DIY Solar Lights in Jars

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lighting

These mason jar lightings are definitely cute come night time. Admit it, seeing it in the pictures makes you smile already! Now, why not make a few for yourself? :) Materials: Solar lights; the silver-topped ones show through the jar a little less Jar with Clamp Style Lid Glass Frosting Spray AA 2300mAh rechargeable; NiMh Energizer […]

DIY Decorative Water Candles

Did you know it’s possible to make candles with water? In all honesty, I didn’t. In fact, I was surprised to learn that it really is doable. I did an internet search and true enough, I found proof that some people succeeded in making decorative water candles. My curiosity piqued, I decided to try making […]

How to make mason jar fairy lanterns

Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Main Image

One of the most fascinating things about the human mind is that it is able to reason about impossible things. This is not only possible – it’s rather enjoyable! That is why kids love magical things and even some of us adults seem to have never outgrown our fascination with them. Well, what’s not to […]

DIY TARDIS Nightlight

If you’re a big Doctor Who fan, you’d want this TARDIS nightlight bad. You wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity of owning a Doctor Who-related item, would you? Not only will this satisfy your heart, but it’s functional too! This DIY TARDIS nightlight project is a bit complicated. It involves a lot of cutting […]

Make your own scented mason jar candles

Scented Mason Jar Candles

To most people, a smell isn’t just a fragrance – it’s a memory. When you get a whiff of food cooking, you may think of the kitchen where your Mom used to cook. When a breeze blows the smell of fresh flowers, you’re instantly taken back to your first dance and the corsage you brought […]

DIY Pressed Flower Lanterns

If you’re planning on having a backyard party soon, here’s a great project for you. Pressed flower lanterns would be a nice addition to your party. Not only are they beautiful, they’re also a wonderful way to preserve your favourite blooms. This project would cost you almost nothing to make. The finished project would be […]

DIY LED Fairy Light Globes

I have a niece who’s very fond of fairy lights. She’s mesmerized by those little lights they seem to cast a magic spell on her. Because the family knows about her penchant for things fairy-related, she gets these gifts most of the time. Truth be told, it has become very difficult trying to find a […]

Decoupage on Candles

decoupage on candles

Make your own pretty candles by decorating them with dried flowers, or some text printed on paper – whatever you like. A little patience is needed when putting the design but overall, very easy! This particular tutorial will show how to do it with dried leaves. Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use […]

How to Make a Turtle Lamp Using a Balloon

Creative minds are very good at finding treasure in what others consider to be trash. This project is a very good example. Imagine turning discarded cardboard paper into a fabulous light source. You can use this to add a whimsical touch to your kids’ bedrooms. They’ll surely love it! This do-it-yourself turtle lamp is made […]

Soda Pop Tab Lamp Shade

DIY Soda Pop Tab Lamp Shade

Soda pop tabs, soft drink tabs, beer tabs – call them what you will but most people will still see them as rubbish! In isolation, they may look unattractive and useless, but start putting a few together and you can actually make some really cool things, like a beautiful lamp shade! If you need or are thinking […]