Bamboo Clothes Ladder

Bamboo Clothes Ladder

Here’s one DIY idea inspired by repurposed ladders used for hanging towels. If you don’t have an old ladder to repurpose and want a rustic look, then gather some bamboo and start making your own ladder! This is also a great little storage or rack idea in the bedroom for scarves and ties. It’s easy to […]

Turn your old favourite shirts into a T-shirt quilt!

T-Shirt Quilt

Those old memorable high school and college shirts may not fit you anymore but it doesn’t mean you have to throw, give away, or turn them into a rug for them to be useful again. Instead, you can give them a more meaningful new purpose by turning them into a T-shirt quilt! Also called a memory quilt, this sewing […]

Hem Jeans Fast and Easy

How to Hem Jeans Fast and Easy

Short people always need to have their pants hemmed and this is an extra expense for them every time they buy a new pair. This tutorial will show you how to do it yourself :) Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. ? Materials: Clean […]

How to make your own sewing mannequin from duct tape

Mannequin Duct Tape Main Image

Some people love making their own, unique dresses and clothes. If you’re one of those crafty people, then you should have a mannequin that is the size and shape of your body! And this is how you can make one… Use duct tape! Believe it or not, in the right hands, duct tape is enough to create a […]

Unbelievably Cute Things You Can Crochet for a Baby

Crochet Ideas for Kids

Are you or a friend expecting a new addition to the family? Then we have this great idea for you! We know the crochet idea is nothing new for babies. But here we show you the cutest designs to help you decide on what to make for your baby — or even toddlers! Click on any image […]

Make cute Christmas ornaments with old sweaters and cookie cutters!

Sweater Christmas Ornaments

Who says cookie cutters are only for baking? They are not only tools for making delicious cookies, they can also be used to create cute upcycled sweater Christmas ornaments! Making these little Christmas tree ornaments is easy but the cookie cutters make the project even easier and more fun! Even if you are not into sewing projects, […]