dedicated space for imaginative play, and maximizing the functionality of underutilized areas within the home.

Specific advantages of implementing five unique under the stairs indoor playhouse ideas are:

  1. Stimulates Creativity: Each themed playhouse idea encourages children to immerse themselves in imaginative scenarios, whether they’re sailing the high seas as pirates, exploring distant galaxies as astronauts, or embarking on medieval quests as knights and princesses. These imaginative environments stimulate creativity, allowing children to invent stories, develop characters, and engage in role-playing adventures that promote cognitive and emotional growth.
  2. Encourages Active Play: By transforming the space under the stairs into a playhouse, children are provided with a dedicated area for active and interactive play. Whether they’re climbing aboard a pirate ship, navigating through a castle, or exploring an enchanted forest, these playhouses inspire physical activity, fostering gross motor skills development and promoting healthy exercise habits.
  3. Promotes Social Interaction: Indoor playhouses under the stairs can serve as inviting gathering spaces where children can engage in collaborative play and social interaction. Whether siblings, friends, or classmates, children can come together to share imaginative adventures, negotiate roles, and communicate ideas, fostering social skills such as cooperation, empathy, and conflict resolution.
  4. Utilizes Underutilized Space: Under-stair spaces are often underutilized and may serve as storage areas or remain empty. Transforming this space into a playhouse adds functionality to an otherwise neglected area of the home, maximizing its potential and enhancing the overall layout and usability of the living space.
  5. Customizable and Adaptable: Each indoor playhouse idea can be customized to suit the interests and preferences of the children and the available space under the stairs. Whether incorporating specific themes, decor elements, or interactive features, these playhouses are highly adaptable and can evolve over time to accommodate changing interests and developmental stages.

Overall, implementing unique under the stairs indoor playhouse ideas provides a multitude of advantages, from fostering creativity and social interaction to maximizing space utilization and adaptability. These imaginative spaces offer children a world of endless possibilities, where they can explore, learn, and create cherished memories for years to come.

5 Unique Indoor Playhouse Ideas for Under the Stairs

Under Stairs Playhouse
Do you have some under the stairs space you wish to turn into a playhouse?

If you’re looking to make a playful and imaginative space for your children, utilizing the often neglected area under the stairs is a great option. Here are some inspirational ideas to transform this area into an under the stairs indoor playhouse:

1. Garden shed

Make a garden shed-inspired under the stairs indoor playhouse with rustic wood panelling and flower boxes. Use a small table and chairs, a toy garden set, and gardening tools to a make realistic garden atmosphere.

Add decorative touches to enhance the garden shed theme, such as faux ivy or floral garlands draped along the walls, a chalkboard for drawing garden plans, and rustic signs with whimsical garden quotes. You can also hang small gardening tools, like trowels and rakes, on hooks for added authenticity.

2. Farmhouse

Design a cozy farmhouse play area with a barn door entrance, hay bales, and farm animal toys. Use plaid blankets and rustic decor to make a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Hang string lights or a rustic chandelier from the ceiling to provide soft, ambient lighting. Display potted plants or fresh flowers in vintage containers to bring a touch of nature indoors. Include a cozy reading nook with a plush rug, bean bag chairs, and a selection of farm-themed books for children to enjoy.

By combining a barn door entrance, hay bales, farm animal toys, plaid blankets, and rustic decor, you can design a cozy farmhouse play area that invites children to explore, imagine, and create in a warm and inviting environment reminiscent of a rural retreat.

3. Treehouse

Make a cozy treehouse-inspired play area under the stairs with a wood ladder leading up to a lofted play space. Add a tree mural on the walls, fairy lights, and a tree stump table for a realistic touch.

Choose a wall as your canvas and envision the perfect spot for your tree mural. Consider a wall that receives ample natural light to enhance the mural’s vibrancy and impact.

Select a tree design that resonates with your aesthetic preferences and complements the room’s style. Whether it’s a majestic oak, a whimsical cherry blossom tree, or a serene forest scene, opt for a mural that transports you to a tranquil woodland retreat.

