DIY Cardboard Play Kitchen

DIY Cardboard Play Kitchen

Playsets are expensive and you can guarantee the kids will outgrow them long before they wear out. So why not just build one for your kids yourself? Use¬†cardboard boxes! Millions of cardboard boxes get discarded every day! You might already have a few at home but if not, there are a lot of folks who’d¬†be […]

Build a marble run from recycled cardboard!

Marble Run

Kids always want something new to do! The early years of a child‚Äôs life are extremely important. The child is growing and developing, learning new things everty day. You can help your child grow and develop to the fullest by keeping him or her busy! If you’ve got a little one that seems to be […]

Insanely Clever Crafts You Can Make With Recycled Cardboard

Carboard Crafts

Carboard boxes easily pile up in our homes. Most of the time we reuse them as storage for other things or they head for the trash (or hopefully, recycling) bin. Sometimes they’ll even get used as a protective cover for when we’re doing messy DIY projects. But there are also lots of beautiful things you […]

Make a cardboard washing machine for kids!

Are your kids¬†always insisting on helping you out with doing the laundry? Let¬†them – by them a washing machine made from cardboard boxes! OK, it might not actually clean some¬†dirty clothes, but it will definitely keep the kids busy while you are busy doing the actual laundry! You’ll love this as it’s so easy to […]

How to make a cardboard play dome

DIY Kids Cardboard Playdome

It’s easy to¬†spend hundreds of dollars¬†for a¬†playhouse but if you want something really¬†cool that your kids can brag about, then this is the playhouse for you! Cardboard forts and cardboard playhouses – they’re not a new idea. This¬†DIY playhouse, however,¬†is one of the more awesome yet¬†easy projects you can find!¬†It’s totally unique since you don’t¬†usually […]

Lego Man Costume

Lego Costume

In need of a costume for the little one? Here’s an awesome costume idea other kids on the block will envy! :) The first thing you’re going to love about this costume is that it uses free (or very cheap) material — boxes! And since this is a DIY costume, you can make any Lego […]

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