Plastic Bottle Planters

The mass of plastic detritus present in the oceans is so enormous that some call it the “7th continent.” In fact, at the rate that we manufacture and use plastic now, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. That’s why – now more than ever – we should recycle plastic […]

How To Make Biodegradable Newspaper Seedling Pots

A sustainable and free seedling pot.

When it comes to sprucing up your house, garden, and health, a few plants can go a long, long way. It’s not just about improving your home’s aesthetic. Experts say that even when you don’t normally notice a plant’s presence, seeing a plant can make you feel calm and relaxed. But what I dislike most […]

How to make a fairy garden with teacups

Teacup Fairy Garden

The internet is abuzz with miniature versions of practically everything, from hobbit houses, tiny kitchens and what-not. Well, here’s a cute little indoor garden idea you can add to them, as well as any room in your house, a fairy garden – in a teacup! Teacups can be dainty and cute but they also easily […]

10 Space-Saving Planter Ideas

Space-saving planter ideas

People used to think that plants belong only in the garden, out in the sun, away from the places where we live and work. This isn’t the case anymore these days. Having indoor plants is the simplest way to bring nature into your household.  They makes it a more relaxing place to come home to, […]

How to make cute concrete planters

Concrete Planter

Now here’s a cute, easy concrete project for beginners! These DIY planters are very easy and lots of fun to make… These planters go very well with little succulents. As you can see from the image above you can draw faces with different emotions in one set, making them even more adorable. You can even switch up […]

Crafty pebble decorating ideas for your home!

Pebble Projects

Think your home could use some new decorations? Why not make some yourself with beautiful pebbles! Pebbles are a great decorating material for the home since they are smooth, attractive, durable and natural! They are perfect for the outdoors yet they can also be used for indoor decorating, bringing nature into your house. Now if you like […]