4. City Loft

Transform the space under the stairs into a city loft under the stairs indoor playhouse with brick wall decals, metal accents, and industrial-inspired lighting fixtures. Use a small sofa, coffee table, and bookshelf to make a cozy living space.

Integrate metal accents such as exposed pipes, shelving units with metal frames, and industrial-style decor pieces. Look for sleek and modern designs to complement the loft theme.

Install industrial-inspired lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or track lighting, to illuminate the space. Opt for fixtures with metal finishes and clean lines to enhance the urban vibe.

When selecting industrial-inspired lighting fixtures, consider the scale and proportion of your space to ensure they complement the overall design scheme. Opt for fixtures that are proportionate to the size of the room and avoid overwhelming smaller spaces with oversized lighting elements.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, industrial lighting fixtures are also known for their durability and functionality, making them a practical choice for both residential and commercial spaces. With their timeless design and versatile appeal, pendant lights and track lighting can serve as stylish focal points that elevate the ambience of any room.

5. Fairy Tale-Inspired Playhouse

This under the stairs indoor playhouse is designed to look like the ones in fairy tales. Mostly in a natural setting like a forest, it can have trees, rocks, and sand to make it look more realistic.

Decorate the space with whimsical accents such as fairy figurines, toadstool stools, and miniature fairy houses. Incorporate elements inspired by classic fairy tales, such as a tiny door for elves or a sparkling wishing well.

Introduce soft textiles like plush rugs, cushions, and curtains in earthy tones to add warmth and comfort to the fairy tale setting. Choose fabrics with botanical prints or woodland motifs to enhance the forest theme.

So, they are the best indoor playhouse ideas for you to choose from. Whatever your children’s interests and preferences, you will find an under the stairs indoor playhouse that will provide them with a special place to play and have fun.

5 Easy Steps for Building an Under the Stairs Indoor Playhouse

Under the Stairs indoor Playhouse
Indoor play areas can be created with ease and creativity to provide a comfortable and fun environment for children to play in.

It can be a great DIY project for parents and children to build an indoor playhouse under the stairs. Here’s an outline for making this indoor playhouse:

1. Measuring the space

Measure the area under your stairs to determine the size and shape of your under the stairs indoor playhouse. Make sure to take into account any obstacles or uneven surfaces that can affect the design. Consider the placement of electrical outlets, the location of pipes, or any protrusions that can interfere with the playhouse.

By carefully considering these obstacles, you can ensure that your playhouse is not only functional and safe but also aesthetically pleasing.

2. Choosing a design

Choose a design for your under the stairs playhouse based on your child’s interests and preferences. This can be a garden house, treehouse, or any other theme you can imagine. This will let you determine the colours, materials, and decor that will be used to create the under the stairs indoor playhouse.

3. Planning the layout

Plan the layout of your under the stairs indoor playhouse by sketching out a design or using a digital tool. This will help you visualize the space and determine the placement of furniture, storage, and decor. This process will let you make informed decisions about the placement of each element, taking into account the size of the space and the needs of your children.

4. Starting the construction

Under Stairs Playhouse
Building an under the stairs indoor playhouse seems to be a daunting task, but it is quite a simple one.

Begin the process. Here’s how to start building the under the stairs indoor playhouse:

  • Build the frame. Build the frame of your under the stairs indoor playhouse using wood or other materials. This will create the basic structure of the playhouse and can be customized based on the design you have chosen.
  • Install flooring. Install flooring in your under the stairs indoor playhouse using carpet, rugs, or tiles. This will help create a comfortable and safe space for children to play.
  • Install walls and roof. This will create a more defined and enclosed space for children to play. You can use drywall, plywood, or other materials.
  • Add doors and windows. Create a more realistic and inviting space. You can use pre-made doors and windows or create yours using wood or other materials.
  • Decorate and furnish. Use paint, wallpaper, lighting, shelves, storage, tables, seating, and decor. This will create a special and magical space for children to play and use their imaginations.

5. Enhancing the outside aesthetics

Adding lighting to the outside of your under the stairs playhouse is a great way to enhance its design and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. There are various lighting options available, including fairy lights, lanterns, string lights, and spotlights, which can help you achieve the desired look and feel.

