How to Make an Excellent Dog Hammock for Your Car: 6 Steps

Transporting dogs in the car can be quite a challenge. They yap, whine and sometimes throw up before you’ve even fastened your seatbelt.

Tired of cleaning your car’s interior after every trip to the dog park or vet? Then protect your seats by making this DIY hammock!

Dog Car Hammock
Make a dog hammock

Benefits of a DIY dog hammock for your car

1. You can customize it

Dog car hammocks are available in stores but they are usually thin and slippery. By making it yourself, you can customize yours to address these concerns. Thus, you have a dog hammock that fits your car and your dog perfectly.

2. Easy to make

It’s a very easy and simple sewing project despite its size. As long as you have a sewing machine, you can definitely make one in no time!

3. Sturdy & comfy

To make your DIY dog hammock even better, you can add seat anchors under it. These are tabs of cloth with a short rod inside them that you can tuck in between the seats. These should be located at both ends of the hammock so that this way, the dog hammock can be set up more securely. Providing holes or slots for the seat belts would be great, too! ;)

You can use old bed sheets or comforters for this project. You can also add some stuffing to make your pets extra comfort while travelling. This would serve as an anti-skid material to help keep your pets safely in place.

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Do you know anyone who needs this too?

You’ll be needing the following materials to make a dog hammock for your car.


  • 2 yards of Fleece Fabric
  • 2 yards Heavy Duty Fabric
  • 2 large Parachute Buckles
  • 120 inches Webbing (for the straps)
  • Stuffing (optional)


  • Tape Measure
  • Sewing Machine
  • Other Basic Sewing Tools
Dog Car Hammock
Make a dog hammock

How to make a dog hammock for your car

With a dog hammock for cars, you never have to worry about pet fur all over the seats or scratch marks on leather cover seats!

1. Measure the space in your car

All cars have different sizes, make sure of your estimated sizes first before gathering all the materials that you will need. Using a measuring tape tool, measure the space in the car where you would like your hammock to be placed. After measuring the space width and height, you can now estimate the quantity of material needed to create a hammock in my car.

2. Cut and sew the fabric

After having the measurements, you can now draw the pattern and cut the fabric. Remember to add 2-inch space for the seam. Leave a small opening for the stuffing (optional).

3. Add the stuffing

For a more comfy hammock, you can add some stuffing to it through the small opening. Old pillows are a good idea. To avoid this stuffing to get messed up inside the hammock, simple sew lines, a circle or square shape will do, to enclose the stuffing at the centre of the hammock.

4. Close the hammock opening

Remember in step 2, we left a small opening for the stuffing? Now you close the opening by sewing that small part.

5. Add the straps

Measure the length of your hammock to your car’s headrest. You can use thick straps or a rope for this one. Make sure this can handle your dog, the bigger the dog, the sturdier your hammock should be.

6. Attach the hammock to your car’s back seat.

Finally, you can attach the hammock to your car by using the straps. You can add some strong clips for the sides as support.

Now, your favourite pet can enjoy and rest while travelling with you!

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