Creative Ways to Display Photos

Creative Ways to Display Photos

I don’t know about you, but I take more pictures than ever now that smartphones have made photography so much easier. Photos capture the special moments of our lives. And whether they are taken by established artists and journalists or a family member, pictures inform us, they inspire us, they amaze us, they put our […]

How to make a gift bow

DIY Gift Bow

Need some really pretty gift bows for your Christmas presents? No need to add those on your Christmas gift shopping list or take a last-minute trip to the store! You can easily make them yourself using any nice-looking paper you already have at home! Most DIY projects usually require more time and preparation to accomplish. But this little DIY project […]

String Art Tutorial

String Art

Need a new wall decoration for your room? Here’s one DIY idea you might enjoy! String art first became popular in the 70s but is now enjoying a comeback as a simple way to create art. This DIY retro craft is especially popular among beginners as it requires few materials and is an inexpensive way […]

How to make cactus rocks

Cactus Rocks

These days, anyone can confidently attempt and master an array of creative crafts. All you really need to do is browse the web to find fresh inspiration! How cute are these little potted cacti? And not just cute but 100% maintenance free… Do you remember entrepreneurship day back in the third grade? Each third-grader had […]

Decorate plain and boring boxes with stencil!

Paint Decorate Box with Stencil Final Product

Need a beautiful box to put a special gift in? Why buy decorative boxes when you can easily DIY! Turn any plain and boring box into a special gift box by decorating it using stencils! Most of us have empty boxes lying around the house. Whether they’re from a shipment or you’ve just moved and have […]

Make your own beautiful safety pin bracelets!

Safety Pin Bracelet

Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but accessories are more significant than you might think. Many find themselves spending just as much time shopping for accessories as they do for clothes. “Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day,” Girogio Armani once said. But there is something to be […]

Decorate your garden this Halloween with man-eating monster plants!

It’s the season for growing man-eating monster plants! OK – so these plants may not be real but they are definitely the perfect plants to put in your pots for the Halloween! The more wild and menacing they look, the more fun it is for everyone who loves Halloween. It’s very easy to make and only takes about two hours […]

Make a sock snake out of your mismatched socks!

Sock Snake

If you have little kids at home then there’s a good chance that you’re missing a sock or two every now and then. Instead of wondering of where they went, or wait for them to reappear (don’t hold your breath on this one), why not do something with the remaining socks! Got a collection of socks with […]

Soda Pop Tab Lamp Shade

DIY Soda Pop Tab Lamp Shade

Soda pop tabs, soft drink tabs, beer tabs – call them what you will but most people will still see them as rubbish! In isolation, they may look unattractive and useless, but start putting a few together and you can actually make some really cool things, like a beautiful lamp shade! If you need or are thinking […]

How to Make Diaper Trike!

Thinking of a nice gift for a baby shower? Practical gifts like diapers, baby wipes or blankets are always the best items to bring for this occasion. But how do we make the receiver feel special when everybody has the same gift ideas? You can do so by being creative in the way you present your gift. And […]