House Number

Industrial House Numbers

Which part of your house does anyone first see and notice? The house facade, of course! Even strangers simply passing by can see it. This is why...

DIY Photo Puzzle Blocks

Customized gifts say a lot about the giver. It shows how much thought is put into a gift and I love that they are...

DIY Concrete Coasters

Concrete is such a versatile material used in a lot of DIY projects. Put in a mold, it can sometimes surprise you with how...
DIY denim fabric baskets

DIY denim fabric baskets

DIY button belt

How to Turn Buttons Into a Belt


DIY magic wand

DIY Wands

Kids love playing pretend, especially of them having super powers. Learn how to make a wand and give it to your wizard kids. :) Click on any...



Bottle Cap Magnets

Bottle Cap Magnets

There are many beautiful recycling projects for bottle caps such as table tops and accessories, but this is one of the easiest things you can do...
DIY Mug Art

DIY Mug Art

PVC Wine Rack

PVC Pipe Wine Rack


How to Tie Dye a White Shirt

How to Tie-Dye White Shirts

Everytime I see a tie-dye shirt, I remember the early 90’s. It is mostly associated with the 1960’s era, but I know it became...
Crayon Candles

DIY Candles from Crayons

Have small pieces of wax crayons that your kids can’t use anymore? Don’t throw them and create small colourful candles instead.  These DIY wax...
Paper Flowers

How to make Kans grass paper flower

Sometimes paper flowers are better than real ones because they last longer and do not need maintenance. They are also great decorations for house parties....
Pillow beds.

Pillow Beds

If you have extra pillows in your home, you can bring them all together to use as a small bed while watching the TV...
Marble Run

Build a marble run from recycled cardboard!

Kids always want something new to do! If you've got a little one that seems to be bored with his or her "old" toys, then...


DIY Book Clock

Vintage Book Clock
I loooove reading novels and now I have a bunch of books sitting in my room. They have basically become “useless” things that just...

Make an art decor from old book pages

Upcycled Old Book Art
Don’t you just love ideas that turn old, unused items into something new and interesting? Here, we make art using books, which you can...
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