Lego Costume

How to Make a Lego Man Costume

Lego Costume

The cool part has begun!!!

Cutting the logos out and starting the first part of the painting was awesome and felt like it was starting to look like something!

I bought some spray paint to start the big stuff. The kids jumped at the opportunity to help out with this part.

Lego Costume

But WAIT! Don’t make the mistake I did!! The cheapest spray paints were for sure in Walmart, and I cheaped out. WRONG! Krylon sucks. It wouldn’t cover a damn thing. It just “dyed” the boxes red and green (the grey was ok after its third spray). When I bought the yellow, I had to buy that trembled stuff, and the yellow was awesome! it was one spray and done! So I just went back and bought the Tremclads in green and red.

I covered the “yellow” pieces with tape. I ended up painting the yellow parts of the faces by spraying yellow into a plastic box and then using a paintbrush. It was pretty decent. Another detail is that I wasn’t about to buy brown paint for Green Lantern’s hair, so I just bought some brown tempera at the dollar store. Done.

Lego Costume

I didn’t want to suffocate heads by filling them with foam as other tutorials did. It worked fine for adults, but not kids. It took me three tries to get it right. I just glue-gunned some foam pieces I had laying around (these were from a computer I had bought a while back) and then carved off the leftover pieces. You can see how I locked in the head so it wouldn’t move around.

Lego Costume

Now the hands. This was such a hassle that I eventually only made one pair. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

Lego Man Costume Hands

I cut out the hands from cardboard and again used that foam kicking around at home to “sandwich” it with the cutouts. First hand, I taped the crap out of it, because I remembered, from the previous step, that foam and spray paint don’t like each other at all. So to make the hand look awesome, I thought taping it up would be cool. Then my wife opened her big mouth and told me to Paper Mache it. Of course, this was infinitely better than tape. So I did that. Then spray painted. And they turned out awesome. But too much work.

Lego Man Costume Finished Product

Done!!! You can see I added some white mesh to Batman’s eyes. It just looked better. I also used black tape for Batman’s belt.

Thanks to cenzi for this great project.



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