Bubble Quilt

Bubble Quilt!

This cute bubble quilt, also known as the biscuit quilt, is a great project for when you have heaps of scrap fabric in your storage! Don't throw...

DIY Photo Puzzle Blocks

Customized gifts say a lot about the giver. It shows how much thought is put into a gift and I love that they are...

DIY Concrete Coasters

Concrete is such a versatile material used in a lot of DIY projects. Put in a mold, it can sometimes surprise you with how...
DIY denim fabric baskets

DIY denim fabric baskets

DIY button belt

How to Turn Buttons Into a Belt


Book Clutch Main Image

Turn hardbound books into clutches with zipper!

Let's face it... not all old books have merit. In fact, some should probably have never been published. Now this upcycling project is one...



PVC Wine Rack

PVC Pipe Wine Rack

Are you a wine lover, looking for a rack to store your bottles? Why not make your own stylish wine rack? These PVC pipe wine...
Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnets

DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art


Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Creative Paper Roll Projects for Kids

One of the nicest things about being a kid is that it doesn’t take much to make you happy. Give them anything that has their...
Old Shirt Turned Canvas Art

T-Shirt Canvas Art

A lot of times in our lives we are faced with the reality of having to move on from the things that we love....
Soda Bottle Recycling Ideas

Fun And Creative Crafts With Recycled Plastic Soda Bottles

Though we can't say that everybody drinks soda, we're sure that every household buys products in plastic bottle containers. Now before you throw away...

Stationery Supply Storage

This fun project comes together in no time with the help of a zipper and hot glue. Personalize the container with a fashionable zipper...
Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Main Image

How to make mason jar fairy lanterns

Kids love magical things and even some of us adults seem to have never outgrown our fascination with them. Well, what's not to love about...


Creative DIY Book Projects

Upcycled Book Projects
Upcycling with books? Don’t get me wrong here – books are treasures. They are one of the most valuable things we could find. They...

DIY Book Clock

Vintage Book Clock
I loooove reading novels and now I have a bunch of books sitting in my room. They have basically become “useless” things that just...
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String Art
Chicken Wire Craft Ideas
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