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10 Easy DIY Crafts to Make and Sell: Strong Passive Income

Side hustles are always great sources of new income. This is more true if you love making things with your hands. DIY crafts to make and sell lets you earn money from expressing your creativity. You may find a lot of do-it-yourself projects that are entertaining to produce and have a high-profit potential. Whether you have experience or not is irrelevant.  

In this article, we’ll explore ten DIY crafts to make and sell, helping you kickstart your side hustle.

10 Creative Crafts to Make and Sell

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are a timeless and versatile craft to make and sell. These accessories are loved for their simplicity and charm. They can be designed to suit a wide range of styles, from bohemian to elegant. 

Beaded bracelets are also highly customizable, making them a favorite among buyers who appreciate personalized jewelry. With just a few supplies and a bit of creativity, you can produce beautiful pieces that attract a variety of customers.

To make beaded bracelets, you’ll need some basic materials: beads of your choice (which can be glass, wood, plastic, or even gemstones), elastic string or beading wire, and a few tools like jewelry pliers and scissors. Start by measuring the string or wire to fit the wrist size, usually adding a bit extra to make it easy to tie or secure. 

Thread the beads onto the string, creating patterns or combinations that appeal to your target market. Once you’ve strung the beads, tie a strong knot if using elastic or secure the ends with crimp beads if using wire. This straightforward process makes beaded bracelets one of the easiest and most enjoyable crafts to make and sell.

A person selling their own crafts.
Tailor your designs to match current fashion trends or seasonal colors.

When it comes to selling beaded bracelets, consider your audience and their preferences. Tailoring your designs to match current fashion trends or seasonal colors can make your bracelets more appealing. Pricing should reflect the materials used and the time invested in each piece. 

Engaging in social media marketing and participating in craft fairs are excellent ways to reach potential buyers. Beaded bracelets, with their broad appeal and ease of creation, remain a popular choice among crafts to make and sell.

Resin Earrings

Resin earrings have become a trendy and stylish choice in the world of jewelry, making them ideal for anyone exploring crafts to make and sell. These earrings are loved for their ability to encapsulate delicate objects like dried flowers, glitter, or colorful pigments, creating stunning and unique designs. 

The versatility of resin allows for endless creativity, enabling you to craft earrings that cater to various tastes and fashion preferences. From elegant drops to quirky studs, resin earrings are a hit among buyers looking for distinctive, handcrafted accessories.

Creating resin earrings involves a few essential materials and tools: resin and hardener (usually sold as a kit), molds in the desired earring shapes, protective gloves, and a mixing container. You’ll also need objects to embed within the resin, like flowers, glitter, or small charms, and earring findings for attaching the pieces to hooks or posts. 

Begin by mixing the resin and hardener according to the instructions, usually in a well-ventilated area. Pour a thin layer of resin into the molds, place your decorative items into the resin, and then add another layer to encase them fully. Allow the resin to cure for the recommended time, often 24-48 hours, before demolding and attaching the earring findings. This straightforward process makes resin earrings a fantastic option for crafts to make and sell, combining creativity with simplicity.

To successfully sell resin earrings, focus on showcasing their unique, handcrafted appeal. Participating in local craft fairs or partnering with boutiques can also help you reach a wider audience. With their growing popularity and the ability to cater to different fashion trends, resin earrings are a standout choice in the realm of crafts to make and sell.

a painting station.
Watercolor prints are a beautiful and versatile addition to any art collection

Painted Terracotta Pots

Anyone seeking handmade crafts to make and sell will find painted terracotta pots to be both a charming and functional option. These pots are the perfect way to jazz up any room with a pop of color and character, turning plain old planters into works of art. 

Garden ornaments houseplants, and painted terracotta pots are sure to be a hit. People who love plants and wish to display them in fashionable and eye-catching containers appreciate them even more. These pots are a great multipurpose addition to any crafter’s toolbox because the design possibilities are unlimited, ranging from bright patterns to muted colors.

The most essential tools and supplies for painting terracotta pots are paintbrushes, acrylic paints, a variety of sized pots, and a sealer to preserve your finished product. To begin, give the pots a good scrub to get rid of any dust or residue. To make sure your designs shine out, apply a foundation layer of paint once they are dry. 

Once the base coat has dried, go wild painting the patterns you love, be they geometric forms, elaborate motifs, or even just blocks of color. Wait until the paint is completely dry before applying a new coat. 

After you finish your design, cover it with a clear coat to prevent paint chips and make sure it will last outside. Anyone interested in crafts will find this technique simple and enjoyable; the result is painted terracotta pots that are perfect for display or sale.

