How to make your own branding iron

Custom Branding Iron

Making DIY projects is so much fun and rewarding especially when you can’t stop looking at your beautiful work after. There are times that the project is so perfect we want to put our signature on it.

Custom Branding Iron

If you are like me who loves making beautiful things out of wood (or leather for some), then you will love this branding iron project. A year ago I made a box for my shirt business which was perfect, except for the name on it. Since I didn’t want to spend anymore for spray paint just for that small detail I used markers. It was ugly. :(

Though “real” branding irons can be custom-ordered, some might not be up for spending quite a big amount of money for it – like me. Which is why I got excited when I came across this DIY project. Read on to see how earz_cd made his cool branding iron!


  • Spray Adhesive
  • Paper
  • Brass Cabinet Knob


  • Dremel Style Tool with small carving/engraving bits
  • File/Sandpaper
  • Locking Pliers
  • Vise
  • Computer and Printer
  • Scissors, Utility Knife, X-acto Knife, etc
  • Source of heat (camp fire, stove burner, propane torch)



Custom Branding Iron

I wanted a fairly small brand with my initials. I laid it out on the computer using a photo editing software. I made a mirror image of my design and printed it out.

Custom Branding Iron

I found this little brass knob in the clearance bin at the hardware store. I wasn’t sure if it was solid brass or just brass plated, but I bought it because it was flat and round. It also had some threads cut into one end so I can eventually mount this on the end of a handle.

Custom Branding Iron

The flat end was slightly rounded, and to get an even brand mark, the brand needs to be perfectly flat. I used a flat file and flattened the top surface of the brass.

Custom Branding Iron

I flipped my paper template face down and placed the brass piece on top, marking around the brass. I then used a spray adhesive and glued the brass to the template. I cut around the template leaving a little extra length and just folded the excess around the brass. I clamped the brass in a vise and used a dremel with a flex shaft to engrave out all the white sections of the template.

Custom Branding Iron

I used a pointed cutter and a round cutter.

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