Repurposed Baby Cot Ideas

12 Cot Repurposing Ideas: Best Ways to Save Money

Those of us lucky enough to be blessed with children appreciate their genuine, guileless innocence. We enjoy watching them learn and have fun and we cannot help but love them more each day.

But kids grow… quickly! And as parents, we delight in – and yet regret – the speed with which change takes place.

Repurposed Crib Ideas
Repurposed Cot

One of those changes is the first ‘big bed’. Aaah, the excitement in those little eyes as they watch the new bed being moved into position! The cot, or crib if you prefer, is suddenly yesterday’s hero. “I’m a big boy/girl now. I don’t sleep in a cot!” What to do now?

4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

What are the 12 best ways to repurpose a Cot?

Here are 12 great alternatives to Craiglist…

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1. Pet House

Transform an old cot into a cozy retreat for your furry friends. By removing one side of the cot and adding a comfortable cushion that fits snugly into the base, the cot becomes an ideal pet house. Its sturdy frame ensures durability while the existing bars provide excellent ventilation and a secure environment for pets to peek out. This pet house can be further personalized with a fresh coat of pet-safe paint and decorative elements to match your home décor.

2. Children’s Desk

A repurposed cot can make a charming and functional children’s desk. The cot’s base can be adjusted to the appropriate height for seating, and the mattress platform makes an excellent tabletop. With the addition of a few wooden panels for organization, and perhaps some hooks on the side rails for hanging backpacks or art supplies, this desk offers a spacious work area. It’s perfect for homework, crafting, or drawing, giving your child a personalized and creative space to learn and play.

3. Sofa Bed

An old cot can be ingeniously converted into a stylish sofa bed, ideal for small spaces or as an extra sleeping solution. By securing a suitable mattress or thick cushioning that fits the cot’s dimensions, and adding plush pillows for back support, the cot is transformed into a comfortable sofa. It can easily be reverted to a bed by simply removing the pillows. This multifunctional piece is not only practical but also a conversation starter, blending the charm of vintage furniture with modern functionality.

4. Craft Storage Rack

Turn an old bed into a craft storage rack that’s both functional and visually appealing. By removing the mattress and replacing it with shelves or baskets, you can organize all your craft materials efficiently. The rails of the cot serve as perfect dividers for hanging items like scissors, tape, and ribbons on hooks. This storage solution keeps your craft supplies within easy reach and neatly displayed, making it ideal for craft rooms, studios, or any creative space.

5. Playset

An imaginative transformation of an old bed into a children’s playset can provide endless fun and a unique play area. By securing the frame and adding elements like a slide on one end, a ladder on the other, and perhaps a fabric canopy overhead, the cot becomes a mini fortress or a pirate ship ready for adventure. Safe and sturdy, this playset encourages physical activity and sparks creativity in your child’s own backyard or playroom.

6. Toddler Bed

Converting a bed into a toddler bed is a practical and comforting transition for young children not yet ready for a big bed. By removing one of the cot’s long sides, the bed becomes easily accessible for little ones, while the remaining sides act as safety rails. This setup helps toddlers feel secure while providing them the independence to climb in and out of bed as they please. Decorated with their favorite colors and bedding, this toddler bed makes bedtime more appealing and less daunting for both child and parent.

7. Bench

Transform an old crib into a charming bench, perfect for your garden or entryway. By flattening the mattress base and securing it with additional wooden slats for support, this piece becomes a durable and attractive seating option. The side rails of the crib can serve as armrests or decorative elements, enhancing the bench’s rustic appeal. Add some cushions and throw pillows for comfort and style, making it a cozy spot for relaxation or socializing.

8. Baby Gate

An old cradle can be cleverly repurposed into a sturdy baby gate to secure and safeguard your home’s potentially hazardous areas. By adjusting the height and securing the frame to fit doorways or staircases, this gate effectively prevents access while maintaining visibility. Its sturdy construction ensures reliability, while the original slats offer a neat, finished look that blends well with home decor.

9. Pot rack

Reuse an old cradle to create a functional and stylish pot rack for your kitchen. By suspending the frame from your kitchen ceiling and adding hooks to the slats, you can conveniently hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils. This not only saves cabinet space but also keeps your cooking essentials within easy reach. The natural wood elements bring a warm, rustic charm to the kitchen, making this pot rack both practical and decorative.

10. Drying Rack

An old baby bed frame can be converted into a versatile drying rack, perfect for laundry rooms or outdoor spaces. By securing the base flat and reinforcing it with mesh or additional rods, the frame provides ample space for drying clothes, linens, or herbs. Its lightweight yet sturdy design allows for easy movement and storage when not in use, making it a practical addition to any home looking to optimize laundry tasks.

11. Magazine Rack

Transform an old nursery bed into a chic magazine rack by using its frame and slats. The slats can be adjusted or spaced out to hold magazines, books, or newspapers, offering a neat and accessible storage solution. This piece can be placed in a living room, office, or bathroom, providing a stylish and functional way to organize reading materials while adding a touch of vintage charm to the space.

12. Planter

Reuse an old infant bed by converting it into a unique planter for your garden, balcony, or patio. By removing the base and lining the frame with landscape fabric, you can fill it with soil and plant flowers, herbs, or vegetables. The rails can serve as trellises for climbing plants, creating a visually appealing and space-efficient gardening solution. This planter not only recycles unused furniture but also enhances your outdoor living space with a touch of greenery.

So, what do you think? What did you do with your baby’s cot?

Sustainability and Upcycling

Repurposing old furniture is more than just a creative exercise; it’s a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. By upcycling items like infant beds, you reduce waste and extend the lifecycle of materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

This section explores the environmental benefits of upcycling and provides practical tips for incorporating sustainable practices into your repurposing projects.

Environmental Impact

Upcycling old furniture dramatically reduces the environmental footprint associated with waste and new product manufacturing. By transforming an old nursery bed into a new piece of furniture, you’re conserving resources and minimizing the energy typically used in the production of new items. This process not only lessens the demand for raw materials but also decreases air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions produced during manufacturing.

Choosing Sustainable Materials

When upcycling, select environmentally friendly materials to enhance the sustainability of your projects. Use non-toxic paints and finishes, which are safer for your home and the planet. Opt for recycled or natural fabrics when adding textiles, and consider using reclaimed wood or metal for any additional structural elements. These choices help maintain the environmental integrity of your upcycling projects.

Promoting Upcycling in the Community

Share your upcycling ideas and methods to help your community become more sustainable. Organise seminars or write web guides to show others how to recycle their old furniture. Members of the community can trade things they no longer need at swap meetings or “upcycling days.” These programs encourage a feeling of community and shared responsibility for the environment in addition to raising environmental consciousness.

When you upcycle, you join a bigger movement toward a more ethical and ecological manner of consumption, not only making new products. Every effort demonstrates that we can have a significant environmental impact with a little creativity and advances the cause of a cleaner future.


Repurposing an old cot into practical, functional, and stylish furniture is a creative way to extend its life and minimize environmental impact. Each transformed piece adds unique charm and functionality to your home while keeping materials out of landfills. Through imaginative upcycling, we not only save resources but also inspire others to consider sustainable practices in their everyday lives. This approach shows that old items can find new purposes, proving that sustainability can be beautifully practical.

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