Soda Bottle Recycling Ideas

Fun And Creative Crafts With Recycled Plastic Soda Bottles

Experts estimate that around 100 million plastic bottles are used and discarded every day. Some 80 percent of them simply become non-biodegradable litter. While it is convenient to consume drinks straight out of plastic bottles, the trash that accumulates in the process exacts a toll on the environment. 

Though we can’t say that everybody drinks soda, we’re sure that every household buys products in plastic bottle containers. Now before you throw away those plastic bottles, you might want to consider these creative upcycling projects.

Upcycled Plastic Bottles

There are several great ideas out there, for small water bottles up to 2-liter soda bottles. Some are simply decorative, while others prove to be really useful organizers and containers for the home.

Take a look at our examples — and maybe do some of them with the kids?

Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. 8-)

Bird Feeder
Painting Tool
‘Gift Box’
Piggy Bank

Snow Globe

 Have you got other upcycled plastic bottle ideas?




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