Ribbon Storage Ideas

Ribbon Storage Ideas

Got too many rolls of ribbons in your craft station? Then you are going to loveĀ this storage ideas list weĀ have for you below! TheseĀ ribbon storage ideas will keep all your ribbons organized in one place. They also make it very easy for you to see and access all the rolls that you have. If you […]

Turn a Stool into a Craft Supplies Storage

Living with a daughter who is into arts and crafts can be an organizational nightmare. There are a lot of art materials everywhere. My daughter has three sets of everything ā€“ scissors, rulers and cutters, ribbons, yarns, and many others. One set is in her bedroom, the other one is in her fatherā€™s office, and […]

Soda Bottle Zippered Pencil Case

Soda Bottle Pencil Case

A good pencil case makes for easy portability. And for that purpose they are good for any number of small items, too. Pencil cases may also contain other stationery such as pens, glue sticks, and staplers. Some even use pencil cases as make up bags! Need a new pencil case? How about making one from […]

Confetti Bowl

Confetti Bowl

This girly confetti bowl can be used to organizeĀ your child’s accessories. It’s very easy to do you can even just let your kids do all the work :) Because the task is simple and fun, this could also be a great bonding activity for you and your kids! Materials: Balloon Confetti Elmer’s glue/Mod Podge Brush/Sponge […]

Shampoo Bottle Pencil Holder

DIY Shampoo Bottle Pencil Holder

Instead of throwing away your empty shampoo bottles, give themĀ another purpose. Create colorful pencil and marker holders that your children will love! Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You’ll need these materials: Empty Shampoo Bottles Adhesive Paper Double-sided Adhesive And these tools: Scissors X-acto Knife […]

Sew your own zipped lips makeup bag!

Lips Makeup Bag

Now how’s this for adding a little humor to your everyday purse? This pouch,Ā designed like zipped lips, is perfect for storing all your makeup! It’s certainly not your ordinary cosmetic bag but it’s something anybody can definitely DIY!Ā Those of you who know how to sew can most probably figure out how to make one by […]