Ideas for Upcycling Skateboard Decks

Upcycled Skateboard

Is there a used skateboard lying in your house that no one is using anymore? It might be the kids or you but if the owner doesn’t want to give it away, here are some ideas you could consider to put them to more useful purposes.


Or perhaps you know someone who is into skateboarding? Then these ideas would be great for gifts! Instead of buying them a new skateboard – which a lot of people will already think of – why not buy a used skateboard deck and convert them into one of the creative ideas below? A very thoughtful gift, isn’t it? Unless of course that person actually asked for a new skateboard from you :p

Broken skateboard decks or not, there are upcycling ideas for you. So start scrolling 🙂


Upcycled Skateboard

“Broken” Wall Clock (from Hash Shop)

Upcycled Skateboard

Hanging Lamp (from Recycled Skateboards Intl)

Upcycled Skateboard

Drink Coaster (from Scene3)

Upcycled Skateboard

Coat Rack (from MidMod Vintage)

Upcycled Skateboard

Bag (from RecyclArt)

Upcycled Skateboard

Headboard (from Kre Little Lab)

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