Sand Footprint Keepsakes

Unique DIY Sand Footprint Keepsakes: 6 Steps

We all know that bittersweet feeling that comes when we realize how fast children grow. Too soon, it can sometimes seem, those little kids grow into the cares of adulthood. Sometimes, that realization can make living in appreciation that much harder.

Well, here’s a project to encapsulate just how little they once were!

Sand Footprint Keepsakes
DIY Sand Footprint Keepsakes

This baby footprint art is definitely going to be a nice reminder in the future of that fun time you had with your kids. Perfect family activity, especially during the summer! Just make sure you don’t forget to write the details at the back such as the month, year, and place you made your footprint art together. ;)

You can also make one give as a gift for mothers, fathers, grandpas, or grandmas!


  • Old Sheet/Plastic Tablecloth
  • Photo Frame
  • Sand
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Cardboard
  • Spray-on Sealer
  • Sea Shells


  • Glue Gun
Sand Footprint Keepsakes

How to create a DIY sand footprint keepsakes

Is this going to be your next challenge with the kids? :)

1. Cover your surface

Use any cover that will catch some falling drips of sand and plaster.

2. Prepare the frame

You may use a new frame, but it will be practical to use an old or recycled frame. Remove any cardboard or glass attached. Place the cardboard over the frame and turn it over to create a box. You are now ready to spread the sand. Leveling it with cardboard or anything straight may work.

3. Make the footprints

Stamp each foot with caution on the sand, and make it in an artistic way to give a great impression.

4. Pour the mixture

Using the Plaster of Paris, you can now pour the mixture gently and evenly. Start from one corner to another. Use a piece of cardboard to level it. Don’t press.

5. Let it dry

You can remove the cardboard from the front of the frame once the plaster has been set up, then tip it over and dust off the excess sand. Before spraying a sealer on it, I let it dry in the sun some more. If there is any loose sand, this will help glue it and seal it.

6. Make a beach-themed craft

This is optional, whatever design you prefer will fit this project. To make it a beach-themed craft, you can add and glue some shells, small stones, and artificial fish.

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What are other DIY footprint keepsakes ideas?

1. Baby butterfly footprints keepsake

Just color your baby’s feet with a skin-safe type of color, make sure he’s not allergic, and you can then stick your baby’s feet on a card or canvas, palate it in a frame, and display. This can be a great display in the living room, you can also give this as a present.

2. Heart-shaped footprint salt dough keepsake

All you have to do here is to make a heart-shaped dough. Then have your baby step on it, just be careful not to squeeze the dough too much. Bake it for just a few minutes. Let it settle and paint it. After drying, you can have this as a display.

Source: Hub Pages
3. Stoned footprints

Here, we will be using cement to make the flat stone. Before drying, let your kids step on it very gently, so as not to mess up the cement. Let it dry and there you have it! You can add some tiny colored gem-like stones on the sides as a design. You can give this as a gift, or just simply display it outside your doorstep.

4. Sand footprint keepsake

Finally, we have the sand footprint keepsake, as shown above, this procedure is fun and easy to do! :)

Thanks to Paging Fun Mums for this great project. You can get step-by-step instructions here

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