Make sure to showcase your designs with high-quality images and detailed explanations for each piece. Network with people who might buy your wares at local garden centers, artisan fairs, or social media. As a craft, painted terracotta pots are appealing crafts to make and sell because they combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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Macramé Wall Hangings

Macramé wall hangings have surged in popularity, becoming a top choice for crafts to make and sell. These intricate pieces add a bohemian and handmade touch to any space, making them highly sought after for home décor. Their textured patterns and natural fibers appeal to those who appreciate both rustic and modern aesthetics. Whether it’s a small, simple design or a large, detailed piece, macramé wall hangings offer endless creative possibilities.

To create a macramé wall hanging, you’ll need some basic materials: cotton or jute cord, a dowel rod or branch for hanging, and scissors. Begin by cutting multiple lengths of cord, then attach them to the dowel using a lark’s head knot. 

From there, you can start knotting the cords into various patterns using basic macramé knots like the square knot or the half hitch. Follow a pattern or let your creativity guide you. Once your design is complete, trim any excess cord to achieve a neat finish. This simple process makes macramé wall hangings an accessible and enjoyable project for crafters.

When selling macramé wall hangings, emphasize their handmade quality and unique designs. Highlight how they can enhance different home settings, from cozy living rooms to stylish bedrooms. Pricing should take into account the size and complexity of the piece, with smaller, simpler hangings being more affordable and larger, detailed ones commanding higher prices. 

Present your hangings attractively, using well-lit photos that showcase their texture and pattern. Utilize social media, craft markets, or local boutiques to reach a broad audience. Macramé wall hangings are a perfect blend of art and utility, making them a standout choice in crafts to make and sell.

Custom Mugs

Custom mugs are a fantastic option for anyone exploring crafts to make and sell. These personalized items are always in demand because they make great gifts and are perfect for adding a personal touch to your daily routine. From funny quotes and artistic designs to monograms and photos, custom mugs cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. This versatility makes them a popular choice among buyers looking for unique and thoughtful gifts.

To make custom mugs, you’ll need some essential supplies: plain ceramic mugs, porcelain paint pens or markers, and a steady hand. Start by choosing the design you want to apply. You can draw freehand, use stencils, or even trace designs with carbon paper. 

Clean the mug thoroughly to ensure the surface is free of oils or dust, which can interfere with the paint adhesion. Once your design is complete, let the mug air dry according to the paint’s instructions, usually 24 hours. 

Then, bake the mug in the oven to set the paint, typically at 350°F for 30 minutes. This process ensures the design becomes permanent and dishwasher safe. Custom mugs are straightforward to create, making them a delightful and accessible craft to make and sell.

Utilize social media platforms and craft fairs to reach a broader audience. Custom mugs are a perfect blend of creativity and practicality, making them an excellent choice among crafts to make and sell.

A woman selling handmade soap.
Handmade soap is a luxurious and practical item.

Handmade Soap

Handmade soap is a luxurious and practical item, making it an excellent choice for those interested in crafts to make and sell. These soaps appeal to buyers who prefer natural, artisanal products over mass-produced alternatives. With endless possibilities for scents, colors, and ingredients, handmade soap can cater to a wide range of tastes and skin types. 

Whether it’s a soothing lavender bar or an invigorating citrus blend, handmade soaps are always a hit among consumers looking for unique and personal care items.

Creating handmade soap involves a few key materials and steps. You’ll need soap base, essential oils for fragrance, colorants, and molds. Begin by melting the soap base in a microwave or a double boiler until it’s completely liquefied. 

Add your chosen essential oils and colorants, stirring well to distribute them evenly. Pour the mixture into molds and allow it to cool and harden, usually for a few hours or overnight. Once solidified, remove the soap from the molds and it’s ready for use. 

This straightforward process makes handmade soap a favorite among crafts to make and sell, offering a rewarding and creative experience for crafters of all levels.

When selling handmade soap, focus on the natural and artisanal qualities that make each bar special. Highlight the benefits of the ingredients you use, such as moisturizing oils or gentle exfoliants. 

Leverage online platforms, local markets, and social media to showcase your products. Handmade soap is a versatile and appealing product, making it a standout option among crafts to make and sell.

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Knitted Scarves

Being classic items that never go out of style, knitted scarves are ideal crafts many people want to buy. The warmth and personal touch that these comfortable items give to every ensemble make them popular crafts to make and sell. 

Knitted scarves can accommodate a wide variety of fashion choices and yarns and colors. Make a light, ornamental scarf or a thick winter wrap; these are always in demand, particularly in the winter.