Also, using decals to create decorative elements such as trees, flowers, or animals can add a whimsical touch to the playhouse design. You can choose from a variety of decal designs. Applying vinyl or similar materials to the walls can also help create a more realistic look.

Enjoying the Indoor Playhouse

That’s it, the under the stairs indoor playhouse should be ready! To enhance the functionality of the playhouse, you can add seating or play equipment such as a mini slide or swing set, depending on available space and your child’s interests.

Incorporating additional features can help create a fun and engaging environment for children, while also promoting physical activity and healthy play habits.

This is also nice to have even if your kids already have an outdoor cubby house. With an indoor playhouse, they can still enjoy playtime on rainy days! ;)

Are you going to build your kids their indoor playhouse under the stairs?

The Wrap Up

These five creative under the stairs indoor playhouse ideas offer captivating and immersive experiences that inspire children’s imaginations and provide endless opportunities for exploration and play. Whether it’s transforming the space into an enchanted forest hideaway, an underwater adventure cove, a medieval castle fortress, a space explorer command centre, or a fantasy treehouse retreat, each idea brings a unique theme to life, turning an ordinary area into a magical realm of wonder and excitement.

By tapping into children’s interests and creating imaginative play spaces tailored to their passions, parents and caregivers can cultivate an environment that encourages creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction. These under the stairs indoor playhouses not only provide a source of entertainment but also serve as educational tools that stimulate curiosity and inspire storytelling and role-playing adventures.

Moreover, the under the stairs indoor playhouse serves as a testament to the transformative power of creativity and resourcefulness in maximizing space and fostering meaningful experiences for children. By reimagining this often-overlooked area, families can create cherished memories and cultivate a sense of wonder and joy that will leave a lasting impression on young minds for years to come.

In essence, these under the stairs indoor playhouse ideas demonstrate the limitless potential of turning everyday spaces into extraordinary havens for imagination and play. Whether it’s embarking on a swashbuckling pirate adventure, exploring the depths of the ocean, or venturing into outer space, the under-the-stairs playhouse offers a world of possibilities where children can dream, create, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you determine if the space under your stairs is suitable for a playhouse?

  • Measure the dimensions of the space to ensure it’s large enough for your intended use.
  • Consider the accessibility of the area and whether it’s safe for children to play in.
  • Evaluate any existing features, such as electrical outlets or plumbing, that may impact the design.

2. Do you need to hire a professional to create an under the stairs indoor playhouse?

While hiring a professional can ensure a high-quality finish, many DIY enthusiasts can create impressive playhouses with the right tools and materials. Consider your skills and resources when deciding whether to tackle the project yourself or enlist professional help.

3. What materials are best for constructing an under-the-stairs playhouse?

The choice of materials will depend on factors such as budget, durability, and aesthetics. Common materials for under the stairs indoor playhouse construction include wood, plywood, drywall, and PVC piping for framing. Consider using non-toxic paints and finishes, especially if the playhouse will be used by young children.

4. How can you ensure the playhouse design aligns with your home’s aesthetic?

Choose a design theme and colour scheme that complements the existing decor of your home. Incorporate elements such as matching furniture, wall art, or decorative accents to tie the under the stairs indoor playhouse into the overall aesthetic of the space.

5. What are some space-saving tips for maximizing the use of the area under the stairs?

Utilize vertical space by incorporating shelves, cabinets, or hanging storage solutions. Choose multi-functional furniture, such as a combination play table/storage unit or a fold-down desk, to make the most of limited space. Consider built-in features such as drawers or cubbies under stair risers for added storage without sacrificing floor space.

6. How can you make the under the stairs indoor playhouse adaptable as your child grows?

  • Choose modular or adjustable furniture that can be easily reconfigured as your child’s needs and interests change.
  • Incorporate neutral design elements that can be updated with accessories or decor to reflect evolving tastes and preferences.
  • Leave room for customization and personalization so that the under the stairs indoor playhouse can be easily modified to suit different age groups or activities.

By addressing these FAQs, you can gain a better understanding of the considerations involved in creating an under the stairs indoor playhouse and feel more confident in planning and executing your project.



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