Upcycled T-shirt Market Bag

Shirt Market Bag

Got shirts you don’t wear anymore? Here’s a quick and very useful upcycling project to reduce clutter in your closet! I’m sure everybody has got heaps of T-shirts somewhere in their closet they never wore ever again. Some are shrunken or small, some are “ugly” gifts from acquaintances, and some have holes or damages that […]

21 Ways to Repurpose Denim Jeans

Repurposed Jeans

There’s a reason why denims never go out of fashion. The fabric is among the most versatile and practical, beloved in its time by soldiers, railway workers, and, of course, since the mid-1950s, by anyone who has ever worn a pair. Of course, we can’t wear them forever however much we’d want to. The kids […]

DIY Brown Lunch Bag

DIY Brown Lunch Bag

The most obvious answer to the question, “Why use reusable bags?” is to reduce the impact of plastic and paper bags on the environment.  It should come as no surprise that single-use bags are crowding landfills and endangering wildlife. In fact, pleas from the environment-conscious  to reduce our waste have become so common these days […]

Sew your own zipped lips makeup bag!

Lips Makeup Bag

Now how’s this for adding a little humor to your everyday purse? This pouch, designed like zipped lips, is perfect for storing all your makeup! It’s certainly not your ordinary cosmetic bag but it’s something anybody can definitely DIY! Those of you who know how to sew can most probably figure out how to make one by […]