You will need knitting needles, yarn in the color and texture of your choice, and a yarn needle for finishing to make a scarf. If you’re a novice, start with a basic pattern; if not, choose a more difficult one. Using your selected stitch pattern—garter stitch, ribbing, or stockinette—cast on the necessary number of stitches and start knitting your scarf. 

When you get to the length you want, stop knitting and use the yarn needle to weave in any loose ends. Knitted scarves are a popular choice among crafts to manufacture and sell because of their simple technique.

Knitted scarves are classic crafts to make and sell. These are always great as gifts for special occasions.

A handmade scarf
Knitted scarves are ideal crafts to create and market.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are practical, stylish, and environmentally friendly, making them excellent crafts to make and sell. These versatile bags can be used for shopping, carrying books, or as everyday accessories, appealing to a broad audience. 

With endless possibilities for customization, from fabric choices to unique designs, tote bags offer a fantastic canvas for creativity. Their popularity continues to grow, especially among eco-conscious consumers looking for reusable alternatives to plastic bags.

To make a tote bag, you’ll need some basic sewing materials: sturdy fabric (like canvas or denim), a sewing machine, thread, scissors, and measuring tools. Start by cutting two rectangular pieces of fabric to your desired size, adding extra seam allowances. Cut two strips for the handles. 

Sew the fabric pieces together along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. Hem the top edge to prevent fraying, then attach the handles securely. You can personalize the tote bag with embellishments like patches, embroidery, or fabric paint. This straightforward process makes tote bags a favorite among crafts to make and sell, offering both functionality and the chance to showcase your artistic skills.

When it comes to selling tote bags, highlight their eco-friendly nature and the unique designs that set your creations apart. Emphasize the durability and practicality of your bags, and how they can be used in various ways. 

Tote bags are a practical and stylish option, making them standout crafts to make and sell, attracting customers who appreciate both form and function in their accessories.

Handmade Greeting Cards

A lovely approach to giving any message a personalized touch, handmade greeting cards are ideal crafts to create and market. These cards are much valued for their original designs and the work that goes into making each. A well-designed card has the appeal of being able to express feelings in a way that speaks to the giver and the recipient on a personal level.

A few basic supplies are needed to make handcrafted greeting cards: blank card stock or pre-cut cards, ornamental sheets, ribbons or stickers, scissors, glue guns, and markers. To begin, fold the card stock to the size and form you like. 

Using your selected design elements—layering various sheets, stickers, or stamping images—decorate the front of the card. Calligraphy or hand-drawn pictures are other ways to further customize your message. 

Your cards will look more put together if you add dimensional components like foam tape or embossing. Handmade greeting cards are fun crafts to make and sell because of this easy-to-follow method that lets you play with different themes and styles.

Pricing has to take the materials and design intricacy into account. Simple cards might be more reasonably priced than ones with elaborate designs or special features. It takes excellent presentation to draw in customers; and utilize eye-catching images and interesting information. 

A scarf being knitted
Knitted scarves are ideal crafts to make and sell.

Watercolor Prints

Watercolor prints are a beautiful and versatile addition to any art collection, making them excellent crafts to make and sell. These prints capture the delicate and fluid nature of watercolor painting, offering a unique aesthetic that appeals to a wide range of buyers.

From abstract designs to detailed landscapes or floral arrangements, watercolor prints can be tailored to suit various tastes and styles. Their artistic charm and versatility make them a popular choice among customers looking for distinctive home decor or gifts.

Creating watercolor prints starts with a few essential supplies: high-quality watercolor paper, watercolor paints, brushes, and a palette for mixing colors. Begin by sketching your design lightly on the paper if needed. Then, using your brushes, apply the watercolor paints in layers, allowing each layer to dry before adding more details. This layering technique helps build depth and richness in your painting.

When selling watercolor prints, emphasize their handcrafted quality and the originality of each design. Highlight how these prints can enhance various spaces, from living rooms to offices, and how they make thoughtful gifts. Pricing should reflect the size of the prints and the time and skill involved in creating the original artwork. Watercolor prints are timeless and elegant crafts to make and sell, attracting customers who appreciate fine art and the beauty of handmade creations.


Crafts to make and sell offer a fantastic opportunity to channel creativity into a profitable venture. Each unique item, from beaded bracelets to handmade soaps, not only fulfills a market demand but also brings personal satisfaction to the creator. Engaging in this activity not only allows for artistic expression but also connects crafters with a community of like-minded enthusiasts and customers.



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